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The new Nikon flagship. A fast, powerful AF system with subject detection developed using deep learning technology. 45.7-megapixel stills. High-speed still frame rates up to 120 fps. 8K and 4K videos. The world's first truly blackout free viewfinder, and Nikon's first 4-axis tilting touchscreen. All in the most intelligent, durable, comfortable and connected Nikon camera the world has ever seen.
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  • 5

    Beyond Imagination

    Posted by POLLARD on December 26, 2022

    Life Changing!!! The Experience of the Z9 Is beyond the imagination!!

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    Nikon Z9

    Posted by Taher Safari on December 25, 2022

    Masterpiece of machine…

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    The Best Nikon camera to date!

    Posted by M on November 9, 2022

    I want to share my experience with my Z9. I absolutely love it. Dare I say it's the best Nikon camera to date. My Nikon path started with a D5300, to the D850 and Z6, to the Z9. The D850 was my favorite Nikon camera until I started using the Z9. In the very short time I've owned the Z9, I've put 50K images through it. And I haven't even scratched the surface of it's abilities. Jobs have included, two marathons, including the Chicago Marathon. Three portrait sessions, an AKC dog agility event, and a Hyrox event.This camera still has room for improvement, but it's so, so good! The eye detection and the subject detection are next level compared to the previous Z bodies. Everyone shooting sports/action with this camera will need to decide which focus modes works for them in any given situation.I do love how you can customize the focus area boxes with tracking. I was blown away while photographing AKC dog agility, with regards to how quick the animal tracking was to acquire the subject, and how fast the camera was to snap to focus on a dog(S) darting, jumping, and running, some times erratically. I haven't had the issue of front focusing or back focusing like I often do in the Z6.As an event photographer, I found the Z9 to very quickly snap into focus on a subject. I'm able to get the shot and move on to the next competitor for example, if it's a large competitive sporting event. The Z9 is so quick to focus. It's weighty for sure...You will definitely notice carrying it all day.Battery life is very good. Being at an 8 hour event shooting competitors fairly non stop, I get about 3.5 -4 hours per battery charge. If I'm shooting slower, not required to capture so many people or frames in a day, the battery lasts alot longer. I do find, when comparing raw files, that the Z9 seems to be noisier than the D850 raw files. I know, their sensors aren't the same at all. Just something to think about. Definitely not a deal breaker, but I've noticed it. My experience with my Nikon Z bodies and Godox together has been a difficult relationship. It think it's a firmware issue on the Godox side. I've used my other Nikons with other flash systems without issue. I expect the Z9 to be fine with other flash, though my Z9 doesn't like my Godox transmitter either. So far Zero issues with adapted f mount or even manual focus lenses. I have yet to get into video with the camera, but it appears to be feature packed. I need to explore the camera's upper end, speed. FPS at 120 for example, at the next sporting event I shoot. Being new to the 20/30 FPS abilities of this camera already make it seem fast enough. The blackout free viewfinder experience is pretty amazing. Not having a shutter and being mirrorless means that on occasion, I wasn't aware I was taking a photo. Especially if the viewfinder isn't set up to give you the information that you took a picture. Sometimes the audio associated with taking a picture isn't nearly loud enough. Again, this comes into play if you're working at loud event. It takes some getting used to. Is this camera for everyone? No. If you don't shoot sports/action/wildlife, the Z7II (and probably the vaperware Z8) will be great. If it's in your budget, just do it. The thing is amazing. I will say, this camera is tremendous bang for your buck. I'm in a position where I shoot for a hobby, as well as make money from photography in order to justify putting this in my camera bag. All this being said, the Z9 is a beast of a camera. I can't wait to see what Nikon brings to the market next.

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    Excellent mirrorless camera for wildlife, bird and action photography

    Posted by BalakrisSubramaniam on November 3, 2022

    Nikon finally got its game together on the mirrorless camera with the Z9 firmware 3.0 update. I am a wildlife and bird photographer and the 3D AF in Animal mode (with eye tracking) is at par or better than the Sony Alpha 1. The color gamut of the Nikon CCD is much more closer to reality than the Sony.Overall this is the best mirrorless camera you can buy at this point in time in the $5K range.

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    It really is that good!

    Posted by O on October 14, 2022

    I am a macro photographer with 52 years’ experience and primarily specializing in photographs of live, in their natural habitat, insects (bugs, mostly spiders and dragonflys). Over the years my equipment has varied and in the last 25 years I have mostly used Nikon equipment which I have found to be very reliable. I have owned various Nikon cameras including the FM, FE, F2AS, D100, D200, D3, D610, D800, D810, D850, Z6, and the Z7. I made the decision to move from a Z7 to a Z9 because of the higher frame rates that the Z9 would provide. I wanted to try shooting a bug in motion and then stitching the frames together to create a collage type of photograph. That was my goal and at 20 frames per second (FPS) in RAW and 120 FPS in JPEG the Z9 was a clear choice.After waiting over 7 months I received my Z9 and I was very surprised and stunned at how good a camera the Nikon Z9 was as it full filled all my expectations and more. The Z9 reviews have been nothing short of glowing and I usually take the reviews with a bit of skepticism however this is a jewel of a camera. It really is that good!The build quality and ergonomics are the best I have ever used and the Z9 is quick, very quick at startup and overall response. The focus tracking is very accurate and fast. And let me say one other thing about the focus – my hit rate (how many frames ,the number of frames that are in focus) is much better with the Z9 when compared to any other manufactures cameras I have used and that is very important to my photography.The image quality straight out of the Z9 is outstanding! I have found that I spend less time in Photoshop and other software making adjustments. The Z series and some FTZ adapted lenses focus faster with the Z9. In some instances they focus noticeable faster.The build quality is outstanding in every way and typical of the Nikon quality I have come to rely on for durability, weather sealing, and reliability. I have worked in rain storms with the Z9 with little concern about the Z9’s weather sealing. One thing to consider if you are contemplating a Z9 purchase, the Z9 is a bit on the heavy side but that’s to be expected for a camera built for durability and reliability. I love that that Z9 does not have a mechanical shutter!I think the single most important item about the Z9 is that it has changed my photography as I spend less time adjusting the camera and more time concentrating on composing the photograph.It really is that good.

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    Z9 superb replacement for D6 and Z7II

    Posted by Levy on October 10, 2022

    Replaced my D6, Z7II with Z9. Very pleased.

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    This is the best cameria I have ever owned. The 3D focus tracking mode works great all of the time.

    Posted by Jack Garr on September 22, 2022

    This is the best cameria I have ever owned. Was shooting a Canon EOS 1D Mark III, then switched to the Nikon Z7 and Z6 a great combination for landscape and wild life. Received my Z9 two months ago, this cameria works great for both landscape and wildlife. There is nothin that I do not like about this cameria.

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    Incredible Camera

    Posted by Lucas Muller on August 25, 2022

    I absolutely love this camera. I shoot sports professionally and this is the best camera I've ever used. Nikon really solved their AF issues from the Z6/7 (which are hardware related, so sadly firmware updates won't fix those cameras) and it's so fun to shoot with using the 3D AF tracking. Also great for portrait and landscape stuff as well.

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    I love this camera and still couldn't rate it above three stars!

    Posted by Lori Hansen Lane Lane on August 12, 2022

    I hate that I'm so disappointed in a camera that is as good is the z9. In fact, it is almost perfect. After three photo trips and several thousand pictures, I can say that I'm taking some of my best pictures ever with this camera. The autofocus is magic!!! I cannot say enough about the way the camera will follow the subject and deliver precision focus almost every shot!! However it is heavy and all the lenses are heavy. I haven't weighed but I would venture that the weight is almost what the d4 was....and definitely heavier that my d850. Going mirrorless for most of us carries the promise of losing some weight in the heavy camera bag we tote. Don't buy the z9 if weight and size are one of your criteria. The z7ii is exactly what you need. It's a great little camera. Lenses are still big but the camera carries less weight and is smaller. I also love that Nikon got on the ball and delivered a whole line of amazing lenses, too. Overall, Nikon is an amazing company and has given me 25 years of photo excellence. My local camera store, Bedford, has a great connection with the Nikon people and always gets questions or problems resolved immediately .