AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III

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AF-S Teleconverter doubles the effective focal length of select compatible NIKKOR lenses, offering an affordable and portable gateway to extend telephoto reach; ideal for sports shooting, wildlife, surveillance and more.
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    Great optical performance but unreliable AF

    Posted by Bronto48 on January 21, 2020

    I purchased this TC to use on my AF 200-400, which is a fantastic lens. Optically, the combination produces amazing image quality, BUT, due to the effective f/8 max. aperture, AF performance is unreliable. To be sure of focus you MUST use live view. Nikon literature says this combination should work on my D800´s, but full sunlight seems to be necessary for it to work properly. Low light situations defeat the AF. If you really need AF you must stay with an effective max. aperture no slower than f/5.6.

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    This is a nice teleconverter.

    Posted by drjim on February 1, 2019

    This teleconverter works very well optically, but one does lose some light. Because of this, auto focus is not possible on many lenses. I use it with my Nikkor 200-500 mm lens to increase my reach to 600-1000, and it does work well optically. One must remember that he/she will be focusing manually using the teleconverter, and that is a challenge at 1000 mm! Still, this is what I bought it for, and I´m very happy with my purchase.

    I will also be using it with my Nikkor 105 mm Micro lens. I haven´t yet had the opportunity to work with this teleconverter/lens combination, but I´m looking forward to it. I use this lens mostly for macro shots, which require manual focusing anyway. Auto focus is not possible on this lens either. Based upon my experience with the big zoom, I´m certain the optics will be stellar.

    This is a wonderful product. I only wish I had the lenses with which it will auto focus. Still, it is a great addition to my equipment for my needs, and I am pleased with the quality optics I´ve come to expect from Nikon.

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    Great Purchase!

    Posted by dje1969 on December 19, 2018

    I purchased this lens a couple years ago and really enjoy it. It´s quick and sharp! Using the TC-20E III teleconverter is a game changer :-)

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    Very satisfied with TC-20EIII

    Posted by BroadwayBob on July 10, 2017

    I recently rented the TC-20 for use on a European vacation. It was paired with my AF-S 70-200 f/2.8 VR1 on a D810 and I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the images. Most were taken hand-held;others taken on a sturdy Gitzo.

    My expectation was properly set after doing a lot research and reading many accounts of the TC´s use in the Nikonians website forum. As expected, there was a little softness on the edges, but the overall images were very good. A little cropping took care of the soft edges.

    Taking into account the known minor shortcomings of teleconverters (soft edges, loss of light), I was very satisfied with the TC 20´s performance, so much so that I purchased the TC from the rental company after my return from vacation.

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    Nikon 70-200 VR II TC-20E III

    Posted by julianklimt on November 23, 2016

    I am a Nikon lover but I never got convincing results while using the TC-20E III on my Nikon 70-200 VRII, the images aren´t sharp enough for me (at any apertures, mirror up, remote shutter, steady tripod, manual focusing on live view etc.).

    It must be a better fit on a 300mm or 400mm 2.8, if you really have to get this extra length.

    Otherwise, always better to get a 500mm or 600mm indeed!

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    Offers quality plus versatility

    Posted by LarG on September 2, 2016

    Had a chance to test this TC on my 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II. Then bought a refurb and thrilled with results. Tested vs. (old model) 80-400mm f/4-5.6. At the same apertures, the TC 70-200 tested better.

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    Posted by JohnK007 on August 24, 2016

    The only people who have had a problem with this product have not paired it with the right lenses.

    ((( This TC Converter is designed for fast f/2.8 lenses. )))

    I have two Nikon cameras (D810 and D500) and this 2x TC III doubles my reach and keeps the quality extremely high.

    Between the two cameras, and the TC on (or off) my 300mm, I have variable focal lengths of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and 900mm, with the last two extreme focal lengths made possible by the 2x TC III.

    The difference in quality is negligible. A picture is worth 1000 words, so I will end this review, with some images taken with the TC on.

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    Useful when you need that extra reach - but know your trade-offs.

    Posted by TheNotSoAngryPhotographer on October 31, 2015

    There´s no such thing as a free lunch and that is totally true of teleconverters. Any time you put extra glass between the lens and the sensor there will be loss some loss in contrast and sharpness. On top of that you will lose 2 full F-stops of light! Still, the Nikon TC20 E-III does an admirable job delivering twice the original focal length - if your expectations are realistic! I´ll let the sample image speak for itself: it was taken with a Nikon D810 (in DX crop mode) with Nikkor 70-200 F4 G TC20 E-III = an effective focal length/aperture of 600mm @ F8. Hand-held with VR and ISO 4500. I personally think it turned out pretty good.

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    Much better than expected

    Posted by brianf on May 17, 2015

    I had read many negative posts on forums about teleconverters in general, so I bought this with some trepidation. I did not get to test it first as the shop where I buy my gear was always out of stock. Hmmmm. Always out of stock. So it can´t be that bad. Anyway, when it came in I went out the next weekend to get some nice wild bird shots. Using a 2.8 Nikon 70 - 200 I found it focused fast and dead on, vibration reduction did not falter at all, and of most importance, the shots were so clear even when cropped in Lightroom. I rented a Nikon 2.8 400mm a few weeks later and same results. Dead on focus. It also will auto focus past f 8.0.

    I´m looking forward to pairing it up with the Nikon 2.8 300mm which I have been saving up for and will have in my hands in about a weeks time.

    If you have any doubts please believe me and many of the other posts in this area and buy with confidence.