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The next generation Z series flagship camera. Defined by its ultra-high resolution 45.7 MP sensor and brilliant dynamic range, the Z 7II delivers the ultimate in image quality matched with intelligent workflow enhancements. Dual processors. Dual card slots. 4K Ultra HD video at 60p. 493-point Hybrid AF system with a variety of Eye Detect AF options in still and video are just some of the indispensable features you’ll find in this camera. The Z 7II is the camera of choice when every little detail matters.
Join the next generation of Z mirrorless and get ready to capture brilliant images and video with the 45.7 MP Z 7II and NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S zoom lens. The lens features a constant f/4 maximum aperture and is designed to be shot wide-open with smooth, quiet focusing. This versatile lens is ideal for capturing wide views, close-ups and everything in between.
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    Fun camera and I still have much to learn

    Posted by Magnus Thornton on November 13, 2023

    Great camera, still learning many of the features and settings. Great pictures and I like the overall size compared to my old 850 :)

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    Love its Weight and Size

    Posted by Kaye Hargis on November 10, 2023

    This is my second Z7ii. I love the size. Deciding the D850 was just too heavy for me, I purchased the Z7ii and, as I basically photograph stationary subjects, it has worked well for me. The times I photograph action, the Z7ii has not disappointed. The Z8 is now available and, as much as I would like its sensor capabilities, it is the size of the D850 although slightly lighter in weight. So, needing a backup camera, I purchased another Z7ii. Again, I love the size.

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    Exceptional image quality in the full frame realm.

    Posted by Anonymous on October 22, 2023

    The Z7 II is years old by now, and everyone who cares about cameras/photography already knows it's autofocus wasn't up to the latest standards when it first entered the market. It's AF performance has been far outpaced by the Z9, and Z8 not to mention by camera's from other manufacturers. On that point, there have been a few occasions over the 2 plus years I've owned it, while photographing people that the AF has let me down. Given the amount of "keepers" I achieved despite the occasional frustration with AF, I think the AF is better than it's given credit for, but still not up to the bar Sony/Canon AF set. Shooting the Z7 II for approximately 2.5 years, I do not feel a need to upgrade (the itis!) for better autofocus. Not that I would mind better AF, but I get the shots I want to get just fine with the Z7 II. I shoot lots of landscape, nature, and portraits and after many clicks of the shutter, I'm still often dazzled by the image quality when I nail the shot. Marvelous dynamic range, incredible sharpness and detail, great color and tonality. The files are very malleable (to use a metal term) and manageable size wise. No, I certainly wouldn't choose this camera for dedicated sports photography but in a pinch, you'd be surprised. I recently shot a benefit five mile run and came away with many great shots. As I don't often shoot sports, or fast moving subjects, a lot of the shots I missed probably had more to do with my inexperience than a failure of the AF system. I'm positive someone with more experience would have gotten more useable shots than I did. I was happy with what I got and I delivered on what was asked of me, so the Z7 II came through in a genre that isn't it's forte. The image stabilization also works great. Again, probably not the best in the business, but I can get sharp shots hand held up to about 1.5 seconds give or take, and occasionally even slightly longer when I'm really going for it. I have pretty steady hands, most of the time. This camera has superb size and weight for use as a "walk around", or street photography camera. If you use one of the pancake style, or smaller lenses in the mirrorless lineup you can be fairly discreet on the street. The Z7 II fits well in my hand, is comfortable to use for an entire day out shooting, and is my perfect photography companion. I have spent all day out shooting with it attached to a strap without discomfort or complaint many times. I think it's also attractive as far as camera's go. It's no Hasselblad X2D in the looks department, but it's handsome nonetheless. The only desire I have for another (along side the Z7 II, not in place of it) camera is to own a digital medium format model. Why, if the Z7 is so good, you ask? For the 16 bit color depth, larger sensor size, different aspect ratio and in last place of priority, the 100MPs. Either the Hasselblad X2D100C, or the recently released FujiFilm GFX 100 II. Those, however are wants, not needs as the Z7 II gets the job done for me, and I think the sensor in it is one of the all time greats in full frame terms. Even if I got one of those medium format, 102MP cameras, I'd keep the Z7 II because it's that good when it comes to outright image quality, and I would not need 102MP of resolution all the time. Why write a review for a camera that's a few years old, and has outmoded/outdated AF? Because it's image quality is fantastic and at it's current price, is an absolute bargain in the best possible way. Happy shooting! Whichever brand/model camera you shoot with, I hope you are as happy with it as I am with the Z7 II.

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    Elevating my photography game entering retirement

    Posted by Jack Haley on September 18, 2023

    Took a significant technological leap from my days using a film based SLR to the Z7ii. I finally have the time to learn this camera inside and out. So far I've captured some special sports and scenic photos that impressed . I chose the Z7ii based on its technology, its price point, and the potential to take my passion to new levels.

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    Beyond happy!

    Posted by Julie Burks on August 23, 2023

    I had been contemplating the move from DSLR to mirrorless for a while, but didn't have a reason to switch until my D750's shutter stopped working. Sent the D750 into repair but couldn't stomach not having a camera for weeks, so I rented a Z6. Definitely was impressed! Then I did the research between the Z6ii and Z7ii and I the resolution upgrade of the Z7ii sold me for my type of photography (landscape and macro). I have been absolutely and totally impressed with the Z7ii!! Not only because of the amazing resolution, but also the touchscreen, more focus points... the feel... all of it. And! It is so nice to have a lens adapter so I don't have to reinvest in lenses. A great buy for sure!

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    Great for concert photography

    Posted by Michelle Percival on August 18, 2023

    Love, love, love the low light capabilities! As a concert photographer, there has never been a better beast of a camera. I still love my 750s but I’m leaning on this z7 II more and more.

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    Making the switch to mirrorless

    Posted by Brandon Prince on August 10, 2023

    Upgrading from my 13 year old D7000 I was torn between the D850 and Z 7ii. After lots of research and weighing the pros and cons of each I am happy with my switch to the mirrorless world. Being able to use f-mount lenses with the FTZ adapter was a key component since some lenses I need are not yet available on z-mount.Some major concerns I had when switching over were reduced battery life during multi-day excursions, switching to a digital viewfinder (also shortening battery life), and the problems associated with "rolling shutter" when using mirrorless.1 - Battery doesn't seem to be much of an issue because you can charge straight through the USB-C port. I still need to carry around a second battery as 1 seems to last around 700 frames currently (airplane mode, power saving, very short screen timeout, etc. really trying to optimize battery life) but over night while camping I am able to plug directly into a power bank and have it charged by morning. The battery is 2280mAh meaning a small 8000mAh power bank will provide 3 charges (2.5 to be safe) and charging takes 2-3 hours with 2.1a output. 2- The digital viewfinder has been a very easy adjustment. Being able to see a histogram right on screen really helps keep clipping to a minimum. I do find colour temperature to be a little off sometimes from what my eye sees but after coming home and processing everything seems to be very accurate. the eye tracking is very nice for both people and wildlife. The ability to focus to the full edge of the image is also super helpful. Autofocus also working down to -4.0 EV is really nice when working at the brink of dusk and dawn.3- Rolling shutter... the dreaded words of mirrorless and something I would just have to learn to deal with if making the switch. A number of salespeople at my local camera store all failed to mention that most (if not all?) mirrorless cameras still use mechanical shutter under certain conditions. If you aren't aware, rolling shutter is what happens when using ONLY the electronic shutter, which records the sensor line by line. This creates problems in LED and fluorescent-lit rooms (banding in lights), torn bird winds, or torn animal legs. You can google this and see what this is. HOWEVER, there are options to still use mechanical curtains to eliminate this problem. I really wish this was explained to me while comparing the D850 and Z 7ii but I also wish this was more apparent on Nikon's website.Overall the cons I had heard about or read online have not been a problem for the month I have owned the camera. Having used a D850 in the past I feel like I've made the right choice in switching over to mirrorless. Although there are some 'pros' of the D850 over the Z 7ii there really isn't 'much' reason to steer away from mirrorless. There is a lot of power in a small package.

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    Good step up to mirrorless

    Posted by Tuyen Tran on July 22, 2023

    I came from a D850 the camera heavier than the Z7II I loved the D850, but the Z7II has perfect eyes detect and fast focus on live view shooting, in events the live view helped me a lot.

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    The Z7ii - Another Winner from Nikon

    Posted by Dennis Hughes on July 12, 2023

    I came from a D850 which I loved but as I age, the camera got heavier. I loved the 850, but when the Z7ii came out, I was able to get one right away. I love the Z7 even more. It's size and capabilities are superb. I like the new line of lenes better also. I started out with the 24-200mm and got the 105mm Macro and then the 100-400mm for the air shows.