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Small but mighty, simple but powerful—a Z series camera for creating amazing online stories. Professional looking stills, 4K Ultra HD videos, slow motion, time-lapse and more. Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth enabled, plus in-camera video editing. Beautifully designed with a comfortable grip, flip-down touchscreen LCD, smart button layout, extended Electronic Viewfinder and travel-proof ruggedness.
The 16-50mm lens kit pairs the small but mighty Z 50 with the smallest Nikon DX lens ever, the NIKKOR Z 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3. The NIKKOR Z 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 lens offers a versatile zoom range of 16-50mm, with Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilization built-into the lens; and quiet operation, making it ideal for video as well as still images.
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    Z50 Review

    Posted by Bigmo on February 25, 2020

    Bought kit with both lenses and ftz. Fun little camera for what it is. I bought for a carry around camera with a decent sized sensor.. kit lenses are sharp with good light but too slow in low light, camera really shines with f mount lenses but now you loose size and portability as Nikon does not offer many dx lenses that are fast past or present. It´s a shame because it could be a great system other wise. Camera works well, however the tracking system method of implementation is abysmal at best. Nikon seems to have gotten a lot of things right but then handcuffed it.

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    Nikon Z50---The IPhone of Nikon Cameras

    Posted by NIKONJP on February 25, 2020

    Just an excellent piece of optical engineering. Small /compact but very easy to use. Its clearly rthe IPhone of Nikon cameras. That said ,.... its also very easy to transfer photos using the Nikon Snapbridge software from the Z50 to the newer Iphones as well. You can send your photos to anyone in seconds.
    The Nikon Z50 was an upgrade from my existing D5500 DSLR. (also a fine device) The mirrorless Z50 technology is much smaller, lighter and still remarkably simple to use. Picture quality is outstanding even in very low light.
    The larger ocular view finder is so clear and looks almost 3 dimensional when you look through it.
    The only real downside is that you must purchase an expensive adaptor to use the vast array of Nikon lenses already avaiable on the ealier generation D5000 or D780 models. That is unfortunate. The good news is that (2) Z series lenses are provided in the advanced start up kit and they are both excellent--
    Otherwise I would highly recommend the purchase of this camera to anyone who really seeks top level results ,......quickly and almost effortlessly. Many of my friends have asked about about this compact Nikon mirrorless camera. After seeing my great results with Nikon Z50 ,they will NOT buy a mirrorless Canon or a Sony Alpha or other DSLR type camera. I advertise the Nikon brand everywhere I go,whenever I take pictures or high quality 4K videos

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    Amazing results in a small package.

    Posted by Bozo on February 25, 2020

    We were going on a 30 day cruise through the Caribbean and did not want to carry my heavier D 7200 with lenses. NPS and Samy´s Camera were able to get me the two lens kit the day before our cruise. Yes it was a bit scary to leave with a brand new system. The Z 50 performed way beyond my expectations.
    I am a lifetime member of PPoA and ASMP.

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    Love it so far!

    Posted by ChrisP on February 25, 2020

    Only reason I didn´t give 5 stars only cause the lack of firmware updates, one firmware update since purchase and kind of feel jilted the animal eye detection wasn´t added for the Z50. The camera itself is amazing but feel like they don´t pay enough attention to it due to the big sister z6 and big brother z7.

    Would still recommend it to anyone willing to listen.

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    This camera is miraculous!

    Posted by Stellroy on February 25, 2020

    I bought this camera with the kit pancake lens hoping to cut down on weight while hiking.

    What I got was far beyond my expectations.

    I love this camera! I love the way it looks! I love the way it feels! I love the way it functions! I love the photo quality! It has most of the features I rely on with my D750.

    The smaller size has encouraged me to develop a new style of shooting. I have configured the programmable buttons so that I can adjust most of the settings without moving my hands, something that is harder with a larger body. I have used it with gloves on in the winter and it is perfectly functional.

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    Great Camera!

    Posted by NYSteve on February 25, 2020

    This is my first mirrorless camera, and I´ve waited a couple of months before posting this review to get a better impression of it.

    In short - I love it! It´s small enough with the kit lens to carry around for street photography, and performance indoors is outstanding. It´s got great ergonomics, controls are easy to use and customize, and it´s really comfortable to carry around all day. Image quality is outstanding.

    My only disappointment is with using the kit lens at night - it´s just too slow to capture fast moving action in dimmer conditions. I´m exploring using some of the brighter FX Z lenses for night shooting, but that´s an issue with the lens, not the camera. In fact, I´ve used manual lenses (with an adapter) from the 1970´s with outstanding results on the Z50.

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    The size and weight is just perfect!

    Posted by Terribirdy on February 25, 2020

    As much as I love my D5500, it was too big and heavy to carry on the plane to visit the grandkids. I was frustrated that I would be stuck taking photos with my phone. Fortunately the Z50 came out and now I have the best camera For the job. It is just a jewel - small, light, and takes great pictures. Just perfect. My only caveat? Get both lenses with buying the camera. I didn´t and I really regret it.

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    Great Travel Weight and Performance

    Posted by JoRee on February 25, 2020

    I have been very happy with the size, weight and the ability to use the lenses from my Z6. I am looking forward to an 18mm to 300mm Zoom lens range to reduce frequent changes in travel. This camera fits my hand and doesn´t jump with shutter release. I am not a selfie advocate, but it is nice to have the option to pull the screen back out for candid street shots or proof you were there. I did add the screen protector and have not found it to be a problem with sensitivity. I have only started to learn the capability of this camera and am having fun doing it.

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    Fantastic Travel Size Camera

    Posted by PenTurner on February 25, 2020

    Have put this camera through a few paces but need more time to truly test it. So far the pictures come out very crisp and clean with brilliant colors even in low light. The 16-50 lens is a great plus wit a surprisingly strong zoom. Love the touch screen with ability for selfies but disapointed in not being able to use it on a tripod. I know there is a tripod adapter for it and will order it soon. Got my Z50 direct from Nikon with the adapter ring to use my other lenses. Will look a little odd with my 200-500mm lens, lol, but love that I can use it when needed. Have not been able to get the 16-50mm lens to fully colapse however. Will put it through a fun test when we go to Disney World in a couple of months. Waiting on my order for the camera case made for it that will be delivered today. Great little camera. Recomend it highly.