MH-65 Battery Charger

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Battery charger for rechargeable EN-EL 12 Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery.
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    Love the extension cord!

    Posted by KodachromeMax on June 2, 2017

    I love the extension cord feature. This allows me to (1) not hog valuable outlet space, and (2) I can have the charger readily accessible sitting on my desk (no crawling around to the nearest outlet). Some others complain about this feature claiming for one that it adds to bulk to the otherwise light weight travel package. I don´t carry an AC charger on hikes - it stays back at the hotel or vehicle. I simply hike with two batteries and one is typically all I ever need.

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    Great Charger

    Posted by PhotoNick on May 16, 2017

    Unlike the other reviews, I love that this charger has a cable. I can snake the cable to an outlet and sill have the actual charger up on the desk so I can easily get to it without crawling around the floor. I also don´t have to worry if some power brick is going to take up too much space and prevent me from using all the outlets.

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    Poor Travel Charger

    Posted by Keats on April 1, 2015

    Cord is too heavy and too long. I cut it and made it short.

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    MH-65 Battery Charger

    Posted by Traveller on March 27, 2013

    I just received the Nikon AW100 as a gift. How disappointing to find that the battery charger that came with the camera does not just plug into the wall but has a long cord instead. Definitely not travel friendly. Most definitely needs to be redesigned.

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    Tragic Design

    Posted by Nikon Fan on January 27, 2013

    I just purchased the Coolpix AW100 and it came with this charger. The camera ROCKS but this charger is enough to make me question Nikon´s thinking as to the ´´entire package. The cord is six feet long. A good charger design plugs right into the outlet with flip-out prongs. Why did Nikon pair such a well designed camera with such an outdated charger. Now, I get to go and purchase a third party charger that makes sense - NO power chord. Nikon needs to take a cue from Apple. If it is in the box, get it right! In this case, they got it all wrong. I have (and love) a Nikon D7000 - it has the right kind of charger to go along with a killer camera. At work I shoot the D3X. Sorry Nikon, I will take a closer look at your point and shoots in the future before I buy. Grrrrrrr.

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    Not good for travel

    Posted by Colorado Kid on October 13, 2012

    Why the humongous cord?? People who purchase this battery charger need to realize there is a big, fat, 6 foot long, heavy appliance cord that is thick as (or even thicker than) an extension cord that is needed to plug this charger into the outlet. It does NOT have prongs contained in the charger itself, like chargers I´ve had for other cameras. It doesn´t fit into my little camera accessory bag, doesn´t even fit into the inside pocket of my carry-on! Why can´t Nikon build a charger with the prongs built in, or at least use the same cord as is used to charge the battery inside the camera. Not very convenient for travel. There are other options that DO have the outlet prongs built into the charger. No, it is not Nikon OEM, but works just fine. The output from the Nikon MH-65 is 4.2V, 700mA. Just get a non-Nikon charger designed for the EN-EL 12 battery with similar specs so you don´t blow out your battery. I have used one made by Wasabi that has the prongs that fold into the charger itself, plus has a compact 12V car charger and European plug adapter - all for a lower price than the Nikon charger. The output is 4.2V, 500 mA so it may take a bit longer to charge the battery, but will NOT harm the Nikon battery - in spite of Nikon´s claim that you need to use only the Nikon OEM charger. I use that one for travel and keep the Nikon one at home.

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    Posted by ADVENTURE ANNIE on July 23, 2012

    This battery charger for the AW100 camera is extreemly outdated and ill designed. The bulky, long power cord needed to make the charger work is just added weight and space to carry around. This charger should plug directly into the wall, like the one I use for a Fugitsu that I bought 3 years ago! Either redisign the rechargable battery charger, or better yet, just design the camera to use regular AA batteries that can be purchased easily all over the world!

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    What are Nikon thinking?

    Posted by Rick on May 14, 2012

    I too have recently bought the Nikon Coolpix 310 even though the in-camera charging option supplied with the box is ridiculously impractical. However, my rationale was that I could buy the external MH-65 charger, which I erroneously believed would function similar to many other camera chargers, i.e. plug directly into the wall. What was Nikon thinking? Any advantage of spending a lot of money on a small advanced camera is completely nullified by having to buy a charger and separate cord package that required an extra suitcase when traveling. I exaggerate of course, but the size and weight of the thing is ludicrous. I am taking the camera back and sticking with the much superior Canon S series camera (and charger!) that I have used previously.

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    Surprise burmese python size cord!

    Posted by Sarcasm helps me live on February 21, 2012

    Not pictured, there is a tremendous cord the size of a full grown python that you get to stuff in all your TINY CASES FOR YOUR LIGHT TRAVEL. Who needs convenience?? That´s for the weak. No, you get to carry extra stuff around. Packing light is just dumb.

    Then I did see the one with the USB port that attaches in the wall and charges the battery in the camera. Great for when you want to charge your extra battery and still go take pictures... Oh wait.... No it´s not.

    I love the camera, wondering why people who make waterproof cameras, can´t make a more convenient travel friendly wall charger that charges the battery outside the camera? I must be expecting way too much.