DK-19 Rubber Eyecup

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Improves viewing comfort and prevents stray light from entering the viewfinder and diminishing contrast.
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  • 5

    A must have.

    Posted by Walid on March 4, 2023

    Very useful especially if you wear glasses and easy to install. Recommended. Shipping was fast and item was verry well packed.

  • 5

    Quality Product

    Posted by Vaughn Bender on January 28, 2023

    Very reasonable price, Well packaged in shipping, fast shipping, and directions for installation were easy to understand. Thank-you.

  • 5

    Don't lose the eyecup

    Posted by Gene Goldring on April 24, 2022

    You can't lose this eyecup if installed properly. Close the viewfinder rear shade by pushing the lever to the right. Now unscrew the original eye piece by turning counter clockwise.
    The original eye piece has a plastic adapter that must be used in your new DK-19. Strip the adapter from the original and place it in the recessed slot on the rear of the DK-19. Finish off with the metal ring to secure the adapter to the DK-19. Now screw the DK-19k onto view finder hole and open the view finder shade. The cup will never come off until you want it to.

  • 5

    Don't lose the eyecup

    Posted by Gene Goldring on April 24, 2022

    Some are saying they easily lose the rubber eyecup. This tells me they didn't strip the plastic adapter ring from the original flat rubber eyepiece. The original adapter must be used. Use the shade lever beside the view finder access to close the shade leaves. Remove original eye piece. Strip the plastic adapter from the original eye piece. Insert adapter into the rear recessed slot of the new DK-19 eyecup and secure with metal ring. Now screw the adapter onto your view finder. Open shade. It will never come off until you want it to.

  • 2

    Always gone.

    Posted by ertyuiop on June 29, 2015

    I loved the eyecup but every time I turned around it was gone. The camera would brush against my body and knock it off, or in and out of the bag would knock it off. Now it´s gone and I can´t find it. In the woods somewhere.

  • 5

    Very useful item

    Posted by jrp1 on November 11, 2013

    It prevents extraneous light coming into the viewfinder from the rear, altering exposure.
    It provides an additional point of contact for steadier shooting when hand-holding and even when from a tripod.
    It allows you to concentrate on your composition.
    Just make sure you use the metallic ring to instal it to prevent it from falling off. Follow the instructions included.

  • 5

    Very useful

    Posted by Cadence on November 19, 2010

    Yes, this works with my D700. It´s indispensable. It shield your eye from stray light from becoming a distraction. And lets you focus on photography.
    The down side is that the viewfinder glass is more prone to fogging up.

  • 5

    It is compatible with a D700 too

    Posted by I like Nikon on October 11, 2010

    It doesn´t say it here but this eyepiece does work on a D700. I wrote Nikon´s tech support about it and they said they would post the information, they never did. It´s easy to install and I have had no problems with it. If you have a D700 and were wondering if this will work on it, it does, buy it.