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Comfortably and easily create beautiful 16 MP photos and 1080p Full HD videos, then share your photos instantly with a compatible smartphone or tablet. Flip-up the tilting LCD display and zoom in with the power of a 40x optical zoom/80x Dynamic Fine Zoom (an enhanced digital zoom that effectively doubles the reach) super telephoto NIKKOR ED glass lens with Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR). Enjoy easy menus and controls, fun creative effects and outstanding automatic operation, all in a beautifully designed, comfortable super zoom camera.
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  • 5

    It´s an amazing beginner camera!

    Posted by IloveThem on April 20, 2020

    For the time I have had the COOLPIX B500, I have loved almost everything about it. I´ve only been taking pictures for a couple of years now, so I´m still learning. The picture quality was really good but like other cameras the farther you go the more ´fuzzy´ it gets. The options that you get with it is a great way to really get to know how to take a great picture. The movable screen has saved my on many occasions with taking a picture on a difficult angle. The only thing I had problems with is sometimes my camera won´t turn on. It has happened to me more than I like but other than that I´ve really enjoyed this product. I recommend this for anyone who is getting into photography or wanting to try it out.

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    Beautiful moon photography

    Posted by Kristen on February 28, 2020

    I bought this camera to take to Europe with me in April. I love that it takes standard batteries. In the meantime of travel, I´ve discovered the moon setting. I´ve captured some of the most beautiful moon pics I´ve ever seen. It is very easy to hold as I have small hands but long fingers. The clarity of the pictures is really great too. I´ve recommended this camera to several people

  • 5

    Easy, amazing price,

    Posted by Warden on January 17, 2020

    I´ve captured our families sporting events the pictures are clear looks like a professional photographer tok them and not myself lol

  • 4

    Takes great pictures and videos!!

    Posted by PITA on January 1, 2020

    The only reason I gave this camera 4 stars instead of five, is because SnapBridge doesn´t work with IOS 13.1, and to be honest that is one of the main reasons I purchased it, is so I could transfer the photos and videos to my IPhone, instead of having to use my home computer every time, but after purchasing I found out it won´t work with IPhones using IOS 13.1, and I have read several reviews with people complaining about this, and Nikon claims their working on a firmware update to fix this, but as of yet nothing has been done!! It´s really to bad because this little camera takes great photos, and videos, it´s really easy to use, has a auto setting for photos, and videos, that I have found is the best setting to use on the camera to take the best photos in all situations, I spent two days reading the whole manual, and there is a unlimited amount of settings you can change, but after playing around with different settings, I found that the best photos and videos, are taken using the auto setting.

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    Hurry up and get the upload to SnapBridge fixed!

    Posted by Oldbones on December 27, 2019

    Other than not being able to upload pictures to SnapBridge for IOS app it is a good starter camera

  • 3

    Beware of WiFi and IOS 13.1.3

    Posted by KateNikonCoolpix on December 8, 2019

    This camera will not connect as advertised. They will keep us posted to a fix but currently not what I had expected. Will re-write a review if and when the fix is in and it works. Currently disappointed in the camera.

  • 5

    Greatest camera ever!

    Posted by ALASKABOUND on November 17, 2019

    Way more exciting and better than words could ever say! This little bundle of joy has it all. Want to capture the eye of an eagle across the canyon, it can do it! Want to take a portrait and add effects, it can do it! Anything I have tried to do with it, I´ve been able to do. We are heading to Alaska and cannot wait to take this light-weight package of high-tech imagination with us. Anyone who wants a fantastic camera without the heavy weight should purchase this one. We have the upper model already, but all the gear that goes with it and the heavy weight, preclueded taking it on this trip.
    Thank goodness we found our COOLPIX B500!

  • 5

    Sweet camera. Cool color.

    Posted by Artied2 on September 12, 2019

    This might sound weird, but the primary reason I picked this was because of the color. This was a birthday present for my wife. I knew she didn´t want basic black. She loves it. It´s a deep wine-ish burgundy. But the ergonomics are great too. We´re older folk and this thing fits in our hands perfectly.

    Did I mention that it takes great pics? We love this thang.

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    The perfect travel camera

    Posted by ProfessionalMimi on August 6, 2019

    I´m a longtime fan of Nikon cameras. I grew weary of toting around a camera bag a long time ago, and “traded down” to a small point and shoot. They have their place, but I wanted more control and functionality without the luggage of multiple lenses. My research led me to the B500 which is a wonderful solution! In just a few weeks I´ve been thrilled with the images I´ve captured. The price is right, and the Nikon quality that I value is apparent. Thank you for creating exactly the camera I needed.