NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR

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An immensely versatile all-in-one zoom that’s ready to capture all the beauty you encounter on your next trek. Sweeping landscapes, impressive architecture, lively street photography and so much more. Superb video performance with remarkably smooth, fast and quiet autofocus. Gorgeous edge-to-edge clarity and faithful point light reproduction. All with the convenience of a single, lightweight grab and go lens.
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  • 5

    Perfectly pleased with this lens.

    Posted by E. CROSBY THOMLEY JR on March 14, 2024

    I love this lens and have it attached to my Zf that I got recently. I was looking for an all-purpose, general use lens to keep with me when I travel light, or don’t want to change lenses.The lens is very sharp. Maybe not as much as some higher-end lenses, but it’s certainly more than perfect for everyday shooting when I don’t need one of my pro level Nikkor Z lens models. And I have 14 Z lenses, and about a dozen other older F lenses in my bags and cabinets.My Zf and 24-200 are becoming my favorite everyday use camera. I’m doing less and less pro work these days since I’m 72, and when I’m shooting for fun, it’s going to be used when client-demanded perfection isn’t needed; but in many instances, I’m sure this lens would also fill the order.

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    Nice lens

    Posted by John Grap on February 28, 2024

    I love the versatility of this lens. It’s a nice companion to my Z5.

  • 5

    One lens with wide range

    Posted by Sanjay Shukla on February 23, 2024

    It is great to have one lens with such a wide range of focal lengths and stop. Also, not sure if this is lens or Nikon lens in general, it has amazing color and clarity.

  • 5

    Best Superzoom I Have Used

    Posted by Bruce Swenson on February 22, 2024

    Superzooms are a compromise, you trade the loss of wide open aperture for more focal length coverage. Often, superzooms have some focal lengths that are weak performers. This lens is an exception to that rule, there is not a focal length that does produce sharp, usable images. This lens pairs well with the Nikon Zf, which is the camera I have. It produces typical Nikon colors. It has some modest close up/macro abilities. If you could only have one lens on your camera, you could do a lot worse than this lens, I included a few images that demonstrate what I have said.

  • 5

    Two thumbs up!

    Posted by James Bur on February 20, 2024

    This lens is amazing on my Z50 camera! The picture quality is outstanding and it's not too heavy, so it balances nicely on the camera. I like that it's equivalent to a 300mm lens on the Z50, which works great for wildlife and landscape photography. I am very happy with my purchase!"

  • 5

    It’s great

    Posted by Ted Brooks on February 20, 2024

    Love it. Compact and easy to handle. At first I was concerned about the speed but with the great Z sensors ISO 6400 is the new 400. Does 99% of what my 28-300 does.

  • 5

    Really great lens, true workhorse

    Posted by Thomas Dennis on February 8, 2024

    very smooth operations. Great lens for all around keeping on the camera.

  • 4


    Posted by Json Kyrouac on January 20, 2024

    Great all purpose lens. No complaints

  • 5

    Very versatile addition

    Posted by Matt Matt on January 15, 2024

    Works great on my recently purchased Z62. Better low light performance than I expected and very sharp. Also works well with Meike extension tubes for some close-up photography. So far I am very pleased with its versatility .