AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED

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This ultra wide-angle lens, designed exclusively for use with Nikon’s APS-C size/DX-Format, provides a versatile wide-angle zoom perspective.
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    Well worth every dollar!

    Posted by Nikon D7000 user on August 23, 2014

    This lens is awesome, the difference between my 18-105mm and this is huge. I love this lens, its perfect for real estate and landscapes. Just buy it.

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    Wider than expected

    Posted by ScottL on July 21, 2014

    What an awesome lens. The difference between 18mm on my existing lenses to 10mm on this one is dramatic. Exciting possibilities. Expensive, but worth the investment. Can´t wait to take this on my next trip.

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    10-24 Nikkor AF-S DX for D7100

    Posted by NevadaJayHawk on February 9, 2014

    The clarity of this lens is fantastic. The feel is right. The weight is nominal for a lens of this caliber. If you like the outdoors and especially like landscapes this lens is for you. I looked at several other brands but kept returning to the Nikkor. My decision was a three month test and review of different wide angles. I am confident with this lens and expect it to perform well for many years. This lens will be used primarily on the D7100. I put a B XS-PRO Digital UV Haze MRC nano filter on the front. I am looking forward to hiking the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Wasatch range with this lens. Hope to see some of you out on the trail. Happy hunting!

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    Brilliant lens, outstanding image quality

    Posted by cropdaddy on December 31, 2013

    Bought one of these second hand and I´m addicted to it... it´s a superb, tack sharp and free of CA lens, and it has given my love for photography a big boost. This lens is brilliant!

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    The best

    Posted by User9704 on November 26, 2013

    I just got this lens about a week ago and I´m very happy with the pics taken
    what a big difference between my old Tamron 10-24 and this one.
    You should buy it.

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    Worth Every Penny.

    Posted by ClassicDigital on October 18, 2013

    This is a must have lens if your into videography, architecture, landscape, interior photography or just want to capture a scene from a different perspective.

    This lens creates a wide angle buy pushing out both the foreground and the background.

    You can bring objects in close and push out the background as well. This can be accomplished by getting close to and focusing on your subject. You get a really nice effect that will pull you into the photo and really give you a different feel on a scene or landscape.

    This lens is sharp all over. If used properly you can get photos sharp edge to edge. The key is knowing how close your foreground and objects in your foreground are in relation to the lens. The closer objects are to the edges of the frame the softer the edges of the frame will look. That´s just how the DOF works with wide angle lenses

    I have taken some really amazing photo´s with this lens. I actually use this lens almost as much as my 16-85mm VR. The 16-85mm does give you a wide angle, But its not the same effect as what this lens produces. The 16-85 is just wide at 16mm. The 10-24mm spreads out the sky and pushes out the background at any focal length. You get to choose just how wide or ´´tight´´ of a wide angle shot you want to take between 10 and 24mm.

    The build quality of this lens is right in line with all the other mid to higher end G lenses. In that its built with a mixture of metal and polycarbonate plastic parts with a metal mount and rubber gasket. The zoom ring feels very smooth, the focus ring also feels smooth. This lens is equipped with Nikon´s ring type SWM motor. So as a result you get instant manual override and quiet and fast AF operation. Though all of Nikon´s higher end AF-S lenses have a ring type SWM motor. If the lens features instant manual override then it´s got a ring type SWM motor.

    This is one of the heavier lenses I own. It´s almost as heavy as my 16-85mm which is probably attributed to the amount of glass inside this lens. Though compared to other lenses on the market this lens is still considered a lightweight.

    I use this lens on my D3100 and my D7000´s. It produces wonderful sharp and contrasty images. With this lens set to F8 everything is in focus. Which is perfect for landscape use. I have also used this lens for automotive photography.

    You just have to keep in mind that this lens can distort your subject if you get too close. Which is why I keep this lens between 16 and 24mm for certain types of work. I also pay close attention to how I frame my subjects. Straight lines and square structures can get exaggerated if this lens is used carelessly.

    Overall this lens is sharper and better made then its third party competition. I owned a 10-24mm lens made by a third party company before I bought the Nikkor and just wasn´t happy with its image quality. It was just too soft on the corners.

    If you´ve got the money then don´t hesitate to buy this lens. Its amazing.

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    Nikon (Nikor) 10-24mm Lens

    Posted by PhilJ on April 9, 2013

    The 10-24mm lens takes great photos with my D3200 Camera

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    Great Lens for Interiors

    Posted by Raisemore on February 11, 2013

    Very sharp ultra wide for interior shooting. I like using an SB-400 bounced off the ceiling with my D7000 but ambient light is even better. The broad focal range comes in handy. Many shots look better than the actual subject in real life. Foreground close in is essential for great wide angle shots. This and the 18-200 VR II are all any DX owner needs today.

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    Probably Nikon´s best lens

    Posted by Keith Williams on January 30, 2013

    I use this mounted on my D7000 for landscapes and nightscapes. I´ve had it for 2 years now and continue to be amazed at its capabilities, the more I use it, the more I´m impressed. It produces image quality that is extraordinary when coupled with the D7000. I continually get comments on the quality of my images, and have produced a lot of professional quality work with it. Works great for night photography too, extremely sharp at f4.5 and up, very acceptable at f 3.5 as well. I usually shoot with the tripod and have thought vr would be nice but would´nt want the extra weight. Bottom line though, best sharpness is always without vr and using a tripod for any lens. It´slightweight, tough as nails, dropped it several times on boulders etc with the camera and tripod, never even a scratch on this lens, though I toasted the ballhead. It just chugs along taking beautiful photos. Worth every penny.