NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S

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The 50mm prime for those who crave perfection. Intense rendering power across the entire frame. f/1.2 max aperture with no light falloff and a dreamlike bokeh effect. Breakthrough autofocus powered by dual stepping motors. Virtually zero aberrations, glare or distortion. This is a 50mm that can only be Z.
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    Pain worth the gain

    Posted by Warren Taylor on August 20, 2023

    I used this lens over the weekend. A fantastic lens - not going to repeat what everyone has shared. I'm a pretty big guy - and the weight of the lens on a Z9 is substantial when using it for hours at a time. That being said, the weight is not a deal breaker. The photos were fantastic. Like exercising, I am very happy that I got this lens as the pain was worth the gain.

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    Revolutionary - litteraly: back to basics, nifty fifty is all I need! Shoot wide open and trust the Z8 !

    Posted by Louis-Charles Sirois on July 17, 2023

    After 48 years into serious photography, I went from 50mm lenses, to a wide, normal plus telephoto, then to excellent zooms (50-135AIS) then to lighter, cheaper and less fabulous zooms that pushed me back to excellent primes (58 1.4G + 85 1.4G). These later ones made me discover the beauty of creamy Bokeh! The D850s were traded for the Z8 and a few primes. This 50mm f/1.2 is the best lens I have ever owned. I recently took a 14 days trip in central america with only that lens and the Z8. The Bokeh from F1.2 to f/4 is the best Bokeh so far. Creamier than the 58mm 1.4G!!My favorite Bokeh on this lens is at f/1.4.I shoot wide open, allowing the Z8 to focus on grandchildren (toddlers) constantly moving; and the focus on the closest eye + great Bokeh makes exceptional images!! (I needed to get used to the weight, and to hold the camera by the center of the barrel of the lens! Adaptation took a week.)All my other Z primes are great, lighter, but I will only carry this lens.Is also excellent for landscapes: -you choose the degree of Bokeh/depth of field, by using/turning the ring on the lens barel! (Just like in film days, but without the darkening effect caused in the viewfinder the DOF button!)It is that good.Enjoy photography!

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    Posted by Yusuf Abdullah on July 8, 2023

    Great lens I use it for press conference and basketball games

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    It is what I was looking for.

    Posted by Rodger Bennett on June 11, 2023

    The 1.2 Fifty is an excellent lens, giving me exactly what I was looking for. It is sharp, contrasty and brilliant from corner to corner. It is excellent for natural light portraits, has an extremely depth of field yet holds good color values from front to back. It's only downside is its weight. It is heavy.

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    Sweetheart Lens

    Posted by Bgrand Bgrand on June 10, 2023

    Great piece of glass. I got it to use for portraits but I also found an unconventional use for it, Volleyball. I was shooing in tight quarters at a state tournament and I need the extra light the f/1.2 would give me. Fantastic results even wide open. Quick lock on focus and great results.

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    Posted by Erik Larson on February 8, 2023

    This lens is simply outstanding

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    Wow! This lens will astound, delight, engage, and exhilarate you.

    Posted by Varien on September 17, 2021

    My favorite prime lens is a 50 mm. Over the years I have owned three along with a close cousin, a Micro-Nikkor 55 mm f/3.5K. Good lenses all, but hands down the Z 50 mm f/1.2 S is tops. And not just tops among my 50s; it is far and away the best Nikkor I own.The Z 50mm f/1.2 S quickly became my go-to lens. It is solid and it easily earned my trust to deliver what I ask it to. Superior image quality. Fast and accurate focusing. Intensely acute even wide open. Out-of-focus areas melt into the background with fluid smoothness. The resulting bokeh isolates the main subject clearly and adds exquisite beauty. Edge-to-edge acuity makes it perfect for group portraits as well as for full height and ¾ to ½ length individual portraits - think maternity. Coupled with a Z 7II, the 50/1.2 renders gorgeous colors, especially at ISO 64.In my experience as a stills photographer there is one knock on this lens: the control ring moves too freely to prevent unintended input. I set the control ring for ISO control (can also control aperture and exposure compensation) but, even trying consciously not to, I was constantly changing my original setting when hand-holding the lens. This became frustrating to the point I reset the control ring to have no function. However, videographers probably praise this easy movement because they can adjust aperture so very smoothly.

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    Incredible quality

    Posted by Joseph Ford on July 13, 2021

    Z Mount allows for the Nikon to design a lens that does everything write. End to End sharpness and close to optically perfect you ever seen. While I'm loving the lens there is one drawback, it's a beast of a lens both in quality but the weight is a consideration. But this 50mm Z is a worthy investment and you won't go wrong.

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    Great, but a little hefty.

    Posted by Michael Scott on July 12, 2021

    This is a great lens. The images captured with it are superb. The slight down side is that this is a pretty heavy lens for a 50mm.Love the pictures.