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The ACULON A211 10x42 binoculars are built with multi-purpose functionality and a lightweight, ergonomic design. These binoculars are perfect for those looking for extremely versatile, high quality, and economically priced optics.
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  • 5

    Great service

    Posted by Kann on October 10, 2022

    Had to have binoculars serviced . They were cooperative and fast .(rare these days) I think the old aculons were better but still pleased. I will buy more Nikon products after getting great service.

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    Great Binoculars!

    Posted by Frank Nicosia on May 21, 2022

    Great pair of binoculars! Use them for birding and down on the beach. Great clear optics for everyday use. Love how looking through trees you get a 3D look. Totally satisfied with my Nikon Aculon A211 10x42.

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    Good for beginners.

    Posted by Mustapha Marseille on May 11, 2021

    Good for beginners. It has plenty of brightness and zoom, which might be good for some.

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    Excellent Value Nocs

    Posted by Eddie on February 15, 2018

    Bought these on sale for 59 99. Aside from their size (due to the porro), these are pretty nice. They are relatively lightweight. They're very comfortable to hold and their rubberized coating is comfortable. They would make great binoculars for hunting, bird watching, and general use. Their Optics are very high quality. Things are easy to see and well-defined, and the large objective lens allows plenty of light in.

    Do I put them in the same league as binoculars that cost $300 or more? No. I do think they are an excellent value and will serve many many people just fine. They are much better than all the other products out there under or around $100.

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    Great binoculars and great price!

    Posted by Nikonhunter on March 18, 2017

    Picked up two of these on sale 49.99, can not beat the value! Very clear and good for multi uses.

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    Very nice for price.

    Posted by Ocean Goer on February 12, 2017

    I was very surprised how light and easy to use these were. I grew up with very similar Binoculars my dad owned they were heavy and much bigger with the same magnification. I like the little touches they added such as the adjustable eye cups. Makes them much more comfortable to use. I'm really impressed with the clarity no more going back to the cheap lens binoculars, these are wonderful.

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    Best binoculars I have owned

    Posted by Amokan on May 28, 2016

    Bought these expecting to be disappointed, but no I was ecstatic when I looked through them and everything was perfect and 3D I want a larger magnification for my wife she enjoys using them while Im on if i could get you guys to make eyepieces for the telescope! !!

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    Nice binoculars except lens cap/cover attachments

    Posted by Aculon A211 Review on September 10, 2015

    Binoculars are very nice. The only thing that jumps out at you is the quality of the lens caps or lens covers. The eye piece cover is VERY loose and falls off easy ! The other thing I did not really like is that the objective covers do not stay attached when removed. You have to place them down or in your pocket or attach to the neck strap. Would like to see them just fold down and stay attached via retaining rings. Less likely to lose them. Eye piece cover easily falls off while walking or moving. Could lose them without even noticing.

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    Fantastic value for incredible optical quality

    Posted by Sensh on August 26, 2015

    I should preface this by saying I am not an optics expert, but rather an enthusiastic amateur adventurer and explorer. I am, however, a professional photographer, and the concept of quality glass is not alien to me. Nor are the advantages of investing in it. For someone like me, whose sum total of binocular experience has been with the Chinese-made, $15 variety, these Aculons have been a revelation.

    Wow. The optical quality is simply in a different world. Incredibly clear, with exceptional detail and brightness. The scene in front of you just seems to explode with color and life. The dept of field is very large, minimizing the need for focus adjustments, but when adjustments are necessary all controls are positive and move with the heft and quality feel you would expect from Nikon.

    Maybe optics junkies will find things to quibble about, but not me. I can't imagine any image through binoculars being much better than with these.

    The rubber coated body feels sticky and expensive. Easy to grip and luxurious to the touch. Balance is great, and although not super compact, they never feel unwieldy or ponderous, and they are worth the space they take up in a backpack. These spend a lot of time in my old Range Rover, and when I'm crossing Morocco or four-wheeling through the mountains of Spain or something, having a long-distance pair of eyes like these, with this level of brightness and clarity, goes a long, long way.

    Nits to pick? The carry case is a bit silly, with belt loops instead of a carrying strap. Belt loops? I suppose it could be attached to a backpack strap or something, but a carrying case with a normal strap would be much, much more useful for binocs of this size. And I suppose in a perfect world it would be nice if they were waterproof, but I knew full well they weren't before I purchased them. For optical quality this good at a price this low, these little gripes immediately fall by the wayside the second you put the Aculons to your eyes.

    So, yeah. Just buy them. The bottom line is that, like so many Nikon products in so many categories, the quality and performance of these Aculons is probably more than you will ever need.