GP1-CA90 Accessory Cable for GP-1

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GP1-CA90 cable for connection to cameras with accessory terminals. Comes supplied with the GP-1.
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    GPS Cable needs Redesign

    Posted by Deepcovepeter on September 14, 2016

    I am travelling and my GP-1A cable is broken and needs replacement. The connection to the D7100 is at a right angle and through bending and stress from normal use it has failed. The cable needs a right angle connection. Additionally, the bracketing flash is unusable with the unit attached to the hot shoe, and repeated removal over time adds additional stress overall. Please redesign. I like the GPS functionality but I need to use the camera freely while travelling and on the go.

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    Complètement inutile

    Posted by Cachou17 on March 17, 2016

    Il se brise facilement. Il est de très piètre qualité.

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    Poor design and easily breaks

    Posted by Degenfechter on January 10, 2015

    As I am sitting here I have yet another broken or port to the device. This is my second cable as the first broke when I forgot that I had it in and as it protrudes at 90 degrees it bent. I have either now broken the port or the cable. Sony is beating them as it is almost standard with their products.

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    Biggest Nikon Disappointment

    Posted by Unhappydude on September 29, 2013

    I don´t think Nikon will get a positive review on this until they redesign... I splurged the money to buy a GP-1A for my D600 so I could geotag all the landscape and vacation photos I take. Unfortunately the cable sticks absurdly out of the side of the camera. No matter how careful you are, its bound to break over time. The cable and plug will hit your chest, arm, hip, etc as you use the camera. After just a few uses, I find that my cable and GPS only work if I push the plug in hard. I assume I have a problem with the socket on my D600 too so I´m not going to spend the $56!!! for a new cable to try that. This cable probably costs all of $3 to make... Ridiculous. If you aren´t going to put GPS on board, at least come up with a good solution for GPS!

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    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

    Posted by UGetTheReviewUDeserve on May 10, 2013

    I am angry, let me explain why.
    1. The cable broke... (On such an expensive product, the cable should not break... Ever);
    2. The cable broke on the first day I used it;
    3. The cable probably costs between $0.50 to $5.00 to produce, yet Nikon charges $56;
    4. The cable is badly design, faulty, something inadmissible for this price;
    5. I know, that next time I will use it, it will break again. And it won´t be my fault. It´s the poor poor poor design that not even a 10 year old would propose.

    Please Nikon, re-design the cable (and sell it at $4.99 - $9.99 to all those poor folks who wasted hundreds of dollars on this).

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    My GPS Unit is idle when I need it most, all because of the totally useless cable.

    Posted by Tarkajay on January 23, 2013

    I have used the GP1 unit with my D300 for a couple of years without problems. It mounts sensibly, flush against the body of the camera and the cable screws into its socket. Then I upgraded to a D7000 and woe: the alternate cable used to attach the GP1 to this camera is totally different. I could see it was vulnerable, sticking out at right angles at the bottom left of the camera and no sensible screw lock this time. So I have been so, so careful but inevitably, one day I found it bent at a crazy angle and after a couple of days, the plug broke off completely. I concur with other reviewers that Nikon owes us a redesigned cable. Until then I suppose I´ll have to look for a replacement.

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    Cable needs to be redesigned!!

    Posted by rhodiver on September 28, 2012

    Totally agree with the previous review. Connector needs to be angled 90 degrees with some added protection and support.
    Also the cover ports on the cameras are grouped leaving those unused ports susceptible to dirt and moisture.
    And with the GP-1 mounted on the flash shoe on top of the camera, you cannot use the built in flash without removing it and letting it hang by the cable and again putting stress on the cable and connectors.
    Nikon needs to recall this cable and issue a new redesign!!

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    GP-1 is Great - CA90 Miserably Designed Cable

    Posted by GP-1 User on October 25, 2010

    I was a ´´first adopter´´ of the GP-1 over a year ago when it first came out. The GP-1 has its quirks, but it works and provides a convenient and accurate means of geotagging photos directly. My camera is a D90, therefore, I have to use the CA90 cable to connect the GPS unit to my camera. The CA90 is an incredible weak point and point of damage and failure for both the GP-1 unit and the D90 port.

    Why? It sticks about a half an inch straight out from the left side of the D90 camera body. So, if the D90 is mounted on the hot shoe - which is the opitmal position to get GPS lock up - the cable has to travel 90-degrees connect to the camera body. This exposes the cable to damage and even worse, the port inside the D90 body to damage as the cable plug point is jostled and struck. I have personally gone through three cables, others have had a similar experience, however, I have been more fortunate than many others who have had their port damaged by the CA90 cable as it moves fore and aft due to incidental contact.

    The bottom line is the CA90 is poorly designed and should be recalled and replaced by another cable that provides more a of flush mount that would travel parallel to the camera body rather than directely perpendicular to it.

    I cannot believe given all the complaints, damaged CA90 cables, and damaged D90 bodies that Nikon has yet to remedy this situation.