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Your full frame journey begins with the Z 5. Simple yet sophisticated, compact yet powerful, the Z 5 is built to grow with you. It’s everything you’d expect from a full frame mirrorless camera—intense detail, expansive views, brilliant low light capabilities, 4K UHD video and more—plus all the innovative tools you need to push the limits of your creativity.
The 24-50mm Lens Kit is designed to grab and go—capturing amazing stills and video wherever you are. Pairing the sophisticated yet simple 24 megapixel Z 5 with the small, lightweight, NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 zoom lens, this kit is ideal for street photography, interiors, portraits, and videos—wherever your creativity leads.
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    Great for a beginner or a backup camera.

    Posted by Riberto Rivero on November 23, 2023

    Great as a Z6ii back-up. Excellent using your Z primes. It is a beast of an existing light camera. What is not to like?

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    Pleasantly surprised!

    Posted by Christopher Huffer on November 21, 2023

    Bought this as a backup to my D850, and as a walk around camera, to save the D850 shutter for more important work. Using the Z 24-200 as my main lens, but got the FTZ II to use my F lenses if needed. It is a bit of a culture shock to use the digital view finder, but it is growing on me. I am old school, so I rarely use the rear screen for still shots. Focus is quick, and VR does a good job. Battery held up better than the reviews, and specs, which could be that I use the view finder, and not the back screen. Will I completely move to mirrorless…no, but having a light weight option, as a backup is nice.

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    Good camera, which can be much better.

    Posted by Frankie Diaz on September 12, 2023

    It is a good camera that could be excellent or better camera than it is. I switched from the Fijifilm system (X-T3 and X-T4) to Nikon Z5 and several prime lenses. I love the image quality, I think it's exceptional. But I'm worried about firmware support since we know what the Xpeed 6 processor can achieve and I don't see any updates and support for this camera body and I'm starting to worry. I don't complain about the image quality. But yes, from the autofocus and af speed is to slow. Good camera, but it can be much better.

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    Great first impressions; great initial step up from DX to FX format.

    Posted by STANLEY ROGACKI on September 2, 2023

    I have just received my Z5, so this review is based on first impressions, and they are all good. I've been a user of Nikon digital cameras for more than ten years. After owning several DX format DSLRs, I bought a Z50 for travel and was impressed with the smaller size and weight of the mirrorless format. I have long considered buying a FX format camera and purchased the Z5 with 24-200mm lens. This camera-lens combination is nearly identical in size and weight to my old D7100 with 18-140mm zoom. The build quality and control placement is excellent; the camera fits comfortably in the hands and operates in a way that is familiar and intuitive for a Nikon user. The vibration reduction is impressive; hand held shots are possible at very low shutter speeds. I'll keep my Z50 for travel, but when I can handle the bigger size and want FX format quality, I know the Z5 will deliver. I'm looking forward to many fine photos from this camera. Oh, and the big Z-mount is just fantastic! If you've ever considered stepping up to FX format, especially from a DSLR, this is the camera for you.

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    I love my Z5

    Posted by Demosthenes Pasadis on August 27, 2023

    It takes great pictures with Z S lenses.It feels good in my hands. It's the perfect size. The controls are easy to use. There's lots of customization.And it has a quality feel to it.

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    Bravo Z5!

    Posted by Romel Anda on August 26, 2023

    Quite impressed with the Z5. I have had mirrorless cameras before, but this is my first full frame camera. I wanted to take my photography to the next level and after taking photos with only my smartphone, I am blown away with the easy of use as well as the controls I can have when taking photos on the Z5. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to move to full frame photography. I must note, if taking 4k videos is a high priority, I would recommend either the Z6 or Z7. I take mainly stills, so this is perfect for me. Also, the 1080p video quality is quite good. The Z5 is 5 out of 5 stars for me.

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    Love this camera

    Posted by Sam Rivera on August 17, 2023

    Having a great time learning all the ins and outs of this camera. This is my first full frame mirrorless camera, I’ve been a Nikon enthusiast over fifty years, and am thrilled twith the quality and performance of this camera.

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    Nikon Z5

    Posted by SCOTTJACK jack on July 6, 2023

    My first Nikon Z series camera. I have been a Nikon enthusiast for 45 years. Great entry mirrorless camera. I use primarily for Macro and Travel Photography. Recently added a z6II to my kit for bird photography.

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    Posted by Jorge R Jorge R on July 5, 2023

    Purchased this camera to replace my D750, so far this camera is outperforming my expectations, I also purchased the FTZII adapter to use it with the F mount lenses that I own and the results are great. I happy with the camera performance. I take real estates picture, portraits and landscapes. I don't know why Nikon calls it an entry level camera.