AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR

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Upgraded standard zoom lens for Full Frame/FX-Format D-SLRs offers a constant maximum aperture to maintain exposure settings throughout the entire zoom range.
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    A Bit Skeptical At The Praise, But I´m A Believer

    Posted by DennisB on January 25, 2017

    For a number of years, my ´´carry around´´ lens has been the Nikkor 24-85 f2.8-f4. It´s served my purposes for both a D200, and now my D500 and D750. I´ve been reading the reviews from both the scribes and actual users, but was a bit hesitant to change over. I have no regrets at all. This lens is amazing. It has a lot of range, and while not a ´´low light´´ lens, works perfectly for my needs. I now carry it and my 70-200 f4 AF-S, and I´m covered for an entire day with a much lighter load.

    The images are extremely sharp and contrasty, and while agree that the bokeh lacks a bit, I´m perfectly happy with this lens. One could do far worse in selecting an all round daily user lens.

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    Beyond Expectations

    Posted by Wesam on September 18, 2016

    Irrespective of all the uneducated negative reviews out there, this lens is more than great.
    It is sharp wide open and at both end of its focal lengths (24 and 120 mm)
    The focus is fast and accurate.
    This lens is being used by one of the world´s finest photographers and I can understand why.

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    Overall good one

    Posted by Jibs on May 3, 2016

    Got this lens bundled along with my 750, and its an overall good lens. Nice and sharp almost always. VR helps a lot. My only issue is its distortion at the corners when it is wide at 24mm. I know this can be corrected in Photoshop rather quickly, but one wouldn´t expect this to happen at this price tag.

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    Excellent lens for every occasion

    Posted by Santola on April 6, 2016

    Great lens. Beautifull colors, Excellent sharpness. Very fast focussing in low light.

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    Un zoom parfait pour les voyages et les vacances

    Posted by Norm on January 16, 2016

    J ai posseder la 28-300 pendant 2 ans, mais lors de l achat de la D810 j ai decider de faire le compromis de migrer vers la 24-120
    et ce dernier repond beaucoup mieux en terme de qualité de rendu avec ce nouveau boîtier.
    Il y a bien de la distortion et du vignettage mais il est simple de faire la correction logicielle en ´´bach´´ et j accepte ce compromis
    pour obtenir son excellent piqué, contraste et rendu des couleurs malgré le range relativement étendu de cet objectif!
    J ai aussi la 24-70 et la 24-120 m offre la même qualité de piqué pour un poid réduit et une plus grande versatilité!
    La construction est excellente avec une bonne fluidité de la bague zoom et aucun jeu dans le fût des lentilles.
    La mise au point est précise et rapide.
    C est objectif n est pas consu pour remplacer des focales fixes spécialisé mais pour les vacances ou les voyages
    où ont aime ne pas être contraint aux changement d objectif et ainsi partir avec un fourre tout plus léger,
    cet objectif est impeccable autant en ergonomie qu en excellence des résultats photos!

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    Wow-the refurb is spectacular!

    Posted by DrMIckey on January 4, 2016

    I bought the refurbished AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR lens direct from Nikon. It arrived double-boxed and securely packaged. I mounted it on my D810 and went out to shoot scenes around my neighborhood. My immediate impressions were that the 24-120 focused accurately and quickly. Images were tack-sharp hand-held, yet only when I went into my home studio to do post-processing did I notice that I had not switched the lens to VR on. So tonight I tried the lens with VR on and I am completely satisfied...VR is astonishing, even at the wide 24mm setting! So just buy this lens, especially if you can order the refurbished model directly from Nikon USA.

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    Nice lens for daily photography.

    Posted by Nexjake2016 on December 8, 2015

    I read couple reviews on this over internet when decide to look for a nice lens for my daily photo shooting needs, I decide to give it a try. The picture is very good to me though my skill has more room to be improved. I will recommend this lens to everyone.

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    It´s the lens I use most, but the bokeh can be cringe-worthy

    Posted by QuakerWildcat on August 30, 2015

    I had debated whether this lens would be an adequate alternative to a 24-70mm f/2.8 as a ´´walk around´´ lens for travel. It´s a great value. I love the extra range, and when combined with the incredible light sensitivity of the D750, would I miss the extra speed?

    My conclusion: The compromise is real. Not from the speed as much as from the inferior bokeh.

    Don´t get me wrong. This lens is so versatile, I almost never take it off my D750. The range is irresistible and I can shoot in near total darkness at f/4 with remarkable results.

    But when I am shooting against a bright or busy background and want to soften it by shooting at f/4, the bokeh produced by this lens can be cringe-worthy.

    Conclusion: A great value. Just know what you´re buying. Recommended with reservations.

    Attached are a couple of photos where the bokeh made me cringe, and a couple where I thought it was perfectly acceptable. If you can´t tell which is which, then you´ll absolutely love this lens.

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    Great walk-around lens.

    Posted by Gman 01 on August 16, 2015

    I can´t find anything bad to say about this lens.
    The constant aperture is a must have and the VR is terrific.
    If you buy this lens you will not be disappointed.

    Note to Nikon: 28 to 150mm would be a better range.