NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR

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Go the distance with Nikon’s farthest reaching zoom lens for Z series cameras. Comfortable and balanced for quick handheld shooting. Durable and weather sealed for rough conditions. Sharp and clear across the entire 180-600mm zoom range, and compatible with teleconverters for up to 2x more reach. Capture thrilling photos and videos of wildlife, sports, aircraft and more.
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    Top value wildlife lens.

    Posted by Gordon Runkle on March 26, 2024

    While not an S lens, the NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR comes very close, delivering excellent image quality at long ranges. I admit that I was initially skeptical about a telephoto with this wide range of focal lengths at this price point. I am happy to say that my experience with this lens has greatly exceeded my expectations. Well done, Nikon!

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    Awesome Lens- Great Value

    Posted by Mike Menegus on February 29, 2024

    Excellent lens couple with my Z8- the short barrel turn to go from 180-600, I can keep my eye on my subject. AF is fast and accurate. I never use a monopod / tripod, pictures are sharp and clear. The function button on the lens, I use as DX mode as needed.

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    Nikon's best value lens for Nature photography.

    Posted by JOHN MONTFORT on February 11, 2024

    I have owned some of Nikon's best exotic lenses such as the 400mmf2.8 the 180-400mmf4, and the 500mmf5.6PF which I still own. When I first used the 180-600mm lens I was blown away as to its overall acuity and Bokeh. Though not quite as sharp as the best primes, it is close enough that only the diehard professional would really notice or care. A real testament to the quality of this lens is that it still has good image quality with a 1.4TC attached. I have never had a zoom, other than the 70-200F2.8, perform as well with a TC. This lens also can focus quite close, something that the big primes cannot do. This is a big help when photographing small birds etc. such as hummingbirds. It is hefty, over such lenses as the 500mmf5.6 PF, the 400mmf4.5, and the 100-400mmf4.5/5.6, but these lenses cannot get to 600mm and that is where you need to be for birds. Period. I use it on my Z8, which allows for precise focusing on the eyes of birds and animals, something that is quite important and not so easy with the Z6 and Z7 type cameras. If only it weighed about a pound less! I have included one photo below of a cat taken with the 1.4TC attached to the 180-600mm lens.

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    Incredible value, quality

    Posted by Mike Saccone on February 1, 2024

    Four months into owning this lens, I am still blown away by the image quality. I use this lens primarily for bird photography and it has been a game-changer for my hobby. I use it on my Z6ii; I shoot primarily hand-held and while hiking. At this price point it's a steal, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs reach and versatility.

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    The Best Nikon Super-Telephoto Lens.

    Posted by Ronald Marshall on January 21, 2024

    I was lucky enough to be on the list to receive the Nikon Z 180-600mm and let me tell you, it was worth the wait and the purchase. Images with my Z6II are beyond sharp and the color of those images are stunning. All I can say if you have not been lucky enough to purchase one or get on a list to purchase one, please do. For sports, wildlife and air shows, it's all you need.

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    What a superb telephoto lens!

    Posted by Theodore Hleba on January 1, 2024

    This is a superb lens, from 180 to wide open. Fantastic shots, focus is spot-on with my Z9. You can see how focus was on the heron (locked on its eye) even while it was behind branches. All of these shots were handheld.Special thanks to Timothy W. at Nikon for his assistance and stellar customer service.

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    Posted by cello caruso on December 18, 2023

    after waiting quite some time for this thing (FOUR MONTHS), i was filled with absolute glee upon opening it. in using this (mainly as a replacement for binoculars while birding), i've gotten some images that were just unthinkable with my previous telephoto. this lens goes as far as 1700 dollars can possibly take you and possibly exceeds it! overall, totally superb lens.

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    Great lens

    Posted by Anonymous on October 24, 2023

    Awesome lens. Received yesterday after 4 months waiting and loved it. Great lens for bird and telephotography.

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    Sharp lens

    Posted by Anonymous on October 23, 2023

    Wonderful lens, very sharp. Used it on safari.