DR-5 Screw-in Right Angle Viewfinder

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Provides an upright, un-reversed image for right angle viewing.
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    Copy Work

    Posted by Peter on November 24, 2021

    I got this to use for copy work, and it works well except that the focus of the eye piece is easy to knock, wish it had more 'friction' to it to keep where I have set it.

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    Terribly flawed design

    Posted by NikonCritic on January 9, 2018

    I´ve owned both the DR-5 and DR-6. I HATE the fact that it takes several minutes to attach the DR-5! Do you have any idea how many photo opportunities you miss during that time?

    At least with the DR-6 - you can slide it on and off in a second - but the incredibly annoying DR-5 requires you to partially disassemble the eyepiece of your camera - and expose the inside of your camera to dirt and moisture and dust! - and then you have to screw this darn thing on.

    Dear Nikon: please email me when you smarten up enough to change the design of this clunker enough that it doesn´t take so long to attach that I NEVER want to use it.

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    Do Not Use

    Posted by Anonymous on June 1, 2015

    I´ve used Rt. Angle Attachments for years from F3 to D7100 (DR-6). When I bought a D810, I needed the new DR-5. Used it once. Bumped the finder (barely) and the viewfinder on the camera broke off.

    The viewfinder on the D810 is secured with a tiny screw holding an extremely thin piece of plastic.

    Cost of camera repair $236.50. Out of stock on part. Delivery yet to be determined. (I could repair it with the correct part in less than 2 minutes.) I will never again attach the DR-5 to my D810. Too bad because ground level work can be critical for macro.

    The square finder on my D7100 is much, much better designed and built. The DR-6 will break, not the camera.

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    Some things to consider before purchasing

    Posted by Nikonic Photographer. on July 3, 2014

    I´ve had this viewfinder for just a few days and find it has excellent optics and works great once it´s installed. The previous reviews point out some caveats to consider before buying.

    I wanted to add one more: In order to install this viewfinder, you will need to remove the existing eyepiece on your camera which, on the D800 at least, exposes the eyepiece shutter and internal items behind the eyepiece glass. You then need to install the viewfinder adapter (included in the box) which has no glass to protect the internal mechanisms of camera. The viewfinder is then threaded onto this adapter.

    The entire process takes several minutes because you need to screw on the adapter and viewfinder carefully so as not to cross any of the threads. It´s not something you want to try in the field or in a dusty environment because you will contaminate the inside of the camera.

    It would have been so much better if the adapter had glass in it so as to protect the internal workings. This would also give the photographer the option of leaving the adapter on the camera rather than having to remove both eyepiece and adapter in order to use this device.

    Like a previous reviewer mentioned, this is not a clip on device you can slap-on on a whim.

    Once on the camera (whew), the viewfinder presents a very clear and well focused image to the eye. The option to magnify to 2X is welcome for examining details.

    I have yet to use the feature that allows you to turn the viewfinder to the 3 and 9 O´clock positions and I´m not certain under what conditions this feature will be used.

    I did get a very nice, low level, close to the water shot of a local pond, so overall, I´m happy with my purchase.

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    Especially Nice for Tall People

    Posted by DavidDC on June 29, 2012

    I´m very tall and this device is on my D700 almost all the time now, even when I carry it outdoors. I actually get better portraits with this thing because of the lower angle. Since I received it as a gift there has been a sudden improvement in my compositions. I highly recommend it.

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    Right Angle for Down and Low

    Posted by dmbNik on November 17, 2010

    Very solid build and easy to attach to my D700.
    I do a lot of micro photography and anyone doing micro work knows the subject is not always at a position that affords looking through the viewfinder; sometimes the object is just too low to the ground. The DR-5 allows for a better ´´Top Down´´ viewing and has a switch to select 1x or 2x magnification. The viewfinder rotates left or right for different view angles. The DR-5 has the ability to adjust to different eyesights with a twist.
    Notes to consider before purchase; This is a screw on unit - if you are looking for pop on pop off convenience this is not for you.
    Right Angle means Right Angle, 90 degrees. It would be better if it were slightly less than 90 degrees - 80 degrees or adjustable between 90 and 80. This would allow for a less than direct top down eye position. I rarely find my camera at 90 angle to the object when doing outdoor micro work. This unit is better suited for studio work.
    Using the 2x magnification feature will prevent you from viewing the camera´s metering system via the viewfinder as it cuts off the readout at 2x. Thus you will either need to switch back to 1x or take the meter reading first then switch to 2x for final focus, but 2x is a good thing. To note as well, is when using a flash along with the DR-5 this may present challenges using the viewfinder when it is positioned straight up behind the flash. This will place the viewfinder about 2.5 inches behind the flash. Having a SB900 mounted with the viewfinder is somewhat awkward. You can rotate the viewfinder to either side and position yourself to view from that angle. I use a SU-800 and do not have this issue since the SU 800 is short and stubby my flashes are not on the camera with my outdoor system (R1C1).
    All in all the DR-5 makes the down low angles possible without laying on the ground.