CF-DC3 Soft Case

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Black, semi-soft case designed to protect select Nikon D-SLRs with a lens attached.
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    Camera Case

    Posted by Dorota on April 9, 2023

    Great quality and fits very comfortably.

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    Posted by Jim Howard on December 20, 2021

    My D7500 with the 18-140 mm lens fits perfectly in the case. Now my camera can be protected while traveling to and on the various trails in my area. A wise investment.

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    Perfect with 16-85 mm DX zoom ... Hidden Pocket

    Posted by Kirk on February 25, 2011

    My D7000 with a Nikon 16-85 mm DX zoom lens fits with just a little extra room in front of lens with filter and lens cap installed. Perfect. A surprise was a little pouch inside on the top. It´s just big enough for a few SD cards in their cases or a spare battery. The little pouch´s velcro end door flap didn´t want to close with the plastic cover installed on the battery, but with it off, the battery fits and the velcro end door flap closes just fine. Tight but fine. The little pouch is positioned just forward enough not to hit the camera body; and the pouch sits high enough to give plenty of clearance for the lens . Very nice. The case fits the camera body like a glove. The best way to get the camera out of the case is to hold the case around the lens area and let gravity slide the camera and lens out into your other hand. The case has a closing strap on one of the slots for the camera strap. You attach it with a snap device. You don´t have to use it but with it you can just slide your camera out and start shooting without worrying about where you set the case. It will just slide out of the way and stay on your strap. All in all ... a very well thought out design that provides a perfect fit case, with just the right weather resistance and padding for my camera and ´´walk-about´´ lens. A Must have.

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    nice looking case

    Posted by stitch 1 on September 19, 2010

    great for taking on hoilday or,
    a day out on the town ,or
    in your camera bag