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Welcome to the next frontier of extreme-resolution photography. Powered by its Nikon-designed full frame back-side illuminated (BSI) image sensor with no optical low-pass filter, the D850 delivers 45.7 megapixels of pure resolution across a staggering dynamic range and at speeds up to 9 FPS. With remarkable advancements across the board—autofocus, dynamic range, sensitivity, Speedlight control, battery life, shutter and mirror drive mechanisms, Silent Photography in Live-View mode, focus shift capability and more—this is quite possibly the most impressive, well-rounded DSLR yet.
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    D850 worth every penny no regrets

    Posted by David Palmer on July 27, 2021

    Best wildlife camera ever. Once I paired it with an en-el18c it came up to 9fps just amazing. I really love this body with Nikon 500mm f/4 PF. Just right to carry for fast birding and lots of other moving critters.I also carry a couple of wide primes to never miss a landscape. Handles like my D500 which makes them the perfect pair. Never a moments trouble and yes these cameras get a lot of use in challenging environments. Lots of wetlands. I a nutshell D850 is worth every penny

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    Best DSLR I have owned

    Posted by Joseph A Cottone sr on March 27, 2021

    I own this camera for a few years now and can tell everyone that its a great camera, usable in very possible shooting scenario, the phots have all range from very good to excellent.

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    The Perfect Nikon Body

    Posted by MICHAEL SMITH on January 2, 2021

    If you are a professional or serious armature and care about quality images, the D850 is the perfect body. I purchased this body about 3 years ago, and have not had any regrets. If quality and versality is your desire, I highly recommend this body. I am not a professional photographer, however I have been a fan of Nikon products for some time, starting with the Nikon FE - posted 1/3/21

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    D850, Still the absolute best DSLR!

    Posted by Christopher Farlowe on December 4, 2020

    Everything that I wanted to find in a camera....versatility, speed, superb ergonomic design and what's more, it's a Nikon! Need I say more? Ok, I will....I am not a pro, however I studied, I listened and learned, while I scratched & clawed until I could afford this camera and I have no regrets. I did get lucky when I made my purchase, the D850 was on sale and included a free Nikon MB-D18 battery grip. I know that isn't the norm, but I would have saved to get it because of the added performance and usability. This is an outright great camera and still to this day has factors of photography uses that mirrorless systems (as great as these are) are not designed to be used. I look forward to what Nikon innovates, building on what the D850 can and does do, plus Nikon's implementations in the mirrorless systems! Bravo Nikon!

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    Posted by arash khosravi on October 26, 2020

    the best dslr camera

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    My best camera

    Posted by RichM on April 23, 2020

    The D850 is the best camera I have owned! Fast. Great in low light environment. Worth the investment. Still getting to know its features but always a fun experience in photography. Kudos and thanks.

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    great piece of equipment

    Posted by HighCountry57 on April 8, 2020

    I just love this camera, picture quality are second to none, focus is very fast. I am still learning everything this camera can do.

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    The D850 is pretty close to perfect!

    Posted by fishnmusician on March 9, 2020

    I shoot mostly sports and some auto and aviation. The D700 was my primary camera but I always wished for more frames and ISO. Well, this camera is pretty close. Resolution, ISO and 9 frames per second. Obviously, resolution is what strikes me the most. When I need to do some serious cropping, I´m not disappointed with grainy/fuzzy results. This is basically the camera for all seasons unless of course you´re able to justify the $6 grand for a D5 or 6. Enjoy.

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    You Have to Buy This One!!

    Posted by MajorG on March 9, 2020

    I have owned Nikon DSLRs, beginning with the D3000 to the D500. Honestly, I thought the D500 would be my last camera - it is so amazing, especially with FX/Full-Framed Lenses! I purchased the D850 because of all the great reviews, photos and of course the 46MP. If you cannot afford to purchase the D850, at least buy the D500. However, it is my opinion that the new Nikon D850 is worth Every Penny/Dollar. I could go on for hours about how it feels in my hands to the amazing photos it produces. The models I shoot have clearly seen a major increase in the improved quality. I am so glad I waited to make the D850 my first full-framed Professional Camera!!