NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S

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A fast, powerful and extremely versatile mid-range zoom with a constant f/2.8 maximum aperture. Incredibly sharp across the entire frame with high resolution and beautiful bokeh. Elevated by a Nikon designed Multi-Focus System, next generation lens flare correction and advanced S-Line features and functionality, the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S is a must-have lens that marks the sweet spot of performance, precision and optical superiority.
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  • 5

    Main lens

    Posted by 4thson on December 25, 2019

    The lens hardly comes off my camera. Us it for family events, video, landscapes. Excellent lense.
    Only slight negative is it is a little heavy, but compared to the f4 version, much sharper.

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    Enthusiast Review

    Posted by JWalker on December 25, 2019

    First, I want to say I do not consider myself a professional. I have shot only two weddings and love to shoot for fun. However, I have been playing around with digital photography since its inception. For me Digital Photography only became practical since sensors hit the 20 mega pixel mark. The lenses could not keep up with the sensors. Nikon has reached.a pinnacle in lens design vs. affordability with the Z Series. While this lens is still 1.8-2k which most people will not consider affordable, there is a huge caveat. It quite simply is the first lens that I can honestly say fits the moniker, if I only had one lens this would be it.

    You do not sacrifice detail and quality with this Zoom lens, it is sharp from edge to edge. The 24-70mm focal range fits the vast majority of needs and when you couple that with Prime quality, it leaves little need for faster primes.

    I am very happy with this lens, VERY happy.

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    ambrosial 24-70 lense

    Posted by HAKAM on December 25, 2019

    best sharpest lens in my pro collection.
    it is shorter and lighter and brighter than my excellent f mount 24-70

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    Worth the upgrade - Stills/Photography

    Posted by RudyT on December 25, 2019

    Before this lens was using the F-Mount version with the FTZ adapter. Based on YouTube reviews, I originally did not see a reason to invest $2000 in this native lens. I was having quality images with the 24-70 f-mount lens. But the size was an issue, especially for traveling.

    So, I took the plunge. I am glad I did. The difference in picture quality, focusing, aperture, ergonomics is noticeable. So noticeable that I will be selling my old f-mount lenses and start moving to native lenses for Z bodies.
    I also observed that focusing in the Z7 works better with this lens. Especially when I am Shooting stills at f5 or higher. The edge to edge sharpness is noticeable. With the old F-Mount version, I was missing edge to edge focus about 60% of the times I was shooting (even after enabling AE-L). This was noticeable with apertures higher than 4, especially f8. I have not experienced this issue with this native lens so far. It´s reliable.

    It´s the best in its class. Quiet a piece of engineering.

    I am waiting for the z 105 mm f 1.2 or 85 mm f 1.2.

  • 5

    Almost perfect

    Posted by Observer on October 29, 2019

    Utterly reliable in creating appealing, razor-sharp results in a variety of lighting. Elegant, simple design allows efficient usage.

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    Great Wide Alngle Lens

    Posted by Ernest on October 21, 2019

    Great Lens excellent results at all settings.
    Low Light and Hand Held this lens works great.

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    Love this lens

    Posted by Nikkor2470 on October 19, 2019

    The lens is great, love it. Though I wish the EyeAF would have a longer range then what it has today, but once it grabs on it´s always accurate.

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    Outstand Lens Good Job Nikon

    Posted by Culbreathc on October 19, 2019

    Outstanding lens, I´ve been shooting with the Nikon lens for over 15 years. I shoot a lot of weddings and people. I normally like to shoot with a prime lens. They are sharper and have a wider aperture in most cases. However, The 24-70mm F2.8 S is like not like the rest of the medium zoom lens. This lens is tack sharp build well and optically better than any other 24-70mm by Nikon. The images I´ve produced with this lens are excellent. Shooting with this lens is like using a prime. I´m looking forward to seeing the 70-200mm Z mount lens. The only thing I could say negative about this lens would be the prices, you are going to drop a few $$$$$$ for this lens

  • 3

    Too heavy

    Posted by Desire on October 18, 2019

    Heft outweighs its technical prowess. I thought I was buying lenses that would be perfect for everyday use; that´s why I was willing to pay more for the lense than for the camera itself. That is the fundamental problem with this camera: it was designed to pack technical super powers into a small light body. The problem is that in order to get the technical super powers you need to use hefty cumbersome lenses. The end result is that you have a big clunky camera just like the old school DSLRs.