AS-N1000 Multi Accessory Port Adapter

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The AS-N1000 Multi Accessory Port Adapter is a hot shoe adapter that lets you connect a wide range of accessories to the Nikon 1 V1, V2 and V3 digital cameras. Accessories that require a power supply can not be used.
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    Cannot trigger flash

    Posted by Racinette on October 2, 2015

    This adapter is only realy useful for holding a microphone. Contrary to another review, a flash mounted on this shoe cannot be triggered by a V1 or V3 camera because only the V2 has a pop-up flash. This is a cold shoe. Besides, a mounted flash inhibits the V2´s built-in flash from popping up enough to trigger another mounted flash.

    In other words, if you want to trigger a regular Nikon Speedlite (SB800 / 600 / 700...) you´re best to use a Nikon 1 speedlight that triggers a separate slave shoe that in turn triggers another flash -- that´s the safest and surest way to make sure an external flash can fire properly. You´ll have to shoot in manual on the on-camera flash, and M or (regular, non-TTL) auto on any other flash.

    Otherwise, you´d be better off with a tripod-mount-screw-on bracket

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    Works well with the SB900

    Posted by 4Photo on August 3, 2014

    Mount the SB900 in the cold shoe and put it in remote mode. Use the pop up flash as the commander.

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    Review of Nikon AS-N1000, Port Adapter

    Posted by PORSCHECARNUT on February 21, 2013

    This is a COLD SHOE adapter since you cannot trigger flashes, like the SB-900. It ha limited usefulness, especially since the Nikon website does not even have a picture of this. If there were a picture, almost no one would buy this.

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    Only a cold-shoe!

    Posted by RobbMann on November 27, 2012

    This is a nice camera system, but it desperately needs a hot-shoe adapter, or at least a cold-shoe mount with a PC-sync port. This accessory is strictly a cold-shoe adapter for mounting microphones or other cold-shoe accessories like leveling bubbles. Off-camera flash is critical in many applications, and using optical triggering is a method of last resort for most serious users of off-camera flash.

    Many reviews call this accessory a hot-shoe adapter, but that is not correct. Nikon itself does not describe what kind of shoe this is (hot/cold) I have one, and it is absolutely a cold-shoe adapter.