AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR

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Upgraded standard zoom lens for Full Frame/FX-Format D-SLRs offers a constant maximum aperture to maintain exposure settings throughout the entire zoom range.
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    Not the best choice for me

    Posted by Dubayab on July 13, 2015

    For some reason the focus quality was less than I expected for the price. I did some side-by-comparison with my DX 18-200 and for me in that situation the 18-200 was sharper. There seemed to be more distortion at 24mm than there was with the 18-200 at 18mm. The lens was solid operated smoothly. It just wasn´t the lens for me.

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    A lot of distortion for a lens Prosumer lens

    Posted by nikonfanboy on July 12, 2015

    My lens came as a kit with my D750. After a couple of weeks I took the kit back and purchased the D750 body only. The lens came with a lot of distortion. I would photograph what appeared to be straight lines come out in the picture bent severely on both ends. If you use lightroom it is an easy fix, but this means you would have to post process every picture you take with it. Taking photos should be fun and you shouldn´t have to spend hours performing post processing. The kit made the lens about $700 a reasonable price for the quality, but at $1300 I think it might be a little high given what you get. For those who might have thought that my lens was defective, i did exchange the kit and same results.

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    Long term quality

    Posted by Tfeazel on June 20, 2015

    This lens lives on my D800E. I have 18 FX lenses, and it´s my favorite.

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    Nice bokeh,light on weight and sharp lens

    Posted by Bugalug369 on April 16, 2015

    I bought Nikon D610 FX in March 2015 together with 50mm f1.4G,..50mm 1.4 is a good standard lens however because of short in my finance, I decide to swap 50mm f1.4G with medium range lens zoom so I could take a shot and use the zoom,..took me few weeks decided to swap standard lens with AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm F.4G.... I would like to recommend for the beginner of photographers who short on finance.. 24-120mm F4G is light on weight compare with mid range zoom,sharp lens and nice bokeh..

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    Most Useful Zoom

    Posted by JackieD on January 8, 2015

    I have been using this lens for the last two years with my D700 mostly for landscape or family photos. it turned out to be an excellent all purpose lens. It has good autofocus speed and is flawless across the frame at all focal lengths and apertures. Additionally, it exhibits wonderful contrast and surprisingly pleasing bokeh. Very happy with the purchase, great job Nikon.

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    Vs 24-105L this one crushes!

    Posted by D4photos on December 18, 2014

    I just switched from Canon 24-105L. You will not be sorry. This lens is just outstanding. I have done many types of settings including flash, indoor, outdoor, portrait, etc. It´s just fantastic.

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    Ultimate Nikon Landscape Zoom Lens

    Posted by Scripps23 on October 14, 2014

    After visiting numerous National Parks in the United States, this lens has the best combination of focal lengths and optical quality for my landscape needs. Below is a photo taken with this lens and a Nikon D800 camera body at 6:18 AM in Death Valley National Park in California. The shutter speed is 1/4 of a second (on a tripod), the aperture is f/8, the focal length is 24mm, the ISO is 100, the exposure mode is manual, and the white balance is auto.

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    My Standard - Hard to Take Off

    Posted by tthom53 on September 25, 2014

    While this may not be the sharpest lens in Nikon´s bag. it has performed wonderfully as the standard lens on my D300 and D800, and it will reclaim that position on my D810 following the theft of my D800. I have numerous prime lenses (50mm 1.8G; 85mm 1.8G; 105mm micro 2.8G among them), but for pure flexibility and the confidence of knowing I´ll get the perfect shot regardless of the distance, this is my lens. My last one was stolen along with my D800, and the new one has a firmer ´´turn feel´´ (not a technical term), and I´m hoping it remains so to prevent the lens involuntarily lengthening as it hangs on my shoulder.

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    Un pas vers la perfection...

    Posted by Zipgate on July 25, 2014

    Objectif très versatile, permet de bien tirer partie de la puissance da ma D800 et du« full frame». L´ouverture constante à f/4 est très bonne. C´est une nette amelioration de l´ancien modèle.
    Un pas de plus vers un objectif de qualité à un prix raisonnable. On pourrait souhaiter une version 2,8 mais à quel prix et surtout à quel poid. La masse de la camera et de l´objectif sont à considerer quand on se promene des heures avec l´,appareil. Aucun regret de mon achat. Parfait pour un seul objectif en voyage. Permet de passer du grand angulaire au téléphoto moyen. On peut saisir des paysages, des objets et des personnes.