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Comfortably and easily create beautiful 16 MP photos and 1080p Full HD videos, then share your photos instantly with a compatible smartphone or tablet. Flip-up the tilting LCD display and zoom in with the power of a 40x optical zoom/80x Dynamic Fine Zoom (an enhanced digital zoom that effectively doubles the reach) super telephoto NIKKOR ED glass lens with Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR). Enjoy easy menus and controls, fun creative effects and outstanding automatic operation, all in a beautifully designed, comfortable super zoom camera.
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    SnapBridge APP Pairing Problems

    Posted by Dalton Lightfoot on July 12, 2022

    SnapBridge DOES NOT CONNECT to Nikon Coolpix B500. Exits pairing before pairing is completed on IPhone. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OR FIX THE APP? So frustrating!Until it is fixed, you'll get hafe-rated.

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    Blurry....all the time

    Posted by John John on June 26, 2022

    Not one photo ever comes out in focus. Shutter release is painfully slow. I have been a nikon customer my whole life..Z6, D500, D610 and D5100...This camera is worthless. Don't waste your money

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    B500 will not connect to iPhone 13 Pro Max via SnapBridge

    Posted by JP H on April 9, 2022

    Great little camera and very happy with it over past several years. Software was hit and miss on my android. Upgraded to new iPhone expecting improvement and now software won't even pair with the iPhone. Installed firmware 1.5 and running latest SnapBridge version 2.8.3 on new iPhone 13 Pro Max. It shouldn't be this difficult. Looks like it's back to wires and card swapping. 5 stars for the camera, 0 for the software.

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    More functionality needed.

    Posted by Robert Pfeifer on March 19, 2022

    This camera would be so much better if it had manual settings. Canon, Lumix, Sony, and even Kodak have similar cameras but are better because they have manual exposure settings. If you included manual exposure settings and the ability to shoot RAW this camera would be a best seller. As it is, it isn't even as good as a phone.

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    COOLPIX B500....Almost a perfect camera

    Posted by Walter on November 10, 2021

    I own a Nikon D5100 and a COOLPIX B500 and while I love my D5100 the COOLPIX B500 has slowly become my go to camera. It is compact, light weight and travels well, plus it takes awesome photos. It has all the features I need and is easy to use. While I really enjoy using the B500 there are a few improvements that would make this a perfect camera. These would be a view finder, a fully articulating viewing screen like the D5--- series cameras have and moving the record button to a different location so it does not interfere with thumb placement on the rubber thumb rest pad. Other than that the B500mia almost perfect!

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    We love our Nikon Coolpix B500!

    Posted by DELORES JOHNSON on June 3, 2021

    I don't understand some of the low reviews and the trouble they had. I bought this camera for my husband. We took a trip to Ireland...didn't know much about cameras or photography. This was the perfect camera!!! We love it so much that we are buying one for our grandson for his birthday this year. We were amazed at how well it did. We always carry an extra pack of batteries but we took almost 2,000 pictures before we had to put in new batteries. We have actually watched youtube videos to learn more about what this camera can do. We tried taking moon shots & did okay. Then we found something on the menu that says use this setting for moon shots. We got some fantastic moonshots. You can see craters and spots really clearly. Our pictures from Ireland were so good we have framed many and they look professional. We really can't say enough good things about the camera. Any trouble we have had was because of our lack of knowledge. After researching we were able to fix every problem.

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    Great Camera for taking photos

    Posted by Thomas Molina on April 9, 2021

    I have had this great camera for about going on 2 weeks now and from the very start i have had the most enjoying expierence with it. I dont know all the features just yet and i am not a expert on handling the whole camera but of what i do know so far, I couldnt be happier with it. I already started downloading my pics from the app straight to my phone which i truly enjoy. I love taking photos of anything and anyone and so far my pics have been turning out great. Couldnt have made a better choice when i bought my camera. I LOVE IT!!!

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    I like the camera though,takes nice pictures.

    Posted by Tana Foucault on April 2, 2021

    Will not turn on.Bought this camera a few weeks ago and it worked fine,but for some reason it will not turn on now,anyone every have this problem?And if so what did you do?

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    Posted by Buyonga Mike on March 29, 2021

    Its a great one, i connect to snapbridge app and i do anything i want!