NIKKOR Z 600mm f/6.3 VR S

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A handheld 600mm full-frame prime in a class of its own. Just 11 inches long and 3 lbs., it enables bird, wildlife, motorsport and aircraft photographers to pack lighter, react faster and cover more distance—without using a tripod or monopod. Premium S-line optics deliver spectacular clarity, advanced VR image stabilization keeps handheld shots steady and all-weather durability ensures you can go wherever the action takes you.
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    Nikkor Z 600mm f/6.3 VR S

    Posted by Tony Beck on February 3, 2024

    WOW!!! This ultra sharp, super light telephoto is superb. Combined with the Z8, this is the wildlife combo I've been waiting for my entire life! It's easy to handle, intuitive, and amazingly responsive. It's so light, I can work with it all day long.

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    Fantastic! Join the 600mm Prime users.

    Posted by Harley Chrley Harley Chrley on January 22, 2024

    Grab this lens! I use this on the Z9, and I absolutely love it. Instant focus, bright view and stunning images, over and over again. Light enough for hand holding, handles very well. I purchased mine at B-H, as I had a credit there. I prefer dealing with Nikon USA direct, my recent 180-600 purchase from here.

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    Wildlife Biologist

    Posted by Dennis Mann on December 20, 2023

    Just purchased the Z9 and the 600mm F6.3, this combination is amazing, 7puunds of ultra-fast focusing with a long reach for wildlife. I have been using the D500 with the 200-400 F4 VII which is a great set up. Still using this set up, but for distance the 600mm F6.3 is sharper and faster focusing with the Z9. The Z9 and the 600 F6.3 is Awesome, and the cost for both is way less than the 600mm F4 lens. We have been Nikon shooters since 1978!

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    Best yet birding lens. Run, do not walk, to your local camera store, to get one.

    Posted by Matthew Buynoski on November 29, 2023

    I was using the 500 f/4 F mount (a superb lens) with a 1.4X teleconverter on a D850. This lens, on a Z9, is lighter, easily hand-holdable, just as sharp at least, focuses faster, and even costs less (only an arm vs. and arm and a leg :-) Kidding aside, those folks to whom I send copies of my bird-in-flight pictures have commented that my most recent pictures, taken with this lens, are better. So the impartial (well...some of them are relatives :-) jury has spoken.

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    This is my first ever Super Prime S-line Lens - And I love it!

    Posted by Michael Tripp on November 16, 2023

    I purchased this lens mainly because of its size and weight and I haven't been disappointed. I have yet to take a monopod with me, something I would never do with the other telephoto lens I had. As a prime lens, I can feel the quality and never having a prime lens like this I've had to adjust to the reach it provides. I shot the moon, sun, various birds, and aircraft and I can't wait to test it in other ways. The Z 600 f/6.3 VR S has no problem with the TC-2.0x teleconverter. It's AF is fast and the f/6.3 has not prevented me late into the day. Great job, Nikon.