AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR

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Capture thrilling close-ups of birds, wildlife, motorsports, athletes, performers, landmarks and other faraway subjects with this compact super telephoto zoom lens. Its fast f/5.6 constant aperture gives photos and HD videos beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds and lets you continue shooting while the light is fading. Vibration Reduction image stabilization keeps your shots sharp and steady and enhances low-light performance. Add an optional TC-14E series teleconverter and increase its zoom power 1.4x to a whopping 700mm on Full Frame/FX-Format DSLRs, 1050mm equivalent on APS-C size/DX-Format DSLRs (AF possible with teleconverters on DSLRs that offer f/8 support).
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    AF-S Mikkor 200-500,, f/5-6E ED VR

    Posted by Sybil Diana on March 15, 2024

    I'm very impressed with the performance. Just taking a bit to get accustomed to the weight, but loving the results.

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    Posted by Ken Hubal on February 20, 2024

    Superb lens when used with my D800/e. Outstanding sharpness and no chromatic aberrations. Any distortions present are automatically corrected by in camera processing or in post processing. I use mine primarily for birding and couldn't be more pleased with this lens' performance in my typically subdued lighting conditions.

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    Outstanding lens for bird & wildlife photography

    Posted by Ken Hubal on February 18, 2024

    Superbly sharp when used on my Nikon D800. Excellent VR allows me to capture most of my wildlife shots handheld and I usually leave my monopoly at home. This is a fairly heavy lens so those who are used to holding a large telephoto lens won't have any problems hand holding it. It does well in subdued lighting(dusk or dawn) and I've not experienced any issues with focus hunting, lens flare or ghost reflections when used near bright lighting. The lens performs very well at f5.6 and gets better when stopped down a couple of f-stops. There is little to no chromatic aberration and any geometric distortion at the extreme ends of its focal length are easily corrected in post processing. This is an excellent lens for bird/wildlife photography and one that will be in my camera bag for many years to come!!!

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    Superb lens paired with my Z9

    Posted by Theodore Hleba on November 8, 2023

    I hoped to snag the 180-600mm Z, but decided to give this lens a try and it has been nothing less than superb. Love it. Focuses fast, even in low light and yields great shots. These pictures were all taken around 1 hour before sunset with the sun dropping behind trees, and came out well. All were handheld w/o a monopod.

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    Versatile super-tele that gets the job done

    Posted by Hillwins Lee on May 29, 2023

    Powerful and versatile tool, at 2.3kg, it is quite possible to handheld it all day even with my Z9. I used this lens on the D7100 and Z9, it is sharp enough wide open for my purpose (nature photography). AF is a bit on the slow side but that's to be expected on a budget super tele. Owned the lens for 4+ years now, no issues whatsoever. One of the advantage of a zoom over prime is that sometimes you just need the 200mm when opportunity arises

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    Good Lens, Good Price....

    Posted by stafford on December 7, 2022

    Bought this refurbished from Nikon in November. So far it has proven to be a wise investment. I am satisfied with the decision to stick with the fixed aperture vs the variable one throughout the focal lengths. Not saying that's a terrible thing but I prefer the fixed. I bought this for wildlife, primarily birds. It will be going onto a Gimbal as it is quite heavy, especially attached to my D750...The VR helps tremendously when hand holding. All in all, if you're looking for a lens that is not going to break the bank or take half of your life savings to buy for birding, wildlife, etc this will suffice. Pictures I have been taking are sharp and clear with no Chromatic aberration, purple fringing, etc that I am seeing in them. AF is decent and keeps up with subject. The cons I would guess is the lens is not fully weatherproof, it is quite heavy and the zoom adjustment from 200-500 seems to take forever to get there, it takes me almost 2 full turns. Other than that, it's a great lens at a great price and I would highly recommend it.

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    Outstanding Wildlife and Sports Lens

    Posted by Kevin on October 18, 2022

    I primarily use this lens on my D780 for wildlife and sports photography. I'm amazed at the contrast and sharpest at all focal points and aperture settings including low light conditions. The materials of construction are top notch and have no issues with the lens. I'm considering a prime telephoto however with the performance of this lens, it's difficult to justify. I've uploaded a recent photo of a Bull Elk in the Chequamegon National Forest taken on a cloudy and rainy evening in very low light conditions at a distance of ~60 yards.

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    Lens works equally well on both DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

    Posted by HARVEY DUZE on April 6, 2022

    Since I did my last review of this lens, it has become my go-to for shooting a variety of images including wildlife, nature and sports. The photos of the kayaker, Sandhill Crane and Water Lilly show the versatility and perfect image quality this lens can provide. Recently, i have moved to using it on both my Nikon Z 7ii and Z 6ii. The lens works great on both, with no loss of sharpness and image quality. The photo of the two eagles was one of the first photos taken using the Z 7ii. The photo was shot hand-held, a testament to how well the VR works with this lens. Mounted on this camera, the lens while still on the heavy side is well balanced. Not being tethered to either a tripod or monopod allows for smooth panning with this camera-lens combination which is a big plus.Bottom line is that i have a high-quality super zoom telephoto lens which works equally well on both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

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    Sharpness that will make you smile.

    Posted by Dan Kinghorn on February 16, 2022

    I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get a third party lens to work on my D850... Thousands of tries and I was only getting focused images 10/100 of the time. I don't want to talk about my mistake with the 150-600mm lens. I want to say if you're still undecided about this lens with the D850 full frame body, be undecided no more! I'm a pixel peeper people. This lens will blow your mind! The consistent sharp focusing up close and far away is heaven sent. Thank you Nikon!