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Welcome to the next frontier of extreme-resolution photography. Powered by its Nikon-designed full frame back-side illuminated (BSI) image sensor with no optical low-pass filter, the D850 delivers 45.7 megapixels of pure resolution across a staggering dynamic range and at speeds up to 9 FPS. With remarkable advancements across the board—autofocus, dynamic range, sensitivity, Speedlight control, battery life, shutter and mirror drive mechanisms, Silent Photography in Live-View mode, focus shift capability and more—this is quite possibly the most impressive, well-rounded DSLR yet.
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    Nikon D850 ROCKS

    Posted by Kevin Donnelly on May 9, 2024

    I am not a professional photographer, in the sense that I do not make a living at it, however, I have been shooting for 48 years and the D850 is outstanding.

    I purchased this body November 2023 and took it with me on my last visit to India, getting back 5 days ago. In both high and low light conditions, it performed flawlessly.

    If there was a way to upload a photo, I would upload a shot taken just after sunset, where the crescent moon was at about 70 degrees, with the silhouette of a palm tree directly below, without a tripod, this photo was spectacular, tack sharp and not grainy...

    Other photos I took were tack sharp and rich in colour, in all settings used; whether manual or shutter and aperture priority.

    I used my Tamron 35-150mm f/2.8 for all shots taken with this camera since purchased new. I am very much looking forward to mounting my NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6 .

    I did notice and was surprised with the battery life in that I only took about 350 shots and needed to change the battery out. That being said, it might be due to both the WiFi and Bluetooth being active.

    Finally, I found SnapBridge to be a little slow and clumsy to use. However, for as much as I would use it, this is really a non-issue.

    Overall, this camera, the features and the ease with programing, the photo quality and more, is simply amazing.

    Of all the Nikon models I have owned, this camera outperforms all the others, hands down.

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    Posted by ALVARO PAYAN on March 23, 2024

    one of the best dslr in history

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    Posted by ALVARO PAYAN on March 23, 2024

    one of the best dslr in history

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    Posted by Peter V on February 28, 2024

    Absolutely stunning! Easily the best camera I’ve ever owned.

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    Absolutely great pics very happy with it

    Posted by Ray miller on December 4, 2023

    Absolutely love it very satisfying great photos

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    Great product

    Posted by Inna on November 21, 2023

    I have worked as a photographer more then 10 years. I already changed three cameras. All my cameras was only Nikon (D3100, D7200, D750). Nikon D850 was my dream long time. And today my dream came true. High quality product, fast and reliable delivery. I am happy. Nikon is my love forever! Thanks Nikon.

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    Ready ro by my second one

    Posted by Bryan Pereira - Exposuretours.com on October 30, 2023

    Went from the D80 to D700 for years to 810 for a few months to the 850 which I shoot with daily. Always great quality. Recently used a Z9 and Z5 and much prefer a crystal clear Viewfinder on the D850 to the mirror less cameras that look like a vhs tape. If nikon invests in better lcd viewfinder technology rather then fps, Etc I will switch in the future

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    D850 - Great for Landscapes & Fast Moving Subjects even in Low light

    Posted by Robert on October 27, 2023

    D850 is an extremely precise high-resolution camera & getting the most out of the camera can be a little tricky. The camera will become your greatest critic and expose every mistake you make be it technique, exposure settings, etc. It will teach you to be a better photographer. I now get extraordinary results and with good glass, results are spectacular.

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    Still one of the best cameras available

    Posted by Marvellous D on September 19, 2023

    Despite the releases of so many new cameras, this camera still remains relevant and will continue to be. The ergonomics, the sensor, the image quality, the easy of use and availability of great lenses makes this a keeper.