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Use the F-Mount NIKKOR lenses you love on Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.
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    The FTZ Saves Having to Buy New Lenses Until Your Budget Is Ready

    Posted by Varien on September 17, 2021

    Thank you, Nikon! The F-mount to Z-mount adapter is easy to use and works very well. The FTZ balances well and its length and weight are unnoticeable.True to its history, Nikon made sure old Nikkors are compatible with its new Z cameras. Back in 1978 I went through Nikon’s introduction of AI and was pleased then that Nikon developed a way to convert old Nikkors for use on its new cameras. And now, likewise, with the FTZ adapter I can still use my pre-AI and my G series Nikkors with my Z 7II. I am most thankful the FTZ allows me to keep using my all-time favorite portrait lens, an AI-modified Nikkor 105 mm f/2.5 K, that I bought in 1976.I have attached all of my thirteen pre-AI and G series Nikkors to my Z 7II via the FTZ. Auto focus and metering with the G series lenses is as quick and as accurate as it is with my D700. However, being manual lenses to begin with, the pre-AI lenses require manual focusing. But they do benefit from the Z 7II viewfinder’s focus indicators (front and rear focus arrows and the in-focus circle). Metering for exposure and for color temperature with pre-AI lenses is equivalent to that for contemporary lenses.The only problem encountered using my copy of the FTZ is the exceptionally tight fit of my 35/1.4G and of my 50/1.4G Nikkors. Both lenses were tight going on and almost impossible to remove, especially the 50. In fact, I was afraid the amount of torque I had to apply for decoupling was going to cause damage. Consequently, I will not attach those two lenses again. The other Nikkors attach and detach snugly and easily.

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    Autofocus may be a problem

    Posted by KEITH on September 15, 2021

    Users beware! Not all FX lenses will work correctly in autofocus using this adapter. All other functions seem to work fine, but autofocus may or may not. I have not tested with a DX lens though, so can not advise on that.

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    Posted by Merv Synhorst on May 12, 2021

    I only have f mount so far and it works great.

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    FTZ Adapter

    Posted by glwalt on March 19, 2019

    I have used the adapter and Z7 with both Nikkor G and D lens with no problem. I actually like the focus peaking a lot for manual focusing.
    I have also used it with a Sigma 12-24mm, 105mm macro, 100-400mm and a Tamron 70-300mm.
    They have all worked fine except with point focus settings and sometimes VC and OS on.

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    Almost perfect adapter

    Posted by OldSchool on March 19, 2019

    it´s no doubt when Nikon announced the FTZ adapter, we all knew its gonna work great with existing Nikkor lens. for the past 2 decades, I´ve been used AF-S Nikkor lens, so ´´most´´ of my lens has no issue to connect to the new Z body via FTZ. but sadly, few of mine unique collection that doesn´t have the SWM (non AF-S) can´t autofocus.

    but without the focus motor embedded into the adapter, surely simplify the construction and less issue might occur. Nikon should make a ´´Pro´´ FTZ adapter in near future, and the new adapter should include focus motor and let those AF-D lens re-live again.

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    Great product works as advertised

    Posted by Ernest on March 19, 2019

    I have been shooting Canon for 30yrs. I am now 71 yrs old and it is hard to carry a lot of weight when hiking, therefore I was looking to switch to a mirrorless system. Tried Sony but diid not like the ergonomics or the controls. Tried Canon´s R system and did not like the controls.
    Tried the Nikon Z7 system and have found it to be the best of both worlds.
    I shoot wild life and landscapes so I needed a long lens for my wild life, therefore I purchased the FTZ and the new AF-S Nikkor 500mm F/5.6 PF ED VR. The FTZ works great with the 50mm lens, it also works great with the 1.4 extender installed.

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    What a great way to merge the best glass available with the best current technology!

    Posted by Nikonforever on March 18, 2019

    The FTZ enables me to use glass I have acquired for my D3x, D4s, D810, Df on the Z7 without loss of performance in any way. I have used my 200 2.0 with the adapter as well as 105 1.4, 70x200 lll, 300 pf4, 28x300, 50x1.4, 35x1.4, 14x24 2.8, 24x1.4 and have not experienced any negatives with outcomes. Very pleased with results knowing I have immediate access to great choices for any situation without having to repurchase. I have also used the 1.4 and 2.0 multiplier with total satisfaction as well

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    A Must have for the Z series , but could be improved so easily

    Posted by bengbeng on March 14, 2019

    The FTZ is essential if you want to use F mount lenses on Z6 or Z7. I would not have bought in to the Z series without this adapter !

    It has no glass, so does not degrade the optical quality of the lens , it just acts as a spacer with pass through contacts.
    All good so far.

    However, it does not include a ´screw´ type motor. Therefore, many old AF lenses and some currently sold lenses (80-200 F2.8, 135 DC f2) will not auto focus on the Z bodies.
    As a replacement for 135 F2 does not even appear on the Z lens roadmap yet, and there is no fast 135mm alternative from Nikon, this is a big negative. I believe incorporating a focus motor into a slightly larger adapter would be possible and desirable.

    The FTZ is very similar to the now discontinued Nikon FT1 (the F mount to 1 series adapter) and the FTZ has one major improvement over the FT1 : The FTZ allows ALL the autofocus points to be used. The FT1 only allowed the center autofocus point to be used on Nikon 1 bodies, clearly this was not a technical limitation and could be seen as a cynical marketing one, it certainly spoiled the user experience with the Nikon 1 series and I am so glad that the FTZ does not have this limitation.

    However, both the FT1 and the FTZ also share a huge disadvantage.
    To remove them from the Z6/Z7 they must rotate towards the grip bulge and , because of their design many many tripod release plates can not remain in place and have to be removed each time the adapter is detached. This is a huge negative if you value tripods and want to use both F and Z glass.

    So, the FTZ is an essential accessory for Nikon users purchasing Z bodies. However, the design does not play nicely with tripod quick release plates, and because there is no built in focus motor, several old (and current) lenses loose the ability to autofocus.

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    FTZ adapter performance

    Posted by SirCurt on March 14, 2019

    I have been using the FTZ adapter on the Nikon Z6 since November 2018. This adapter has allowed me to use all my current Nikon glass without any problem at all. Fully functions between camera and lenses.