MH-24 Quick Charger

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Charges EN-EL14 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery.
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    I have two - they work perfectly.

    Posted by FusionPilot on November 17, 2022

    I bought my camera in 2018 as a complete Nikon kit - no aftermarket cheap junk. The charger was included and it has worked perfectly ever since. In 2019 I bought a second charger. After getting a knock-off piece of junk which I returned, I got a genuine Nikon MH24 from BH Photo in New York. Like the original, it works perfectly every time. I suspect some of the negative reviews are from people who bought a retailer-assembled "package" which included an off-brand Chinese copy charger, which are for the most part junk. Stick with reputable retailers who offer genuine Nikon-branded products.

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    Works for me ...

    Posted by Bob Ummels on March 14, 2022

    This charger came with my D3500 kit & I have been using it for over 2 years now without any problems whatsoever . I have to give it at least 4 stars !

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    Has been reliable for 8 years - Have never used 3rd party batteries

    Posted by Derek567 on June 18, 2019

    I have had one of these chargers since I purchased a D3100 in 2011. I got another with a D3200. Both chargers have worked flawlessly until I somehow lost the charger that came with the D3200. My sister has a D5500, which also came with this charger, and she has never had a problem with it either.

    I have never used 3rd party non-Nikon batteries because the camera sometimes rejects them. I am surprised by the number of negative reviews this battery charger has. I would encourage any potential buyers to 1. check the reviews on amazon, and 2. Don´t use non-genuine Nikon batteries.

    There are TONS of websites that want to sell you a camera bundled with a bunch of useless extra crap. They will include non-genuine 3rd party batteries as well, and your camera will most likely reject them. These websites will not give back that extra $100 you paid for all the extra bundled stuff they included when you call them and tell them that the extra batteries don´t work. This happened to me when I bought my D3100

    Now, it may sound like Nikon is trying to maintain a ´´monopoly´´ over these batteries. The problem is that Nikon developed their own battery standard for their cameras. If there was an organization like USB for batteries, and this organization developed a battery standard that Nikon can use and that 3rd parties can be certified under, and Nikon used these standards, only then could we criticize them for not allowing 3rd party batteries in their cameras. Because Nikon´s battery standards are proprietary, anyone who makes batteries that ´´work´´ with Nikon has reverse engineered Nikon´s batteries. Companies who do this don´t always correctly reverse engineer every battery feature, they don´t always use the same quality components as Nikon does, and they may cut corners in the battery´s design. Lithium batteries are not the easiest kind of battery to charge. Only Nikon knows how their batteries and chargers are programmed (yes, batteries have programmable chips (or fixed-program chips) inside of them these days). Only use Nikon batteries and chargers like I have, and your stuff will keep working just fine like mine has.

    Another reason Nikon wants you to only use its batteries is because they make GOOD batteries. Seriously, I leave them untouched for over a year sometimes (I have 2 EN-EL14´s and 4 EN-EL14a´s, so they don´t always all get used) and they will still be able to power the camera for an afternoon, after sitting for an entire year. They last long and degrade slowly. Nikon doesn´t want its cameras to have a reputation of having a short battery life. 3rd party batteries often use cheaper cells that won´t hold a charge for as long as Nikon´s genuine batteries do. Especially that EN-EL14a!

    Bottom line: This is a great charger. If you use 3rd party batteries and the charger breaks, that´s on you.

    Also, if you think it´s broken, try it with a genuine Nikon battery to make sure.

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    Super concerned

    Posted by Kaywhy on August 25, 2017

    This charger came with my camera (that I love). The first six months had been fine. I noticed it was charging slower at my second use but still charging. Now it takes a long time to charge and has a periodic buzzing noise. Being that I bought it so long ago I don´t have the receipt and don´t want to spend sixty dollars on a charger ive only used a handful of times. I´m making it work by literally watching it while it charges as I need to be able to take pictures on vacation.

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    Posted by Skipper on March 18, 2017

    I have had this charger for over 6 months and use it to charge a battery while I use the back-up battery (you never want to be without power). I have taken several thousand photo with my D5500 and have never had a problem charging my batteries, either onboard cruise ships or using household current. 110 or 240, works great!!

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    Works as it should.

    Posted by Rogue on February 12, 2016

    Has not failed me yet. Have no doubts this charger lasting for a long time.

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    Doesn´t work

    Posted by Erik on January 31, 2016

    This charger doesn´t work. I purchased the camera as a kit and this charger was included. When I put the battery in sometimes it flashes rapidly and doesn´t charge, sometimes the light doesn´t flash at all.

    It looks like there is a lot of complaints about this charger not working. I´m surprised Nikon wouldn´t recall it, like this is seriously going to affect customer satisfaction.

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    Bad charger

    Posted by hw626 on November 2, 2015

    This charger breaks within the second year and won´t charge the battery any more. Bad product!

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    Stops working...

    Posted by Chris1288 on July 2, 2015

    I have had this charger about a year now and it will only seem to work at times. It worked for the first few months I had it, then just stopped. I simply tried to plug it in as I always do, it lights up like it is charging then turns off and my battery is still dead. It started working again, but during a 2-week long vacation it stopped again. Ruined any chance at good photos for the rest of the trip. Not reliable!