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The ultimate hybrid camera. Powerful video and still photography capabilities. Video features include 12-bit 8K/60p and 4K/120p RAW plus 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ internal video recording; Photography features include a 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor, a silent, vibration-free electronic shutter, 120 fps burst shooting and a blackout-free viewfinder. Fast, accurate AF with subject detection powered by deep learning. Professional build and operation. Smart connectivity. All in a brilliant compact, lightweight modular design.
Experience ultimate hybrid performance with the Z 8 and NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S all-purpose zoom lens. Remarkably compact and lightweight, the Z 8’s video capabilities include 12-bit 8K/60p and 4K/120p RAW internal recording as well as 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ. Photography features include a 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor, a silent, vibration-free electronic shutter, 120 fps burst shooting and a blackout-free viewfinder. Fast, accurate AF with subject detection powered by deep learning, plus Nikon's superior ergonomics and build quality. The NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S lens provides sharpness across the entire 24-120mm zoom range with a constant f/4 maximum aperture.
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  • 5

    D850 to Z8 transition

    Posted by Craig Schweiger on June 25, 2024

    Feels so natural and exciting. The transition from my D850 to the Z8 has been smooth and rewarding. Nikon has done a wonderful job of opening the door to the mirrorless world.

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    I feel like my D850 is back

    Posted by SK Gorla on June 21, 2024

    Long wait from D850(f) to Z8. D850 was my favorite camera of all time, good to have my D850 back in hand with all the (Z) updates. Lost $$$$ though (:

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    Z8 Game Changer

    Posted by Jerrold Thompson on June 8, 2024

    The Z8 is a game changer! I went through the D200, D800, and D850 to get here. Always struggled to get tack sharp images with non-VR lenses, the Z8 with In Body Image Stabilization changed that, images are now tack sharp hand held. Another advantage is the brightness of the viewfinder even in dim light. Autofocus is vastly improved, faster, more accurate, and Subject Detect is fantastic. The image quality and colors are also much improved. As for battery life I shot a 4K 80 minute movie with one battery the second day I had the camera. The extensive setup does eat some battery power, I strongly suggest purchasing the EH-7P charging adapter when you buy the camera. Finally, all of the Z mount S series lenses are sharper than the F mount lenses. Nikon knocked it out of the park with this camers.

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    Great upgrade with one minor criticism of Nikon

    Posted by Christine Valley on June 4, 2024

    Have been wanting to upgrade to the Z8 now for some time from the Z7ii for the quicker and more accurate autofocus system. Nikon's sale and trade-up program provided the perfect opportunity to make it happen. I received it shortly before my daughter's graduation so put it right to work last weekend. It did not disappoint at all. I also got the battery grip, MB-N12 for it as I like the ability to shoot vertical with it and the extended battery time. I went the full weekend shooting north of 1k pics and didn't have to recharge. One additional unexpected change Nikon made was to the buttons on the top left. These are now some of the most commonly used options by photographers so now you don't have to dig into the settings every time you want to set one of these. This is a welcome change over the Z7ii. All in all I couldn't be happier with this upgrade and I'm looking forward to having it on an Alaskan cruise in a month. My only criticism is with Nikon not keeping the MB-N11 battery grip for the Z8 too. Doesn't seem to be any change in the unit except the location of the attachment screw on the bottom and they now include a place to store the main body battery cover door.

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    Ecosystem Swap

    Posted by Michael Lindenberger on June 2, 2024

    February 2024 I switched from the Sony a7Rv to Nikon Z8. The main reason for my switch was for the more affordable long prime glass. The Z8 was the best option for me because of the high tech sports car performance compared to the Sony body I was using. I love the performance of the Z8 in most categories but I will admit I am surprised at how often the Z8 eye auto focus misses with humans, animals, and birds. With that being said the other performance bumps keep the Z8 on the same playing field. Overall I am very pleased with the Z8 and the Nikkor S-line glass. Since February I have taken over 57k images with the Z8 and I am learning more and more about that body everyday. Switching systems has proven to elevate my photography skills and the quality of my work.

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    Z8 - It's the camera of my dreams!

    Posted by miguel lombana on May 25, 2024

    The camera of my dreams! I've owned every DSLR from Nikon since the D3 and just sold my D4, D4s and D5 to upgrade to a pair of Z8's. The focus system is FAST! The ability to switch between modes with a button push and go from say single point, single shot focus to 20fps action is incredible! The build is solid Nikon, the menu's are familiar, this is a beautiful piece of art created to make art!

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    Nikon Z8

    Posted by Marjorie N/A on May 22, 2024

    Excellent camera with excellent features. My first entry into the mirrorless cameras and lenses. Nikon never disappoints!

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    Posted by Ken HOLMBERG on May 20, 2024

    Have passion for birds in flight photography. Find the Z8 is faster to acquire subject and has ability to lock onto smaller birds in flight. I appreciate the body size suites my hand size yet is not bulky. I also like the control wheels for ease of function and feel. Layout of controls has increased ease of function for me note I am left handed. My progression in Nikon cameras is D800E, Z7II, Z8. Appreciate I acquired camera two weeks ago.Loving it! Keep Safe! Ken

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    Good upgrade.

    Posted by JOE DUBOIS on April 25, 2024

    I moved up from a D850. Had 2 weeks now, and am still learning the settings. Glad I got the MB-N12 as well. The camera seems to go through batteries fast. Learned that if the grip isn't fastened tight, the camera won't turn on. Works good with my 500mm F5.6 PF and 1.4Xii in good light.