MB-D15 Multi Battery Power Pack

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The MB-D15 is a Multi-Power Battery Pack for the D7100.
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    Doesn´t deserve one star

    Posted by NuGuy on February 12, 2016

    One of THE most USELESS pieces of equipment that I have ever owned! Too one dimensional and does not work well with all of the different setting in the camera! I suggest spending less money on a paperweight that looks a bit better! Mine never has worked properly!! The focus point continues to have a mind of it´s own and starts moving and stops where it wants to!! Spend your money on something else!

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    Pro camera look at an affordable price

    Posted by Davidmichael on July 11, 2015

    I´ve had the MB-D15 a couple of years now and am glad to have it with me when I´m out all day photographing knowing I don´t have to worry about missing a shot because I have to change the battery. It has helped me last through a day of sports and corporate events. I like how the controls of the camera grip are also on the battery grip with the command dials, multi selector, and AE/AF lock. When the MB-D15 is attached to the camera, they feel solid as if one piece. The grip feels secure like it won´t slip off my hand.

    If you plan on holding your camera vertically for prolonged periods, the MB-D15 makes vertical shots more comfortable to take while being able to hold the camera steadier. Of course not the mention the cool look of a pro-camera without the pro-camera cost.

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    Overpriced but totally works

    Posted by OttawaNikonFan on April 23, 2015

    Tried some third-party cheap imitations, very unsatisfactory. Bit the (expensive) bullet, got this, and it´s perfect, fits properly, no electrical problems, works with all my AAs and Nikon´s EN-EL15. Heavier and feels more sturdy than the clones. Wish I´d got this first.

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    Excellent product

    Posted by Samsezcool on January 3, 2015

    I purchased this product just before one of my vacation trip with out having no idea this cud be a life savior. I have run through out 2-3 days with out charging my batteries coz of this additional back up i got. Also this has given my D7100 an additional look and great balance for bigger lens. Totally awesome product.

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    Ergonomique, fiable et solide.

    Posted by Phil on January 19, 2014

    Très bon accessoire qui devient vite indispensable.
    Affichage des collimateurs pas toujours facile si l´on appuie trop vite sur le déclencheur en position verticale.
    Dommage qu´on ne puisse pas mettre deux batteries dans ce grip !

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    An Excellent Addition.

    Posted by ENMcM on December 25, 2013

    I received this on December 24th 2013, and have not been able to put my camera (D7100) down since. Not only does it double the battery life but it balances the camera and makes vertical shots a lot easier and quicker to handle in light of the extra shutter release button but also the extra multi-selector and command dial. It also makes handling with my 70-300mm Zoom lens a lot more balanced. In case you have not realized already I am very pleased with this product. Before making the purchase I read extensively on reviews of this product and third party products, and took the overwhelming advise to go for the Nikon product. Although a bit more expensive I am finding it well worth the extra.

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    Solid quality, fits snug but a little pricey.

    Posted by Bursie on June 5, 2013

    This battery grip makes the D7100 look and feel amazing! The cost is somewhat high for a grip but you get what you pay for. The grip matches the body perfectly and the rubber has plenty of grip. The added buttons and joystick are well positioned for vertical handling. The grip fits snug with no play, and makes handling bigger lenses a treat. The only other gripe I have about the grip besides the cost is that you have to take the grip off to reach the spare battery.