HB-50 Bayonet Lens Hood

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Helps to reduce stray light which can cause flare.
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    Engineering Goof

    Posted by NikonLifer on May 11, 2015

    Just have to add my two cents worth, too. This is perhaps the dumbest hood on the market. I nurse-maided this hood on my lens for several years and it finally fell off for good. How many times can you catch it before it drops off a cliff. Come on, Nikon, get something that works, i.e. a secure hood, if you´re going to charge mega bucks for a piece of plastic.

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    Cheap Lens hood for expensive lens

    Posted by wdanielw on April 21, 2015

    Very happy with the lens but the lens hood is made of flimsy plastic which broke very soon after I started using the lens.

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    Poor fit

    Posted by BW on March 3, 2013

    Fit is too loose--hood continually chatters away. Out of a half dozen Nikon lenses with hoods, this is the only one that doesn´t fit properly.

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    Broke before I could use it

    Posted by Apollo on March 23, 2012

    I put my brand new lens and hood in my camera bag. My bag got compressed a little and the hood snapped in half. I own other Nikon lenses and their hoods are still going strong after years of use and sometimes abuse. This hood is too flimsy.

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    loose hood

    Posted by Nikonhobbiest on March 11, 2012

    Ditto to all the above reviews! Lost my hood as well! While my camera was on my shoulder, I always kept my hand on the hood because it becoming detached so easily! Any solutions?

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    Posted by Hood Rat on January 18, 2012

    Add me to the list of disappointed. You know how expensive it will be to replace, and the Super Glue jobs aren´t sturdy. You find yourself walking backwards, or cradling your lens like a baby.

    So, What do you do? Call in Red Green, and Duck Tape that baby to the lens barrel.

    And how about if the lens cap that comes with a wide angle lens fits over a thin filter?

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    Bad hood for a $1K lens!

    Posted by MarkD90 on April 28, 2011

    I also have the 28-300 lens which I bought recently for an Orlando Holiday. On the 2nd day the hood broke-off!
    I also own the 18-105 and the 70-300 lenses and the hoods for those cheaper lenses are so much better. Its a pity that Nikon decided to save a few bucks on a cheap hood to go with actually a very good expensive lens.
    Guys, please come up with something more sturdy.

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    Just pitiful!

    Posted by Visual shooter on February 16, 2011

    I´ve had many Nikon products over the years and few have disappointed me as much as this hood. It´s inconceivable to me that Nikon would couple this hood with a $1K lens....just doesn´t make sense. Nothing to add from what´s been said here and other sites: the fit is sloppy and can easily fall off.
    Nikon should pony up and fix this by providing a better solution for people who have bought this lens. At this point I´ll try a 3rd party hood as soon as it´s offered.
    Can´t believe I´m saying that...... ´´getting a 3rd party hood for my Nikon lens´´?

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    Easily fall off

    Posted by starsia on February 5, 2011

    I couldn´t remember how many times the hood fell off after I got the camera out of the bag, and as expected, I lost it. I didn´t know how much it cost until I tried to replace it. It is way overprice for a piece of plastic. Googled it and the cheapest price was $35. Way to go Nikon.