NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S

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The 50mm prime for those who crave perfection. Intense rendering power across the entire frame. f/1.2 max aperture with no light falloff and a dreamlike bokeh effect. Breakthrough autofocus powered by dual stepping motors. Virtually zero aberrations, glare or distortion. This is a 50mm that can only be Z.
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    Wow! This lens will astound, delight, engage, and exhilarate you.

    Posted by Varien on September 17, 2021

    My favorite prime lens is a 50 mm. Over the years I have owned three along with a close cousin, a Micro-Nikkor 55 mm f/3.5K. Good lenses all, but hands down the Z 50 mm f/1.2 S is tops. And not just tops among my 50s; it is far and away the best Nikkor I own.The Z 50mm f/1.2 S quickly became my go-to lens. It is solid and it easily earned my trust to deliver what I ask it to. Superior image quality. Fast and accurate focusing. Intensely acute even wide open. Out-of-focus areas melt into the background with fluid smoothness. The resulting bokeh isolates the main subject clearly and adds exquisite beauty. Edge-to-edge acuity makes it perfect for group portraits as well as for full height and ¾ to ½ length individual portraits - think maternity. Coupled with a Z 7II, the 50/1.2 renders gorgeous colors, especially at ISO 64.In my experience as a stills photographer there is one knock on this lens: the control ring moves too freely to prevent unintended input. I set the control ring for ISO control (can also control aperture and exposure compensation) but, even trying consciously not to, I was constantly changing my original setting when hand-holding the lens. This became frustrating to the point I reset the control ring to have no function. However, videographers probably praise this easy movement because they can adjust aperture so very smoothly.

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    Incredible quality

    Posted by Joseph Ford on July 13, 2021

    Z Mount allows for the Nikon to design a lens that does everything write. End to End sharpness and close to optically perfect you ever seen. While I'm loving the lens there is one drawback, it's a beast of a lens both in quality but the weight is a consideration. But this 50mm Z is a worthy investment and you won't go wrong.

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    Great, but a little hefty.

    Posted by Michael Scott on July 12, 2021

    This is a great lens. The images captured with it are superb. The slight down side is that this is a pretty heavy lens for a 50mm.Love the pictures.

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    A delight to work with

    Posted by Miguel Lecuona on July 11, 2021

    A delight to work with. Optical precision at the highest levels. Fast, silent AF. Video work is beautifully rendered, whether with the Z-driven AF touch screen or using MF focus ring. Fabulous for product photography, subject isolation, beautiful portraits. I think it's perfectly suited for the Z6ii, actually. Even though it is obviously "Large for a 50," most who consider this lens already use a Trinity zoom lens and will have no objections to the size and weight on a Z. And at F/1.2 its like no other 50 I've ever used, gives you creative courage.

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    Best Normal Prime lens

    Posted by PHILIP KRAMER on July 11, 2021

    Remarkably sharp lens. Despite its size and weight, it balances nicely on my Z7 body. Great Bokeh.

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    Best Nikkor Z prime so far!

    Posted by Tim Schaller on July 11, 2021

    This is my first z system prime lens, and it is amazing. It was difficult to choose this over the already stellar 50mm f/1.8 but I'm really glad I did. While the extra physical length over the f/1.8 may deter some, for shooting video the longer sized lens presents well to clients and gives superior results, while giving you that extra speed in those situations you need it. I am never ever selling this lens! Along with the 70-200 f/2.8 it is tied for my favorite lens.

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    Best Nikon 50mm

    Posted by puthorn suwannasingh on July 11, 2021

    Superb in image quality with special character lens. It's my favorite go-to lens and on my Z body all the time.

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    Superb lens 50 1.2

    Posted by stace tisdol on July 11, 2021

    Great lens and definitely worth the wait and purchase. I highly recommend this lens for anyone that is a serious photographer

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    Posted by Scott Ducey on July 11, 2021

    Excellent lens! I love it.