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Your full frame journey begins with the Z 5. Simple yet sophisticated, compact yet powerful, the Z 5 is built to grow with you. It’s everything you’d expect from a full frame mirrorless camera—intense detail, expansive views, brilliant low light capabilities, 4K UHD video and more—plus all the innovative tools you need to push the limits of your creativity.
The 24-50mm Lens Kit is designed to grab and go—capturing amazing stills and video wherever you are. Pairing the sophisticated yet simple 24 megapixel Z 5 with the small, lightweight, NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 zoom lens, this kit is ideal for street photography, interiors, portraits, and videos—wherever your creativity leads.
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    Nikon Loyal

    Posted by Robert Robertson on May 21, 2021

    I am liking the mirrorless feature, It is quite fast. It is a high learning curve. I think it will be a great experience. It is like switching from film to digital. I bought the adaptor and am glad I can use my old lens. Over the last 65 years I have owned at least 12 Nikons. I find something I like and keep on being loyal.

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    Posted by Merv Synhorst on May 12, 2021

    I've been using my D7100 for 8 years and very comfortable with it. But it has way too many miles on it. I have a dozen f mount lens so I also got the adapter. I can't make up my mind yet on which z lens to get I know that would really add to the changeover. I really like the eye focus when photographing moving subjects. When doing jobs for clients, I use both bodies and let the customer choose their photos. After word I see which camera they chose the most often. Usually about 75% Z5. I'm still finding small tweeks to better color and exposure.

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    motor adapter would make this camera a five star hit

    Posted by Kathryn Dishong on May 12, 2021

    Two card slot! Focus features are a plus. Electronic viewfinder is the reason I chose the Z5 over another DSLR. It is missing option for choosing viewing time of image. It's a tad to long. I wish there were more picture color options or customizable film formulas like Fuji.I am only disappointed that the FTZ adapter is not motor driven, which renders many of my lenses to manual focus. In hindsight I would purchase a comparable full frame DSLR for that reason alone.NIKON PLEASE MAKE A MOTOR ADAPTER!

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    Still a Nikon fan!

    Posted by RAY WESTON on May 11, 2021

    Great camera. It produces rich colors and deep details. The dynamic range is exceptional.

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    Nikon Z 5 - Great Way to Start into Mirrorless

    Posted by David Perry on May 11, 2021

    Having used a D90 for about the last 10 years, it took some getting used to all the features of new camera, let alone a new mirrorless camera. However, once I got it setup, the learning curve wasn't bad at all and I have had fun taking photos and playing with the new features (well at least to me they're new features). I am using the 24-200 F4-6.3 lens and the photos look sharper and more detailed than my older lenses. By the way, if you have older lenses that you still want to use, then get the FTZ Mount. It works great and I didn't lose any of the features that I used for my older lenses, especially autofocus. I consider this a fantastic camera for the hobbyist or prosumer.

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    My Upgrade from D7100 to Z5

    Posted by DANIEL WRIGHT on May 10, 2021

    Great camera. It's very sharp. The color is right.I was unsure about the electronic viewfinder; however, I find that I can tell when a photo is going to have blown out highlights and make adjustments before I shoot. The DSLR doesn't give me that. The iMenu is very cool - and easy to customize.I use the 24-200 mm lens and I'm ready for a wide range of shooting situations.

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    Great camera but expensive Z lenses

    Posted by David Mann on May 10, 2021

    Nikon Z 5 mirrorless is an amazing professional camera. I am very happy with its performance and quality. Best of all, with the mount adapter FTZ, I can use all my Nikkor lenses that I have purchased over the years. Unfortunately, with the FTZ adapter plus a DSLR lens, the camera becomes too bulky for a mirrorless camera. Therefore, I wished Nikkor Z lenses were priced more reasonably. Currently, the Nikkor Z lenses are too expensive.

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    A great Camera to carry when hiking.

    Posted by JACK GARR on May 10, 2021

    A great camera to carry in combination with the 24-200 lens. Easy to use and the settings and controls are the same as the Z7 and Z6.When flying for work i carry it in my computer bag leaving my Z6 and Z7 at home.

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    Excellent entry-level full frame camera - compact and affordable

    Posted by Steve Carrick on May 10, 2021

    I had been wanting to move from a cropped to full frame camera for a long time, but the bodies were always expensive, larger than desired, and heavy. The Z5 is an affordable full frame camera, in a relatively compact body that performs very well. It is portable enough that I can stow it in my motorcycle saddle back and even take a spare lens with me, which means I get much more use of out if than a larger, less portable camera. The connectivity to my iphone is much improved over the app that my old DSLR used, which makes it very easy to upload and publish photos on the go.