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Reach so much farther with the powerful 83x optical zoom of the COOLPIX P950—from 24mm wide-angle landscape and interior shots, to impressive 2,000mm super-telephoto stills and 4K UHD videos of distant wildlife, aircraft and more. With Dual Detect Optical VR image stabilization and enhanced lens characteristics found in Nikon’s heralded optics, far off subjects are captured with sharpness, clarity and superior image quality. Compose your incredible shots through the super high resolution electronic viewfinder or from creative angles on the large, flip-out vari-angle display, then transfer them seamlessly to your smart device for easy sharing with your friends and followers.
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    Really like it.

    Posted by Danny w on June 19, 2024

    Ok I just got this because something to play with to see night stars, moon and wildlife. I have a Canon 80D which is only 3 months old so I am real new to this. But this thing is great. I really enjoy it.

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    Surf Filmer

    Posted by Omar Ramirez on June 17, 2024

    Good quality image recording Video for Surfing. The zoom is incredible 1000m there's no limits how far is. You will get it!

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    Cool and the Pix captured are Beautiful

    Posted by Judith Vivian on April 20, 2024

    Many photos over many years and the P950 is the finally the Winner!
    Nikon was always my choice and the Nikon D7200 just became too heavy with the lens for my hands and carrying around. I did sell and purchased a Fuji XT10, lovely camera for landscapes , however Birds capture my heart and sing joy into my life. The Fuji had sentimental value . A trip to Kerrisdale Camera and when I held the P950 in my hand I instantly knew this is the camera for my bird portraits. Life is Beautiful in your seventies and I feel blessed to be able to capture moments in time with this little gem the P950. Have a Beautiful day ❤️

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    Totally impressed with the Nikon P950

    Posted by John De Paoli on August 5, 2023

    The Nikon P950 is an impressive upgrade from my Coolpix B700. The telephoto and video aspects are amazing. I like taking nature photos and the ability to add a polarized filter is a plus. A lens hood is included with the camera, but a separate battery charger is at extra cost.

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    Bridge Camera King!

    Posted by Craig Simpson on June 8, 2023

    After owning a P500 for 11 years I realized in 2022 I needed an upgrade. The P950 was the perfect upgrade, I am so impressed with this camera that I have a series on my YouTube channel that shows how to use the many features: Felipe Artista

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    Super camera for birding and wildlife on-the-go

    Posted by Orley Kathleen Marron on May 18, 2023

    Fantastic bridge camera for trips and bird /wildlife photography on the go. Light enough to lift and snap, though a support (like a tripod or leaning on an object) is always useful and gives even better results. Great for bird identification and the manual focus enables one to easily pick out a tiny bird among branches. The bird feature is very good but not necessarily always the best to use for birding.It's a good idea to read about different settings and tips, as some can create problems and reduce sharpness (the anti vibration should be OFF when using a tripod, for example, and I avoid the noise reduction function). The sharpness is not as high as one would get with a dedicated high resolution telescopic lens on a tripod, of course, but it is still very good and the camera can be carried around and manipulated quickly with little fuss.

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    This is the camera I will retire with.

    Posted by Jarrell on November 16, 2022

    I have been using cameras since the early 60s and grew up with Brownies, Exactas, Mamiya-Sekor, Yashica, and Nikons. I have owned three of the Coolpix P series. Photos taken with the P950 are superb. The range of built-in functions is dazzling (moon and bird settings are great). The ability to customize the controls means I can switch from auto to manual focus and fine-tune the image with ease. I have taken photos of the National Cathedral from Fort Washington - a distance of 15 miles. I have taken a video of Saturn slowly moving across the view. I have captured images of the Straight Wall on the moon, and cloud bands on Jupiter. I can zoom in on a single autumn leaf 200' away. I can use the macro feature to photograph bees-eye views of flowers, fungi, and insects.

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    Eagle 200 yards out and night moon

    Posted by Robert Ritchey on January 18, 2022

    Surprisingly nice to use and the lens is amazing. Would like to see a larger sensor to allow a better crop when in photoshop. Little soft on the long end but great overall.

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    Easy and intuitive to use; stunning photos; tons of features

    Posted by Virginia on October 3, 2021

    I’ve been using the Nikon Coolpix point and shoot cameras for years. I find navigating through the shooting modes (portrait, landscape, backlit, etc.) to be more intuitive than other point and shoot brands and quicker to access when you need to change modes quickly. I recently upgraded to the P950 for a vacation and I’m blown away with the quality and features. My husband, new to photography, inherited my coolpix b500, and was able to immediately start taking beautiful pictures with the easy to navigate shooting modes and AF.