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The AN-CP19 is a Wrist Strap for select COOLPIX digital cameras.
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    Good one

    Posted by Nicabod on November 16, 2011

    This is not surprising; it´s using current technology, a thin, but very strong cord with a join to the strap that´s covered with molded plastic. The fabric strap is soft; not obvious whether woven, or something else. No doubt that it´s more than strong enough to do the job. Color is darkish grey with white ´´accents´´. Quality appears to be quite consistent with Nikon excellence.

    What really bothers me is people who attach straps to their nice cameras (even quite-costly ones!) and DON´T USE them! This, if you forgive my language, seems simply stupid.

    Other than the Coolpix AV100, if you drop a Nikon product a few feet onto concrete or any hard floor, its chances of survival are pretty poor. That´s not Nikon´s fault. Consequences are likely to be ´´beyond economical repair´´, as the phrase goes.

    Imho, any emotionally-mature, sensible person uses a strap! All it takes is one hard fall...