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The next generation Z series flagship camera. Defined by its ultra-high resolution 45.7 MP sensor and brilliant dynamic range, the Z 7II delivers the ultimate in image quality matched with intelligent workflow enhancements. Dual processors. Dual card slots. 4K Ultra HD video at 60p. 493-point Hybrid AF system with a variety of Eye Detect AF options in still and video are just some of the indispensable features you’ll find in this camera. The Z 7II is the camera of choice when every little detail matters.
Join the next generation of Z mirrorless and get ready to capture brilliant images and video with the 45.7 MP Z 7II and NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S zoom lens. The lens features a constant f/4 maximum aperture and is designed to be shot wide-open with smooth, quiet focusing. This versatile lens is ideal for capturing wide views, close-ups and everything in between.
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    Excellent image quality!!

    Posted by Bahaa Kadhem on May 24, 2023

    If you are looking for a high-end mirrorless camera that offers excellent image quality, fast performance, and a wide range of features, then the Nikon Z7ii is a great option.

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    The ability to see the actual picture prior to pushing the shutter button is fantastic!

    Posted by Jonathan Kemp on May 24, 2023

    Much like "jtech" I have been shooting with Nikon SLRs since the early 70's. I then moved from film to digital: with my last DSLR being the D850 (the best Nikon DSLR body ever). I was heading to back Europe last year and decide to lighten my equipment weight and purchased a Z7II and a Z 24 - 200mm Zoom. Big mistake! I am now hooked on the mirrorless format! This old SLR / DSLR guy has moved my D850 to my backup camera. Also, I have started to replace my F2.8 F mount lenses with the new Z lenses. The ability to see the actual picture prior to pushing the shutter button is fantastic! The Z7 II's auto focus is a gift for these 70-year-old eyes! If you are looking for a mirrorless camera the Z7 II is a great option.

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    I can see better now!

    Posted by Tom Tom on May 21, 2023

    I can see better now. I am legally blind and use my camera to look around, enjoy flowers, document genealogy, enlarge tiny parts, remember trips and vacations, and document some special events. I'm still learning where things are and am wading through the manuals and on line resources. The Z7 II is a substantial upgrade from my D7100. The Z7 II has better dark performance and makes a fine copy camera even with a "stock" 24-120 lens. For photos, the camera is insanely fast at full resolution. Definitely Recommended!

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    Amazing Z 7II. Very happy with my purchase.

    Posted by carlos Bruto da Costa on May 18, 2023

    Love this camera. I want to make photography a hobby and am new both the Z 7II and photography. Hence, I'm still learning but, am amazed at the features and possibilities for excellence avaiabe in the camera for both novices and experts. In addition, I had several interactions with Nikon customer support and am extremely pleased with the promptness, friendliness and quality of support each agent gave me.

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    Nice camera

    Posted by PHILIIP COURIE on May 14, 2023

    The camera has a nice feel to it. I have a D610 and D850 so it's a smaller feel in the hand. Do like the live histograms. Hope Nikon will do a software upgrade to detect animal eyes, bird etc. Also, auto tracking of planes. Over all a very nice camera.

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    For me, the Z7ii opens a whole new world.

    Posted by Deborah Brudvig on May 14, 2023

    So first off, I am quite new to "real" photography. Painting is, at least so far, my main thing. I switched from a D3500 to the Z7ii in the middle of a RISD Continuing Ed class. For someone like me, the weight difference is that it weighs much more! For you D850 folk who feel it is light, it is hefty to me! And I find it very comfortable to hold. But again, what is your experience? That will affect your response. I am sure there are technical aspects (card slots, battery life, ability to view DOF the way you want) that may require some adjustments, but like a fine cello, you work with your equipment and--for me--this is just an amazing camera. It is my introduction to a whole new world.

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    Exceptional professional mirrorless Nikon

    Posted by Dr Jeff Daum on May 7, 2023

    I have owned Nikons since the early 1960s and still have some of my F3s and original Nikkor lenses. Prior to the introduction of the Z7 I was using D850s, one of the best Nikon SLR cameras made. When the Z7 was introduced I tried it as a 'back up' to one of my D850s. It soon became a replacement for the D850 in part because the view finder was so outstanding. Now I own one Z7 and on Z7ii. The Z7ii has become my prime professional camera for a number of reasons including its quality, ease of use, brilliant view finder and image quality combined in a lighter package than the D850. The lighter weight of the Z7ii is very important to me on all day shoots.The new Z "S" Nikkor lenses are exceptional in clarity, quality and build.

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    Still in familiarization mode but so far so good.

    Posted by Tom Hoydic on May 5, 2023

    I’ve only had the camera a week and have not as yet fully explored all its many capabilities. Thus far, however, I’m liking the results I’m getting. I liked the relatively easy migration from my D780 and it’s much lighter weight . Currently using my DSLR lenses and the adapter works fine although additional weight is added going that route. True test coming soon when I photograph birds at a nearby rookery. Will see how well focus modes and focus tracking works. Will likely be shooting video as well. Wish there was a focus recognition mode for those of us who shoot wildlife. C’mon Nikon, there’s lots more out there besides dogs, cats and humans. Really like the multiple exposure features. I’m enjoying the camera and at the moment I have nothing negative to say. I have no regrets making the purchase.

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    Awesome Camera but a bit pricy.

    Posted by Edgar Peteros on April 19, 2023

    This camera is an upgrade from D750. I travel a bit and I wanted a camera that is light for my backpack with single all purpose lens. The Z7 ll with the 24-200 mmm Z lens is the answer. I like that what I see in the viewfinder is actually the same with the picture I get. Low light shooting is almost non-existing. I can adjust almost everything through the built-in information button without going through the menu and I can customize the information as needed. The video feature is amazing! I can't believe the results I got when I tried it indoor. The two card slots are an upgrade from Z7 and is pretty handy to have a second card as a back-up for jpeg, RAW or use it for overflow. I didn't like the fact that they opt for CFexpress card instead of a dual SD card which would have been a lot cheaper, The grip is not deep enough to hold securely without a wrist or hand strap, else it would likely slip from your hand. It is very light though even with the 24-200 mm Z lens. I noticed that the focusing is not instant compared to my D750. It doesn't hunt but it'll take a few seconds to catch the right focus which at times annoying. Overall it's a good choice for me. I would recommend this to my friends and colleague.