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Do it all with this versatile full frame mirrorless hybrid that excels in speed, image quality and video performance. Everything a hybrid still and video mirrorless camera is meant to be. High-speed shooting with the buffer capacity to match. 4K Ultra HD video at 60p. 273-point Hybrid AF system with more options. Outstanding low-light capabilities. Dual processors. Dual card slots. Wireless connectivity with smartphones and laptops. Tons of creative features and that’s just the beginning.
Join the next generation of Z mirrorless and get ready to capture stunning images and video with the 24.5 MP Z 6II and NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S zoom lens. The lens features a constant f/4 maximum aperture and is designed to be shot wide-open with smooth, quiet focusing. This versatile lens is ideal for capturing wide views, close-ups and everything in between.
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    Excellent camera!

    Posted by John of the Jus John of the Jus on September 30, 2023

    I love this camera. It has the right weight for taking videos. The quality of pictures and videos is excellent. It has all the features that I like and of course much more. I was able to use it without too much effort right out of the box but I am still discovering features that help improve the quality and make things easier. With this camera and also with Z5 I am able to take videos of quality that is for the first time completely satisfying. I mostly take videos in HD.

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    Gobsmacked by the Z6II!!!

    Posted by Dwayne Hollins on September 16, 2023

    I recently moved "up" from the Z50. I loved my previous camera. I learned it, how to best use it, and where it's strengths and weaknesses were. Moving to the Z6ii was a tough decision for me. I was moving into the full frame world - one that was unknown to me. I absolutely am gobsmacked by how well this camera performs! AF, low light, clarity, color - it's all on a level that I never would have expected that I could go.The Nikon Z6II is a game changer for my photography.

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    Z6ii - Flawless at this range

    Posted by Gowri Shankar Giri on September 13, 2023

    Been using the D7200 and the transition to Mirrorless with the Z6ii is something I wouldn’t regret. Paired the Z6ii with the 70-200 f2.8 S lens, mind blowing results. Still getting around the nuances of the camera, nevertheless love the camera.

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    Nikon Z 6II

    Posted by James Hilt on August 28, 2023

    The camera was purchased with a 24-200mm f4-6.3 Nikon lens. The lens is heavier than the camera. Both work well. The Z 6II has two storage slots, one slot uses the newer CFexpress card - very fast but also expensive, $175 for a 150GB. So far, no heat issues with this card.Low light pictures come out good up to ISO 1200, above that graininess starts showing up.

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    Posted by Reuven Pasternak on August 18, 2023

    Nikon shooter since 1978, former D850 owner. This is my bridge to mirrorless photography and I have loved it, pairing the Z6ii with a Nikkor Z24-120/f4 S lens. Still on the steep learning curve, but am thoroughly enjoying it. More later

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    A great addition to the Nikon lineup

    Posted by Harrison Ball on August 12, 2023

    the Z6II is a great camera. It is easy to hold, adjust and use. This is my first full-frame camera and I love the weight.I have used a D70, D200, D300, D7200 and D500. I still like the D500 for sports and wildlife but have been using the Z6II for everything else. I had little difficulty transitioning from the Nikon DX SLR cameras to the mirrorless Z6II.

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    Nice Camera

    Posted by Srividya V on August 7, 2023

    The autofocus is really good for people and animals. Nice colors and works good in low light too. Have a bit of trouble with autofocus when photographing flowers or birds. Overall nice camera with good image quality

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    Nikon Z611

    Posted by Lee Patske on August 5, 2023

    The Z611 truly exceeded my expectations. I did purchase the Z5 when it came out but it just didn't fit my needs. The z611 is just an amazing camera.

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    Great camera, great value

    Posted by Tyler Sutton on August 4, 2023

    Really good camera for the price. I got it new on sale for $1696 and it was the best choice. The Autofocus is smooth, the picture quality is amazing. Truely a beast for astrophotography, videos, and much more. This camera minds the gap from beginner to serious hobbiest/pro