NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR

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An immensely versatile all-in-one zoom that’s ready to capture all the beauty you encounter on your next trek. Sweeping landscapes, impressive architecture, lively street photography and so much more. Superb video performance with remarkably smooth, fast and quiet autofocus. Gorgeous edge-to-edge clarity and faithful point light reproduction. All with the convenience of a single, lightweight grab and go lens.
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    Great travel and walk-around lens

    Posted by Mike Worley on April 2, 2022

    I rented this lens for a travel shoot and I was so pleased with the results that I'm buying one. It's only slightly longer than the 24-70 f/4 when collapsed and provides a very usable range. While I'm ok that it's not f/4 throughout the range, my only disappointment was that the speed seems to drop off very quickly - f/6 by about 70mm. However, most of my shots were in daylight and it was travel, so I was really using higher f-stops anyway. I also used it for some bracketed HDR shots indoors without flash and was very happy with the results, as shown in the accompanying photo shot at f/8.

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    Great travel lens

    Posted by Richard LaRocca on January 12, 2022

    I bought this as a travel lens for my Z6 and am loving it! It's sharp and versatile. I went on a four-mile nature walk on Sanibel Island and never once did I feel this combo was too heavy.

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    yep it's a good one

    Posted by mark on December 26, 2021

    very nice lens, great for night photos I'm glad that I bought it

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    Posted by Mark on August 13, 2021

    I Have a 70-200 VR F lens with the adapter and its very sharp but heavy, I got this lens about 2 months later and its a very good lense. Sharp and clear, I use it for shooting my Grandkids and odd and ends it does all I need, for now its the best I can use since I no longer shoot for money.

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    Love this versatile lens.

    Posted by Darryl Keffer on June 12, 2021

    Great all around travel lens. Hits the mark on range, if only a bit brighter for indoors would be perfect.

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    Everywhere & Anytime!!

    Posted by Edgar Sagaste on June 1, 2021

    My number ONE to take anywhere!

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    A superb do-everything lens that replaces a whole slew of other lenses.

    Posted by Eric Miller on May 28, 2021

    I absolutely love this lens. As another reviewer said, "A Z lens that is not an S, but performs as one." I didn't expect the superb sharpness and overall quality of the results. It has its own VR, which adds to the VR in the camera body. It's fantastic to have every focal length from 24mm to 200mm at my fingertips. Love it!

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    Excellent walk around lens for Nature Photography

    Posted by Carol Knox on May 26, 2021

    My Z7II came with a wonderful Z24-70s lens that has taken clarity and resolution to new heights. But, it didn’t have quite the reach for bird and wildlife photography that I wanted. I’ve found the Z24-200 to be the perfect walking around lens for this camera. It has the good clarity of the shorter lens and even cropped down, photos are sharp. I’m still exploring all that my lenses and camera can do; but I do know that these two lenses and the Z7II are an amazing combination. The 24-200 lens is light in weight, as is the camera, making it easy to carry: it’s always ready for photography. It’s taken beautiful wildflower, landscape and bird photos so far. Nikon has a winner in the Z lenses and cameras.

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    Nikon Z 24-200

    Posted by Bill Canosa on May 20, 2021

    I like this lens better than expected, the corner sharpness is the weakest aspect of the lens but in most photos you really don't notice