AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G

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Full Frame/FX-Format ultra-fast classic portrait lens with high picture quality, high performance, beautiful Bokeh (background blur) and outstanding reliability
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    Great lens for portraiture and most general photography endeavors.

    Posted by Ted Yannello on May 9, 2023

    This highly touted and universally praised lens by many professional as well as serious semi-professional photographers is a great addition to your arsenal of professional high-quality, general-purpose lenses. lenses. Wonderful at capturing minute detail sharply, it also depicts facial tones beautifully with the utmost clarity and sharpness. Renders a soft tone to facial complexions at the widest aperture where a smooth and beautiful bokeh is desired and where faster shutter speeds can be effectively employed. Auto focusing is fast, efficient, and virtually silent and this highly coveted lens, by many serious portrait photographers, is highly praised for its small size and weight and, as usual, Nikon build quality is superb. A top of the line lens you will undoubtedly want to turn to often and as your go to lens of choice for all your portraiture endeavors as well as most general photography needs.

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    Typically saves a day..

    Posted by Frutti on April 15, 2020

    Great for portraits, no VR, so I usually shoot at f2.2 and higher, if sharper images needed. Does not like a direct sun. Combining this one with D850, before 5600. Both good results. There is CA, can be easily removed in pp. Much better lens than 50 mm either 1.4 or 1.8., the 70-200 2.8 VR fl Ed also great.

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    Expected Quality Delivered by This Lens

    Posted by Guywhosenicknameistooshor on April 2, 2019

    After waiting, saving, considering, and studying, I finally chose this lens for my portraiture work over the 105mm lens and over competing brands of 85mm lenses. I was not disappointed at all. The lens is solidly built and delivers a sharp image from corner to corner. When I received it, I first did a careful autofocus calibration. I then used it for about three hours, photographing everything and everyone in sight and checking the results. The next day, I had a studio sitting with a client and used this lens exclusively. I am my own pickiest critic, but I was left with nothing but smiles as I reviewed the photos during post.

    I´ve seen comments about the weight of this lens, but I don´t notice the weight at all. It gives a perfect balance to my D810 and the focus ring does not inadvertently get hung up on my fingers when I shoot free-handed (no tripod). I´ve had that problem with other lenses, as the focus ring sits too close in towards the camera body. Not so with this lens.

    I couldn´t be more pleased with the sharpness of the images throughout the aperture range and with the ability to achieve very shallow depth of field at the widest aperture settings. My only limitation with this lens is that my studio dimensions make photographing family shots a bit difficult at this focal length. Good thing I didn´t go with the 105mm! I had been using my 24-70mm zoom for much of my portrait work, augmenting it with the 70-200mm zoom. This lens has quickly become the one I´m most attached to and I´m anticipating that I will be using it much more than the other two in the future.

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    My favorite lens!

    Posted by meowch on April 15, 2018

    This is hands down my favorite lens. It stays on my camera only to be taken off when I want to photograph a landscape (which is rare, I primarily photograph people). This lens does almost everything for me, so I´ve really cut back on my editing time, now it´s just color correcting and minor touchups for the most part. I recommend this lens to all my photographer friends. It is worth the money for sure!

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    Posted by andfireflies on November 9, 2017

    So let me start by saying that for the last 10 years I´ve been a Canon user. Not because I had a preference, simply because it´s what I started with and had enough of an investment in lenses I just stuck with it. With the release of the D850 being timed right around the time I was due for a body upgrade I decided to make the switch. This lens blows me away. I was impressed right from the moment I opened the box and saw the care and excellence of the packaging. The build quality is second to none and as for shooting all I can say is wow!!!!. I don´t have a moments regret about the switch to Nikon and I definitely have a preference now.

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    Absolutely Wonderful Lens

    Posted by TigerCatPhotography on May 17, 2015

    This lens is absolutely the best. Pick your parameter, pick your criteria. This lens will surpass any expectation you may have in terms of performance. Low lighting, bright lighting, indoors, or outside. I´ve matched it with a D-600 and the results have been fabulous. This is now my ´´walk-around´´ kit. for street/people photography. My clients love what I can do with this lens as well.

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    Sharpest yet.

    Posted by pauldefoto on March 13, 2015

    This Nikon 85mm AF-S f/1.4 G is one of, if not, the sharpest 85mm lens I own made for/by Nikon. My experience is limited with this lens. The frames shot prove it´s worth. Focus razor sharp, Fast low light ability. Although the construction was designed to lighten and cheapen the product careful handling makes it a non-issue. I would not want to drop this lens. Doesn´t work with my F type bodies. Over all worth every penny I spent for it. Research and compare, if you´re a Nikon user you may love this lens as I do.

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    This lens is great for making bokehlicious images!!!

    Posted by Davidmichael on October 26, 2014

    I´ve had the 85mm f/1.4G now for over a year and have been very satisfied with this lens. It was the second prime lens I purchased for my camera as I upgraded the gear in my bag and transitioned to prime lenses. My decision on the purchase was based on my wanting the focal length and desire for a fast lens. It was extremely useful photographing indoor sports using only available light.

    The focus is so sweet leaving the background bokehlicious at f/1.4. Stop down a bit to give a hint of the background or all the way to provide a sense of place without drawing attention away from the subject. The autofocus works fast enough as i photograph players on the court and most importantly for me - my dog having fun at the park or wherever we travel to.

    The 85mm f/1.4G is definitely worth purchasing for creating tasty images with delicious bokeh and crazy sharpness. The weight of all that glass is noticeable with it´s impressive real estate of 77mm ring size. I appreciate the balance of glass, metal, and plastic that it doesn´t feel burdensome to handle. I´ve used this lens a lot and it doesn´t spend time collecting dust so I find it to be a great purchase for me.

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    Great size and supper sharp !

    Posted by profoto on September 30, 2014

    I just received this lens yesterday after a six week wait due to a back order issue, however after using it for just one day it was well worth the wait. This lens so far is the best lens of this focal length that I have ever used. Great Lens!