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Discover exciting new lighting possibilities with Nikon's first Speedlight to feature radio control Advanced Wireless Lighting and the world's first hot-shoe mount flash cooling system‡. Trigger remote flashes behind obstacles, around corners, in bright sunlight and even in other rooms. Shoot more than 100 consecutive shots at full output. Smaller and remarkably easy to operate, the Nikon SB-5000 AF Speedlight gives fast-shooting wedding, studio, commercial and media photographers limitless control of the light around them.
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    SB-5000 using AWL

    Posted by Fred Castle on March 11, 2023

    Very versatile speed light and the wireless feature using the WR-R11b on the Z6II makes it easy to control all 3 speed lights at shoots...although the light output is so consistent, it is normally only used after the test flash.

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    Forth Different User Interface In Four Models. Nothing Is Familiar.

    Posted by Frank Laird on January 14, 2022

    This flash is powerful and has the typical Nikon quality build. BUT: This flash has a completely different user interface than any of my other 4 Nikon flashes. My SB 910 works fine but after using the SB-5000 I have to get out the book to remember how to set it. My two SB-700 flashes have another unfamiliar screen and button setup. All told, there should be one user interface just like all Nikon cameras have. When you put your hand on a Nikon camera, you know it. Try that with a SB-700, then grab the SB-5000. Nothing is the same. Completely unfamiliar. What are these buttons? Get out the book. FAIL.

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    This item looks great but download and read the USERS MANUAL First

    Posted by PhineasBFuddled on August 28, 2019

    In looking at the specs online, and reading through the users manual it seems that one can do a lot with this admittedly expensive flash. Given the cost, and reviews expressing concerns about the wireless features not working, I made sure to download and read the users manual. AND there it was:

    ´´Compatible camera, the Wireless Remote Controller WR-R10 and the WR adapter WR-A10 (both optional) are required for wireless multiple flash-unit photography using radio control. ´´

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    I love this flash!

    Posted by drjim on February 1, 2019

    When I purchased this flash, it was for use with my D810. I wanted to have the best flash available, with the greatest reach. I understood that the radio capability would not function with the D810. This was frustrating, but I knew it going in. The flash has served me well. I have been very happy using it with my D810.

    My wife bought me a Z6 for Christmas, and it WILL function with the radio capability of this flash. I look forward to purchasing the necessary equipment to allow it to function over RF. I always want to use my equipment to its maximum utility, but, honestly, I may never get there with this wonderful flash. It has served me well on camera, and as a slave to my SB 700. I´m pleased that now I have that functional capability, but I´ve been pretty happy with this flash without using its radio capability. It has worked well on my D810, and, although it dwarfs the Z6, it works like a charm on it as well. This is a great flash, and it is nice to know it has the radio capability if I ever decide to make use of it.

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    Nice flash, but lacking a little with the radio control

    Posted by PonoPhoto on December 24, 2017

    I like these a lot. I have 3 of them so far and looking to buy at least 2 more. (It´s why I´m on here right now actually...) These things have all the power you could really need in a speedlight, a great quality of light as well. Lots of options built in. Overheating is a non-issue. A really great flash. My only complaint about them is the radio control. If other hardware already needs to be purchased (WR-R10, etc) to make the radio control work on the D5 or the D500 (now the D850), why not do the simple firmware updates to some other cameras so it can work there as well. Yes, you just released the D850, but are still selling the heck out of the D810. Just bought another one myself 3 months ago. I find it rather silly that this small thing hasn´t been addressed yet since these flashes came out about two years ago, and to date, there are still only 3 cameras in the entire Nikon line-up that can utilize the radio control.

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    My TOP Speedlight Unstoppable Power

    Posted by SuspendedMoments on June 22, 2017

    I´ve used the SB-800, ok SB-900 overheated at the worst moment, SB-910 very very good speedlight and now the SB-5000, it´s dependable, powerful and there is a tiny noise coming from the internal fan.

    I use it primarily during wedding coverage and with 4AA batteries, it lasts me all day long without draining the batteries to the point of failure.

    It recovers lightning quick and is ready for those rapid sequences and I absolutely must get!

    The size is nice, TTL is flawless, and the servo tracks my zoom ratio perfectly without washing out the foreground.

    It´s pricey but necessary for uncompromising performance, when nothing but the best will do.

    Get one, you won´t be disappointed. I am gradually replacing all of my SB-910 units with the SB-5000 speedlights. :) very very happy with this version.

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    Nice unit but...

    Posted by oddwahl on June 11, 2017

    I was happy with the 910, but when I found out this unit has radio triggering I was really happy. No more pocket wizards necessary. Seeing Joe McNally using it with 5 groups was awesome. Then, I come to find out this unit only works on 2 cameras. 2 out of how many? So what´s the point: ´´Hey look, isn´t this great/´´ Yeah. ´´But you can´t use it.´´ Here´s to hoping for a firmware upgrade to allow it. I imagine sales will jump when you do.

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    Reliable Professional Flash

    Posted by Anonymous on February 19, 2017

    I purchased two SB-5000 to go along with my pair of SB-910s and my D500. The SB-5000 perform as well or better than the flagship 910 do, I was impressed. The SB 5000 have very good output, with quick easy menus that allow full control of the SB-5000 features. I had these out and set two up as wireless high speed flash to capture humming birds which worked very well. In the studio using wireless is a big plus and once you set up the flash - you rarely need to touch it again because most settings and output can be controlled by the camera using Nikons´ fantastic CLS.

    It is true: You need a fully compatible DSLR and WR10 to take advantage of the RF capabilities, but do not forget the SB-5000 also work just as well using the tried and true optical sensors.

    Not sure why folks knock Nikon for adding RF as an option for compatible cameras.
    Backward compatible with optical sensors and CLS
    Better cooling system for continious longer use
    Higher flash output
    RF wireless (around corners)
    Easy menu navigation

    None, does everything the SB910 does RF

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    Not really compatible with much

    Posted by PoleNinja on November 22, 2016

    I have a 810, and I´ve learned that this camera isn´t compatible with the whole radio system they are selling this thing on. Additionally, the ´´backup´´ pocket wizard plusx´s aren´t compatible, either. Worse, even at night, when I set the flash on slave so that I can somehow fire it off camera, it has about a 20-30% fail rate. I could put another flash right up against it, and it still fails to act as a slave quite frequently. Really, there isn´t much other option. I´d like to return it when I´m done traveling. That being said, I can only assume the quality of the flash is good, but I´m so crippled when using it that it´s hard to say.