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The ultimate hybrid camera. Powerful video and still photography capabilities. Video features include 12-bit 8K/60p and 4K/120p RAW plus 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ internal video recording; Photography features include a 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor, a silent, vibration-free electronic shutter, 120 fps burst shooting and a blackout-free viewfinder. Fast, accurate AF with subject detection powered by deep learning. Professional build and operation. Smart connectivity. All in a brilliant compact, lightweight modular design.
Experience ultimate hybrid performance with the Z 8 and NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S all-purpose zoom lens. Remarkably compact and lightweight, the Z 8’s video capabilities include 12-bit 8K/60p and 4K/120p RAW internal recording as well as 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ. Photography features include a 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor, a silent, vibration-free electronic shutter, 120 fps burst shooting and a blackout-free viewfinder. Fast, accurate AF with subject detection powered by deep learning, plus Nikon's superior ergonomics and build quality. The NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S lens provides sharpness across the entire 24-120mm zoom range with a constant f/4 maximum aperture.
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  • 5

    Love it.

    Posted by Jim Rowledge on September 8, 2023

    I am in withdrawl right now. I sent mine in for the recall, it will have been gone two weeks before i get it back. That aside, i love it. I came from a D4S and I primarily photographed race cars for several years and I loved it. Recently the wife and I have been hiking and I am trying to do more Milky Way Photography. I found the D4S really heavy for long hiked and thought the Z8 would lighten the load a bit and improve the quality of my shots. I was not disappointed, it has done both. I have a lot of learning to do to try and get more use of the capabilities of this camera. The only drawback I have encountered is the shorter battery life.

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    So close

    Posted by Dave Smith on September 8, 2023

    So far so great after transitioning from a d850. The autofocus and raw files have been a pleasure to work with in the field and office respectively. The only two problems I’ve noted so far:The multi-selector is too small and hard to work with at any kind of speed. I shoot a lot of action sports and I’ve found it difficult to work with that little dial if I have gloves on. It’s fine in warmer seasons but I can see it being a problem in the winter while I stand around in hip deep snow freezing my digits waiting for a cloud to shift.Secondly, with multiple exposures, I prefer having a raw file to work with in Lightroom. It’s a limiting factor in delivering the highest quality image to clients and would love to see this in a firmware update.

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    Transition to Mirroless

    Posted by Phillip Petzold on September 7, 2023

    Overall, a very good camera. Fantastic image quality at iso 64 and 500 and up, in between a bit of a drop. Still getting used to the nuances of auto focus since it is different than DSLR. Eye detection on people is generally fantastic, for wildlife it can be really good to it just doesn’t find the eyes. At times it can lock on to the background. Viewfinder is excellent, body size is good (wish it was a little bigger), very customizable controls. One complaint is that you can’t put auto ISO on my menu and change the shutter speed. Overall very happy with the Z8.

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    The mirrorless I have been waiting for!

    Posted by Dale Whitchurch on September 6, 2023

    I am really happy with my Z8. I love my d750 and the Z8 finally gave me the mirrorless specs I was looking for to justify the upgrade. I have taken this on two shoots so far and love every minute of it. The new button layout took all of five minutes to get comfortable with. Spend some time, learn the menus, and migrate over your custom settings and you will never look back.

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    Almost perfect

    Posted by ken ken on September 6, 2023

    I bought this model for bird photography . I was using the Z7 . The focusing system of the Z7 just wasn’t doing what I needed it to do. Track a moving subject. It is hard enough to find a bird in your view finder , let along focus in on it . The Z8 does a much better job than the Z7. I know if it is that I have to learn the camera settings, but the camera still searches for the subject with a delay In focusing on the subject. The Z8 is much better than the Z7 in this aspect. I like the door that protects the image sensor when changing lenses in the field. The focusing system is great during landscape photography. The camera works much better with staying focused while shooting videos. Especially when zooming in on the subject. It would be nice if Nikon would make the 28-300mm f5.6 lens for the mirrorless camera line up .

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    poor low light focus capabilityes

    Posted by Charles Sternaimolo on August 31, 2023

    Poor low light focusing capabilities when compared to the Nikon D850. If you are a wedding or event photographer be prepared to struggle to achieve focus on a dimly lit dance floor. The red assist beam on a speedlight when in single focus mode with a DSLR does not work with mirrorless. Glad I kept my D850 to use in dark situations. The new Starlight feature on the Z8 doesn't really help. Otherwise it's a very nice campera with a lot of useful feathers.

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    A Step Up from D 850

    Posted by James Reed on August 30, 2023

    The Z 8 has proven to be a step up from my beloved D 850. I am very impressed with the ease at the transition from DSLR to Mirrorless. I am excited by the improvements in the color quality and resolution of the work I am creating with the Z 8.

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    Makes my work easier

    Posted by Ton Verkuijlen on August 28, 2023

    Happy with my z8. My serial was part of the recall but I have no issues with mounting any lens or ftzII adapter. I skipped the 850 and z8 replaces my d810. As a work tool much easier to work with regarding auto focus tracking etc. I live in the Caribbean and get hot card warnings but the camera has yet to shut down on me. I only take pictures so no video. I noticed I shoot a lot more pictures during a session than with my dslr. Al together a great tool. The new z lenzen are very sharp and for my liking maybe a bit too digital look if that makes sense? Anyway after post processing I can make it to my liking so no issue. Hopefully the rubber used on grip and connections will stand the heat here in the Caribbean because that was an issue with Al my previous Nikon camera’s. It’s getting brittle after 3 years and will break or come off the camera. ( this is a Caribbean problem for Al plastics and rubber materials). Would recommend z8.

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    Very impressive camera!

    Posted by STEVE LAUTENSCHLAGER on August 26, 2023

    I use it with the z24-200 & the 100-400 with great results. The camera size, resolution, VR, focus ability, EV, & display options are excellent! I shut off auto image review & use 'prioritize viewfinder' when shooting wildlife to preserve battery & prevent slide shows from interrupting BIF work, then press play & review images when there is a break in the action.Five stars for sure!