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The PROSTAFF name is synonymous with dependable, rugged optical tools. The new PROSTAFF 5 binocular line lives up to its name with multi-click, turn-and-slide rubber eyecups, long eye relief, waterproof/fogproof performance and a lightweight and rugged, yet sleek and comfortable body.
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    Clear, light weight, tough, and comfortable

    Posted by T.Gomez on October 16, 2017

    These binoculars are comfortable in hand with the built in hand cups. They are so light you won't even know they are on you. I spotted points on a mule deer at over 1200 yards away before working into 100 yards and harvesting him. In my home state of Washington we have a 3 point minimum for mule deer state wide so it is important my binoculars are clear. These binoculars are CRYSTAL CLEAR and the 10x zoom power is perfect for hunting out West here. I now wear glasses and the adjustable eye piece caters to both eye glasses wearers and non eye glass wearers a like. Nikon hit a HOMERUN with these binoculars. I will never buy anything but Nikon products EVER again in my life. After 23 years of hunts I can tell you if you want to save money and get professional quality with a great warranty, BUY NIKON!

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    Great product but lenses covers will not stay on.

    Posted by Hiker79 on July 24, 2016

    These do exactly what I needed them for, wildlife watching. My only problem is that the eye piece covers fall off. I keep my binoculars around my neck hiking. I am frequently on dusty trails and sometimes scrambling over rocks and brambles. I would like to have my binoculars protected. I have seen other reviews with the same complaint. Nikon should have a replacement that will stay on. These fall off in the case.

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    Superb for the price

    Posted by Stargazer50 on June 4, 2015

    The ProStaff 5, 10x42 binoculars are among the best I've used for general viewing and casual astronomy. Despite not having ED optics or phase coatings on the prisms, this product delivers a sharp, flat field that is exceptionally wide at over 50 degrees (apparent) for 10x. Look at a distant power line. In most binoculars, moving the image of the line from the center to the top or bottom of the field will show an obvious curving of the wire. This aberration is very slight, if noticeable at all, in the ProStaff 5. Also, if you focus on an object at the edge of the field and move the object to the center, it remains focused. This isn't the case for all binoculars. This binocular is light, easy to handle, and the eye-relief is sufficient for eyeglass wearers (though scratches, dirt and dust on your eyeglasses will scatter the light and degrade the clarity of the image in high contrast views). The 3-level adjustable eye-cup is a great feature. All-in-all, having used many types and brands of binoculars, and knowing a little about optical performance, I would definitely give these 5 stars - especially considering the reasonable cost. You MIGHT do a little better optically with ED lenses and phase coated prisms, but you WILL pay considerably more. Thanks for reading.

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    Great binoculars for the price!!!

    Posted by Ajaja on March 6, 2015

    I bough these are a back up and for trips in Africa. After spending glossing all day in a very bright day in London, I can can say that I am very pleased with the quality of the optics and even better the way they feel in the hands.

    I wear glasses and had no problems with eye relief 10/10

    Contrast/ brighteness could have been a bit better but hey these are not phase coated or ED glass!!

    Colour fidelity is near accurate and very vibrant colours.

    I do like the way they look and they are well suited for my big hands not too small and not too big.

    Overall, these are a great binos that will certainly bee touring Africa a lot.

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    Good, but not amazing.

    Posted by Cinnamon on January 17, 2015

    I have taken these out on two outings so far. I can only comment on my initial impressions. They are fairly easy to hold for extended periods (say, 1-2 minutes of birdwatching) and the image was amazingly bright. I chose the 10x42 specially for the clearer images at dusk and dawn.

    My only complaint is that I noticed some color distortion. For those who use glasses or other optics normally, you've undoubtedly noticed that reds and blues can shift from a normal white light image. You get that with these and it can be a bit distracting. I did notice, however, that these were particularly bright for moon and star gazing.

    Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase. These were better than the 4 other things I tried, two of which were much more expensive.