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Packed with the features creators, vloggers and streamers want. Crisp, clean 4K video that will help you stand out. A flip-out touchscreen to keep you in front of the camera. Fast, reliable autofocus, crystal clear audio, creative in-camera filters and convenient controls—all in a compact, lightweight package that will inspire your best work yet.
The Z 30 One Lens Kit pairs the compact, lightweight Z 30 creator-ready camera with the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens. The NIKKOR Z 16-50mm lens offers a versatile wide zoom range and VR image stabilization built-into the lens; and quiet operation, making it ideal for video.
The Z 30 Two Lens Kit pairs the compact, lightweight Z 30 creator-ready camera with both the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR, a compact lens with a wide zoom range and the NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR, a lightweight telephoto zoom. Both lenses feature VR image stabilization built into the lenses; along with quiet and fast focusing, making them ideal for capturing video.
The Z 30 Creator's Kit pairs the compact, lightweight Z 30 creator-ready camera with the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens which offers a versatile zoom range, VR image stabilization built-into the lens and quiet operation, making it ideal for video. Also included is the Nikon ML-L7 Bluetooth® Remote Control, RØDE VideoMicro™ Microphone II and SmallRig Tripod Grip that can hold the ML-L7.
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  • 5

    Good little camera

    Posted by Jay Lozier on December 24, 2023

    This is nice little camera for stills and very nice video camera

  • 5

    I like new but....

    Posted by George Jacob on December 12, 2023

    I like the speed of the new cameras and this one is a pleasure to use. I am a long time "viewfinder" guy but I am getting used to using the display especially since using pocket cameras. A little difficult in bright sun but guess I will lean to deal. Miss the flash though. Yes, cameras are fast in natural light but I often use daylight fill. I will pay for a viewfinder, flash and battery charger. Give us the option! They can't cost that much!

  • 5

    small but mighty

    Posted by Anonymous on October 21, 2023

    I bought this as a pocket camera to take in the concerts when they don't allow cameras other wise I use my z6 or my 780 but this camera is doing a fine job

  • 4

    No charger included!

    Posted by Don Lajevic on September 6, 2023

    Camera is great. Nice compact size. Images are very crisp with accurate color. I use it with 14-30 f4 and 24-70 f4 lenses. My only gripe is nikon does not include a charger for this battery only a charging cable to be plugged into a computer USB port. None of the manuals indicate if a non-nikon 5V/2.4A wall charger can be used instead of a computer. I guess I'll need to buy the Nikon wall charger!

  • 5

    High quality; amazingly feature rich

    Posted by Dan Foster on September 1, 2023

    I bought two Z30s primarily for video work (most of my paid camera work is videography, not still photography.) It was, at least for me, the first small, real camera that ticked all the boxes for my needs:Light, small, discreet, *no absurd 29m 59s lawyer-limit on video clip length.* Powers and charges over USB, (critical on long video shoots.) Clean HDMI out.Oftentimes, my two Z30s are the static shots in a three camera shoot—we can shoot in 4K, zoom and pan in post.When I’m manning a Z30 for video, I use its Small Rig cage so I can mount smooth zoom wheels, pull focus, etc. Still light, small, easy to deploy.But there’s so much more. Nikon has packed the Z30 with amazing capability for video and stills. Customizable buttons, three recall memories, customizable info screens and menus.I bought these for video, but now they have become my favorite travel cameras as well. Once I customized for the way I like to shoot, I was amazed to discover all it can do.I’m far sighted, so for stills, it’s challenging to shoot well without a viewfinder. Since I can’t adjust a diopter, I tend to use reading glasses so I’ll not trying to hold the Z30 as far from my face as my arms will stretch. So perhaps obviously, on the rare occasions I’m paid to shoot sports, action, or wildlife, I lug my Z8, big glass, and sometimes even a tripod and gimbal. (Of course all that gear is like ten times the weight of a Z30 with an Z DX 18-140 f/3.5-6.3.)For the price (and even way above), the size, the weight, the Z30 is untouchable for the eclectic work and hobby video and photography I do.

  • 5

    Best starter camera for content creation & photography

    Posted by Jacob Boroos on August 1, 2023

    An excellent choice for a starter camera for photography and videos. The camera itself can be used as a webcam for online but then a compact beast for photos. It can take videos in 4k30fps, 1080p60 and so much for slow-mos if you are into that. This was my first choice for a camera starting off because of the durability and protection it has, especially conpared to its competitors (like the Sony EV-Z10). The display screen has a higher resolution than its competitors so what you see on that is what you'll see when you take the picture or taking video. The handgrip for holding the camers is way more ergonomic so it fits and holds better in hand. I also want to talk about how the menu/settings for this mirrorless camera couldn't have been better. Yes, some other brands might have a teeny tiny bit more options, but it can tend to be more confusing depending on your experience level. But overall, even with higher experience the menu/settings is very user friendly and gets the job done, and done well. The battery lasting longer would be nice but its not a deal breaker, or at least for me. It gets about 3hrs battery life which is more than enough for what I use mine for. (I use mine for streaming, vlogging, environmental photos/cars)Along with this camera, the support for Nikon for questions and everything has been outstanding. Registering this on Nikons website will give you access to a free video to help you understand more about the Z30 as well which was handy. Overall, I have no complaints and would definitely buy another if it came down to it.

  • 5

    Z30: Small but Powerful

    Posted by John DeLuca on July 19, 2023

    I love the small size and high performance of the Z30. It's amazing in low lighting conditions and the flip out screen is much better than the other brands in this price range.

  • 5

    A great second or even first camera

    Posted by Thomas Nedreberg on July 7, 2023

    I have a D780 and D750 so I bought the Z30 to be a travel camera and to do video/podcasts. I love it. Besides being small and lite, it's fast, takes great pictures even in auto mode, has good color balancing, and uses the familiar Nikon settings. I can use my other lenses on it with the FTZII adapter with no loss of quality. For me it's a great third camera but is my first mirrorless camera and I'm really impressed.

  • 5

    Very capable camera/kit, highly recommended

    Posted by Eduardo Palazuelos on June 21, 2023

    I wanted a small camera in my bag to go along with my full-frame camera, it had to be small, light, and simple to use. The Z30 is all of that and much much more. The photo quality is amazing, I don't care that this camera is marketed for "creators" (a.k.a. vloggers), I am just using it to "create" still photographs and this camera has a very good sensor for that, with good dynamic range and great color, plus, the B&W mode is quite nice. The small 16-50 kit is also good, and very sharp at all focal lengths. I highly recommend this camera/kit.