AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED

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This ultra wide-angle lens, designed exclusively for use with Nikon’s APS-C size/DX-Format, provides a versatile wide-angle zoom perspective.
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    Very low distortion

    Posted by brianf on January 3, 2013

    I do part time real estate photography. Obviously a super wide angle is needed for those large rooms. I had read about a fair bit of distortion at the 10 and 12 area of the lens but it is minimal. On a D7000 the in camera editing almost eliminates any horizontal curving along the walls where they meet the ceiling. The in camera correction works so well that any post correction on Capture NX2 is not needed. On a large blown up photo it would be needed. The only time I am bothered by the curving effect at 10 to 12 mm is when I flip the camera around and shoot portrait orientation. It just seems to stand out more this way.

    The color reproduction is very good when you nail the white balance.

    Even in tricky mixed light conditions it focuses quickly and spot on. It is also very quiet. Vinneting is minimal at any setting.

    You cannot use a built in flash as a large shadow is cast. Putting my sb700 on fixes this even if you use the top shoe. (I usually use the SB700 on a side mount bracket)

    80% of my use for this lens is indoors but on a recent trip I used it for some wide outdoor landscapes and it was again A1 with little or no distortion.

    Whether indoor or outdoor if you get to 14mm or more the distortion is a non issue.

    Build quality seems excellent and it has a nice heavy solid feel.

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    Below average lens

    Posted by Joe H. on November 23, 2012

    Overall I have been quite disappointed with this lens. I use it on a D7000. It resolves very poorly (a lot of detail is lost) when the subject is at a distance, making it a poor landscape lens (tripod does not help). I also own the Nikon 17-55, and at overlapping focal distances the 17-55 far out resolves the 10-24, it isn´t even close. For the price, it has definitely been a disappointment. If the subject is closer then the lens performs a little better, but still not well enough. The D7000 AF-Fine tune has been of no help with this one, there is just an overall lack of clarity. But when I need a really wide shot, at least it goes to 10mm.

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    Wonderful wide angle lens

    Posted by Grimbot on November 15, 2012

    The Nikkor 10-24 is a wonderful lens for landscape photography providing a great field of view...approximating a 16-35 FX lens. I used this lens extensively on my D7000 during a photo trip to Utah and found it to be superb. Photoshop easily corrects the small optical flaws of this lens.

    I have also used this lens on my D600 when doing corporate video work. It is very handy to have this wide field of view especially when shooting in cramped warehouses and similar situations. This lens is expensive for a DX format lens but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

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    Ultra-wide Travel/Interior Architecture DX Lens

    Posted by Roger Dodger-SF on September 5, 2012

    I have been shooting industrial design, transportation, interior, and travel photography with primarily Nikon Cameras and Lens with excellent results for over 50 years. When switiching over from film to the more affordable DX/Cropped Sensor DSLR D70, D90, and D300s I ran into the typical issues and cost factor of finding an affordale ultra-wide lens solution to supplement the Nikon 20mm F2.8 lens that was so usefull when used on my 35mm F100 DSLR for shooting interiors of retail stores, yachts, and cars without having to buy the expensive 14mm 2.8 series lens. The Nikon 10-24mm Zoom has become more useful in the areas of travel photography in the narrow streets of Greece, Italy, and other European locations where I photograph a lot of fishing ports along with my maritime photography. I especially find this lenes invaluable when photographing U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, large Navy Ships exteriors/dockside and on-board activities at commissioning ceremonies. The lens has an excellent build quality and weather sealing gasket for use in many of the areas where dust and moisture environmental conditions are an everyday problem. The ability to use a front element protective filter, unlike the Nikon 14mm F2.8 or 14mm 24-70 2.8 makes this lens less vulnerable to accidental damage. The careful use of the supplied lens shade is important to reduce lens flare issues from off angle lighting, and directly shooting into the sun. I have gotten terrific color rendition and fantastic color saturation and image sharpness when reducing the exposure by one thrid stop. I plan to add a FX DSLR by Nikon if it prices out between the D7000/D300s and the D800. I plan to purchase the Nikon 16mm-35mm F4 VR for use on both DX and FX formats and continue to use the Nikon 10mm-24mm especially when traveling with my D90 or D7000 to save weight and space. My present travel choice is packing the D7000 and the 10mm-24mm, 16mm--85mm VR, 70mm-300mm VR, Nikon G 50mm F 1.8, and a Coolpix 7000 for hiking and back-up. With this set-up I can shoot practically anything and everything that captures the total experience of discovering new places and people---and end-up with publishable professional results. My excellent Nikon equipment helps me to capture---truly magnicifant ´´optical eye candy.´´

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    On my camera most of the time.

    Posted by weirdohenrico on June 16, 2012

    This is my go-to lens. I don´t have a walk-around-zoom-lens and the reason is because I have this lens. From landscape to close up still life and even portraits -- I enjoy using this lens. I can´t complain about the sharpness because to me it is a very sharp lens. Distortion is fine and to be expected. This is my first UWA lens and has made my photography more enjoyable.

    Build quality is great -- It feels really solid even after two years and many vacations. I would definitely buy it again. In the beginning I was considering the 12-24 f4 which is more expensive but the money I saved I got the 35mm 1.8 DX and another lens. Really happy with this lens and would definitely recommend it.

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    Excellent for landscapes

    Posted by stanleymcp on October 5, 2011

    I was concerned that this lens may be too wide and put everything too far off in the distance. I was wrong. I probably use this as much as my 18-200. I´ve found that it is a great lens for hiking the Sierra.

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    Wide IS wonderful!

    Posted by Mike LeDuc on September 19, 2011

    Nikkor delivers a very wide zoom with a just slightly variable aperture to the DX shooter. Yes, it shows a little barrel distortion when doing the most-wide image, but both the latest Nikon bodies and the better post-processing applications handle that gracefully while giving easily MORE than 90° coverage of your scene.
    In my energetic trials, I just give it a stop below wide open and the glass is quite remarkably sharp, matching the limits of the D7k in indoor and wintry scene trials. As a foundation of my vision´s outlook, I could not ask for a finer view of the wider perspective sector. My grandson decided to relax in the ottoman/toy-box ~ just an offhand shot at widest setting gave the mood of the enclosure with endearing proportion to the onlooker´s view. No other lens in my collection could have done it.
    Sure, shooting full moonlight on the lake took some care in exposure, but the subtle colors and moody gradients were ‘as I remember´ them when loaded on the computer…
    I´m not a spec-techie, but since the middle sixties I´ve been shooting the best Nikkor glass in my budget. My old full frame 20mm Nikkor 1:2.8 had quite a run, but no longer. This new 10-24 is among the finest, and gives me the best of the quality harmony as any tool in the bag. If I´m going anywhere, this lens will accompany me. With a companion to deal with the ‘normal´, and another to go long and far, I´m set for what comes. Wide is wonderful with this lens!

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    Excellent Lens, Great Value

    Posted by tomkellyphoto on August 18, 2011

    Very economical lens for quality. Offers amazing wide angle with DX cameras. Have been totally satisfied with lens quality.

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    very good wide angle lens

    Posted by ivaylomm on June 9, 2011

    Very useful lens. The range is awesome. The colors are beautiful. Focuses close. Good even for portraits if you don´t mind the funny bokeh. Wide angle lens is always a good thing to have ,so I think it is worth buying one and with Nikon you always get what you´re paying for, many times you get a lot more, not in this case, but I´m still very happy with purchasing this lens and I would buy it again, no doubt ! It is an awesome product !
    That is what Nikon does, after all.