NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S

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A versatile superpower that brings a 100mm–400mm super telephoto zoom range ideal for wildlife, sports and action together with premium S-Line optics, breathtaking image quality, effortless autofocus, rock-steady VR and comfortable handling—all in a travel-friendly package that brings so many shots within reach.
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    A versatile lense with amazing results!

    Posted by Johnny Baldaray on March 11, 2024

    Having been a Nikon user for 20+ years now I can offer a fair review from the older dslr lenses to the modern mirrorless offerings. This lens for example, provides such versatility without sacrificing quality in the results. I have always found the use of longer lenses for compression in wide perspectives (like layers landscape photography) over reach for singular subject matter. With that said, this zoom variable covers all my needs in a pinch from portrait work, accommodating macro and beyond.

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    Another great one.

    Posted by Haydn B Eugene on February 22, 2024

    I've been a Nikonian for over 40yrs and every Nikon lens I've bought has been well researched prior to purchase and required to fit my need based my what it is intended for. I own all hi-end quality glass and save for a couple minor nuisances have been thoroughly satisfied. The 100-400mm is truly a fantastic and most dependable lens. Besides it's weight difference to the heavier fmounts, the sharpness is exceptional. I simply love this beast which I've now owned for 8mths.

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    Incredible with a caveat

    Posted by LARRY HUDSPETH on February 15, 2024

    I am new to the Z line-up. This is the 3rd lens, a must have for me besides the 24-120mm and the 105 micro. Incredible lens, however, I had difficulty learning the autofocus for this lens with my Z8. At first, I thought I had a bad copy with an out-of-focus (fairly close) subject of a river otter, just outside our deck. I tested the lens at 100mm against the 24-120 and it was equally sharp, once I had learned how to best select the autofocus functions in the camera. I still am a little shy of out-of-focus shots with this lens, but I have faith that it is a great lens and it is me who needs to learn how to use it!! Build quality is fantastic. Design wise: Nikon, drop the foot in favor of a Swiss ARCA plate connector foot.

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    As Expected…

    Posted by Douglas Campbell on January 28, 2024

    An S class lens all the way, sharp with fast AF and super smooth controls. The tripod collar is the best Nikon has produced to date, silky smooth and extremely well dampened. The zoom control is also very smooth as well. My only nit is the control ring is too easy to change by accident. As there are so many other options for the various functions offered, I don’t find this a useful feature. Other than that, a great investment.

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    Awesome S Glass

    Posted by George Tran on January 26, 2024

    I love Nikon 35mm lenses and more with this Z 100-400mm S glass lens which pairs with my Z9. It is fast AF, very good color rendering and good for handheld. I chose this lens over its cousin 400mm f4.5 due to its versatility. However, I may get the 400mm f4.5 S later for more light.

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    Best New Z Glass for Antarctica

    Posted by Patrick Clark on January 14, 2024

    I purchased a Nikon Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 to take to Antarctica. I am here, now, really, really appreciating the quality and easy functioning of this versatile zoom lens. When shooting from the ship, the landscape photo composition choices are perfect. As a walkabout lens on shore landings, it is just what I thought I would need. Field changing lenses is not a good idea in this environment. The close focusing ability allows creativity. The zoom range enables shots other photographers are just plain unable to capture. This Z 100-400mm has been a major plus on our adventure trip to Theo and of ice, penguins, seals, whales, and more. I highly recommend this lens.

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    My most used lens

    Posted by Chris Murray on December 19, 2023

    I've owned a 100-400 on other systems and it was always my most used lens. This lens is probably the best optically performing out of all of the 100-400's i've used, and its close focusing capabilities surprised and continue to delight me. This lens is fast to focus, accurate, light weight.

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    Great less

    Posted by Ralph Damato on November 10, 2023

    I must say used it to shoot serval foot ball games. Color , sharpness , weight , .Great lens better than the older one. Used it my my z8 pictures were amazing .

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    Posted by Tom Stilwell on November 3, 2023

    While I have only owned this lens for a short period of time, it's fast becoming my favorite. I walk through a wildlife conservation area pretty much every day. And I see everything from small birds to large mammals. The features that I was looking for light weight, rugged build, weather resistant, close focusing, and image quality. They are all there. This lens defiantly fits the bill. I could not be more happy with a purchase.