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Packed with the features creators, vloggers and streamers want. Crisp, clean 4K video that will help you stand out. A flip-out touchscreen to keep you in front of the camera. Fast, reliable autofocus, crystal clear audio, creative in-camera filters and convenient controls—all in a compact, lightweight package that will inspire your best work yet.
The Z 30 One Lens Kit pairs the compact, lightweight Z 30 creator-ready camera with the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens. The NIKKOR Z 16-50mm lens offers a versatile wide zoom range and VR image stabilization built-into the lens; and quiet operation, making it ideal for video.
The Z 30 Two Lens Kit pairs the compact, lightweight Z 30 creator-ready camera with both the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR, a compact lens with a wide zoom range and the NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR, a lightweight telephoto zoom. Both lenses feature VR image stabilization built into the lenses; along with quiet and fast focusing, making them ideal for capturing video.
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    A surprising gem of a camera

    Posted by Iceman183 on May 31, 2023

    I have to begin by saying I've used large, pro grade Nikon cameras since the early 1980s. I'm used to big, heavy, and sometimes clunky machines. This little camera is the polar opposite of that experience. I needed two video cameras for on-site over the shoulder interviews, and since I've already got a ton of Nikkor glass, thought the Z30 would be a perfect fit. It has been. Small and lightweight, but with the Nikon feel and experience, the Z30 has been a superb performer. The image quality, especially in video mode, has the same feel of the previous heavyweight cameras I have used. Plus, the little 16-50 kit lens is also a solid and handy lens. My only concern is the lack of headphone jack to monitor audio, but I have come up with a work around for this issue. The firmware upgrade to version 1.10 allows me to use the new 12-28 Power Zoom to full advantage. Plus, now that I have a smaller package to throw into my carry on luggage, I've got a small and capable Nikon to take with my on my business trips. Well done again, Nikon...

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    Inconspicuous Camera With the Image of A DSLR

    Posted by GP on February 11, 2023

    I have been been using DSLRs for over a decade. One thing I noticed is that I rarely shoot with it after the honey moon phase because of its size. Today's phone are really capable even when if it's mostly AI post processing. One quote that really stuck with me and continually be true is "The best camera is the one you have with you".
    Well here it is. A Nikon camera that is small and portable. Not only that but it's not intimidating or look like you are over compensating. You can use your old lenses with the adaptor if you wish, but most of the time I use it with a fast manual prime lens because of its size and image quality. Stuck this thing in your jacket pocket, do some street manual photography and enjoy the process of taking pictures.

    One thing I didn't like and it's obvious cost cutting is there's no hot shoe cover and no battery charger.

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    An Excellent backup camera to my Z6

    Posted by Paul Newbery on January 7, 2023

    I am delighted with this camera and often use it as a backup to my Z6 or as Travel Camera. I am especially pleased with the video quality for the price of the camera. I have had great fun playing around with some vintage glass on it.The picture profiles are good, but would be nice to have some kind of LOG option

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    Another great Nikon

    Posted by Richard on December 15, 2022

    Light and easy to carry all day long. Autofocus is great. I have had no problems with it.

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    Great all around camera

    Posted by Krupica on December 14, 2022

    Great second camera to my Z7ii.Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Started to use with the provided kit lens, but shortly switched to 18 to 140/3.5-6.3 Excellent travel and all around system. enjoy very much. Strongly recommend.

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    Handy and Fun

    Posted by Huff on December 12, 2022

    I've really enjoyed this camera. To be fair I was concerned about not having an EVF. However the screen being able to articulate really makes this tiny camera a joy to shoot with. The light weight design and figged exterior still feels like a Nikon in the hand. Being able to program the buttons to match my other bodies makes it easy to pick up and run with as well. I've already won awards for photos taken with the camera even though my main reason for purchasing it was for video. The video renders nicely and looks great on screen. Honestly. I can't really find fault in this camera.

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    Posted by Rakos on December 4, 2022

    A really great camera for video shooting. Good iso performance, good focus, VR, stabilization, amazing screen and lightweight. But PLEASE FIX the overheating problem. You are making the camera unusable for creators.

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    Posted by Kahl on November 26, 2022

    Autofocus needs to be fixed. I have the z50 and the autofocus is 10 times better and stable than the z30. Please fox in a firmware update.

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    Great camera for beginners

    Posted by Howze on November 8, 2022

    I purchased this camera for content creation and Youtube videos. I absolutely LOVE it. Right out of the box, I was able to get quality images and video. I only use it on AUTO mode right now, but I am not disappointed at all. I do recommend watching the course to take advantage of some of the settings if you are a newbie.