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The WT-7A Wireless Transmitter is a transmitter capable of both Wired and Wireless LAN to transfer or view and download files and take control of the compatible camera functions. The WT-7A Wireless Transmitter features an Ethernet port for Wired connectivity as well as built-in Wireless LAN connectivity to computers, FTP or HTTP servers and smart devices. For maximum flexibility and control, Camera Control Pro 2 software is also available and can be purchased separately and used together with the WT-7A Wireless Transmitter. The WT-7A Wireless Transmitter supports the IEEE802.11ac standard for blazing fast transmission speeds of 866.7 Mbps.
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    Good performance must have for pro events

    Posted by ProEvents on December 15, 2017

    Setup is easy “If” you understand network (Or get a network IT pro and they will help you setup in about 5 minutes). Only accepts a Nikon brand battery, aftermarket causes it to shut off, I use it with my D500嗪욥 grip and it freezes my camera shutter release when waking-up and re-establishing wireless connection but one occurrence per 200 images transmitted is not a deal breaker, ( I am using the latest firmware on both as of this date), I´m sure a firmware update can fix this issue), although I couldn´t confirm if a firmware is needed on the camera or the WT-7, ... over all it does a good job ... I shoot events and print on the spot. Must have for pro event photographers, don´t waste time with other gimmicks if true wireless workflow is what you´re looking for. I average 250 prints per event so it pays for itself in just one such event. Transmission speed is contingent on file size, distance between wireless unit and router,... I shoot all medium jpg due to intended for 4x6 thermal print and web re-orders, except weddings when I shoot Raw躘, using extended range antennas on your router and positioning on higher elevation helps and in larger venues I install signal repeaters throughout the building for large buildings or when you confront several obstacles that can diminish transmission speed. One fully charged battery lasted a 6 hr event and successfully transmitted just under 700 images. I´ve used my WT-3a with my D200 for 10 years and this WT-7a seems to function just as strong. Great promotional addition to my wedding workflow since we project selected images to a designated screen or wall, guaranteed lead builder for future contracts.