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The MONARCH 7 10x30 features the superior optics, dynamic handling and rugged performance that are necessary to make it renowned among outdoor enthusiasts. The latest optical innovations and top-of-the-line features are rolled into one – making the MONARCH 7 10x30 the total package.
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  • 5

    Great binoculars for me!

    Posted by stevessf on December 8, 2019

    I needed binoculars that were compact, quality built and rugged, and this fits the bill perfectly for me. Will be going on a 17 day vaca. in Alaska and needed 10x binos that were easy to handle, allowed ample light in and had a good field of view also. Will be carrying these binos in a backpack with my camera and plenty of accessories. Very happy with the value of these Nikon Monarch 7 10x30 binoculars. They blow away any binos I had in the past.

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    Great Binoculars

    Posted by Nikonuser3 on July 25, 2018

    These are my go to binoculars for hunting. I haven't had any issues with them so far!
    I took them on a hunting trip in the fall and they came in very handy.

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    Sharp, Clear

    Posted by Rich on May 11, 2018

    I wanted a smaller lighter weight pair of bins that came in with 10x. I bought these in May 2018. These fit the bill. Been with Nikon camera systems since 1967 and into photography 59 yrs. I know what it means to own good glass. These are sharp and have a decent FOV for being 10x-30 and are very fast for acquiring your subject. When I grab them in my right hand my index finger naturally lands right on the focus ring and I have my subject in focus in less than 3 seconds. The view is very clear which makes all the difference in you ability to see detail in your view. Yes you could buy higher end bins that cost as much a 7 times the price but I doubt you would get 7 times more quality out of them. These bins are very bright as well. Nikon did its work and came up with a outstanding product here at a great price point. The build quality top notch and what you would expect from Nikon. For nature hiking and travel I believe you need look no farther. Just buy em!

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    Best Glass Around Period!

    Posted by Sawwhetowls on March 31, 2018

    Admittedly, we were Nikon Birding Prostaff, but since the Birding Prostaff
    no longer exists, I think it is fair to say that we are quite objective about
    what optics we purchase. We bought these mainly for use while kayaking,
    but have found that they are so bright and clear, easy to hold, and lightweight
    we pack them all the time instead of our much heavier "better" more expensive
    EDG bins. We could use any binocular honestly, but we find this pair of bins
    is the one we are most likely to carry with us EVERYWHERE! We bird, we
    seek out and photograph dragonflies and damselflies and these bins are our
    true choice in optics for the field. If we need something a little larger, we go for
    the Monarch 7 8x42. That is just one step up from these weightwise and have
    the quality and edge to edge clarity we demand from a binocular.

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    Sharp, contrasty, bright, but flawed

    Posted by Archer on February 6, 2016

    I have used my new 10X30s for 3 weeks. Focus is VERY critical, but the image is outstanding...when you can see it! Mine glare over with the slightest provocation. Getting your eyes situated without getting glare is often impossible. At dusk, the binocs are virtually unusable as the slightest contrast between light and dark areas glares over the image. It almost feels like the optics are just pushed too far. I own 2 Leica binocs (8X20s and 10X50s) and Nikon pro camera gear. I am very experienced with optics and their use. If these Nikons are not defective (but for the glare they are outstanding, image wise) they are so uncomfortable to use as to render them unacceptable. Mine will likely go back to the seller. A real disappointment since there is nothing else close to this price, and I sure cant afford a 3rd set of Leicas!.

  • 5

    Monarch 7 10 x 30

    Posted by KMH on December 15, 2014

    As a small lady I needed a light weight Sport optics for hunting and bird watching, I needed clarity and the power. I found what met my requirements with the Nikon binoculars. I checked two other brands and the Nikon, for the price was the best buy for my money.