NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S

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Extreme performance and super-telephoto reach combine in Nikon’s lightest 600mm f/4, with built-in 1.4x teleconverter to increase focal length to 840mm. Exceptional S-Line optics with immense detail and groundbreaking anti-reflection performance. Fast, silent and accurate autofocus with 5.5 stops of optical VR. All in a balanced, lightweight design optimized for hardworking professionals. This is a super-telephoto reimagined for today’s high-performance mirrorless.
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    A Photographers Best Friend

    Posted by Moose Peterson on April 28, 2023

    An absolutely brilliant lens! Its MFD is stunning, its balance perfect and its loss of weight a must. These attributes though as out shinned by its sharpness! The Z600f4 is a spectacular lens!

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    A real dream lens

    Posted by Paul Kammen on January 20, 2023

    A wonderful lens that gives you options when you need a little more space or need to get closer. The internal TC works great; you can hand-hold it for a little while too. Being able to just flick a switch rather than take off the lens and put on the TC is huge. Images are sharp and it's a joy to shoot with. Paired with the Z9, I find it aquires subjects quickly. The 800 is also wonderful and lighter and just as sharp. Having owned the old 800 too with the D850, I find this 600 is lighter and much easier to hand hold, though I'd recommend a tripod if shooting for an extended period of time such as birds coming into an area with food and water. The bottom line is this lens is really like 2 in one; there's no loss of detail with the TC, and owning the 800 I can't tell any difference in sharpness between the two lenses shooting at 800 (840 5.6 on the 600). Having the ability to go to f4 for a little more light is great too when light gets lower. Expensive but worth every penny for great shots. Nikon has hit a home run on both this and the new 800 6.3.