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Bring every spectacular vision to life with the versatility and agility of the full frame Nikon D780. Designed around a brilliant, high resolution 24.5 MP backside illuminated FX sensor, an incredibly intelligent and robust AF system and next generation EXPEED 6 image processing, both full frame stills and 4K video benefit from the same impressive detail, clarity and stellar low-light performance. Inspiring slow motion and time-lapse video, remoteless long exposures, exhilarating shutter speeds and wireless image transfer, all right at your fingertips and ready to meet every creative demand.
Kit includes the agile and inspiring D780 with it's 24.5 MP resolution, robust EXPEED 6 image processing engine, 4K UHD video, multiple time-lapse options, wireless connectivity using the SnapBridge app and more with the versatile AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR lens. The focal length of the lens makes it ideal for photographing groups and portraits, events, landscapes and more with VR image stabilization and a constant f/4 aperture throughout the zoom range.
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    The only camera you need!

    Posted by Jekyll612 on May 10, 2020

    I was on the fence between the D780 and its big brother the D850. After researching both for over a month I decided on the D780. (The special they had at the time was the lynch pin for the decision.) I do not regret my choice! I absolutely love this camera! From the 4K video to the fast and feature rich camera this thing does everything! I love the interface and the focus stacking, and the silent live view pictures is great when trying to capture animal shots. (Make sure to turn that off before going in to the studio or your remote flash won´t work.) I´ve shot videos of myself and others (the face tracking auto focus is great), and I have captured some amazing photos. I really love this camera! I´ve used it for over a month and am still in love with it. You won´t go wrong with the D850 or the D780, but for the cost savings you get a whole lotta camera from the D780 and you can save a little money.

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    Feel at home again

    Posted by OldFilmGuy on May 6, 2020

    I´ve been using Nikon cameras since 1976. My first 4 were all 35 mm film cameras. A few years ago, I purchased my first digital camera and went with the DX format. I´ve owned 2 DX cameras but never really was happy compared to 35mm, particularly with too much depth of field. This 780 is my first FX digital camera and I instantly felt like I was back home with stills being very similar to my comfort level with 35mm. I prefer natural light and have been impressed with low light performance. Focus is fast and spot on. I´m really enjoying the camera. I´m mainly a stills photographer, but purchased the 780 for video use on grandkid activities. It´s been fun but I´m not much of a videographer yet!

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    Excellent quality and value

    Posted by SGPhotographer on May 6, 2020

    As a long-time photographer and SLR/DSLR user, I considered several cameras before making this purchase. The D780 has exceeded all my expectation. The focusing system, light sensitivity and robust construction in combination with the familiar Nikon menus make it a great camera to operate under any condition. The camera offers all new technology and also works well with lenses built decades ago. The D780 felt just right the moment I picked it up and I will feel comfortable carrying around for any photography project.

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    Great Camera

    Posted by cranky on May 6, 2020

    I´ve tried a couple mirrorless (Canon eos R, and Sony a7r iv) and one dslr (Canon D90) before settling on D780. The D780 is great. Great quality images, 2 sd slots, and an easy to use menu.

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    Great upgrade from APS-C

    Posted by DoubleD on May 5, 2020

    I upgraded to the D780 from the D7500 to move to a full frame sensor for macro and Astro photography. I love the focus shift feature for macro work, it´s a game changer. The interval timer function with the ability to also create a time lapse movie works great for star trails. The low light capability is amazing. I shoot in manual almost exclusively and I can use settings I could never use with the 7500. I´m very pleased with the 780 and would highly recommend it.

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    Instantly familiar, but better

    Posted by ZoneV on May 5, 2020

    I´ve worked with digital Nikons since the D2X days, and most recently, a D610. Moving to a D780 required almost no relearning from the earlier cameras. I was immediately at home. The desirable features about the most recent upgrade include the articulated, touch-controlled rear screen. I love how I can mount the camera on a tripod and touch the subject area in a corner of the screen, and camera focus instantly goes there.

    The improved AF fine-tune feature was amazingly fast without all the trial and error required of the D610 to match lens focus to the body. I was able to tune older lenses, including a 300mm f/2.8 from the film era, in just a few minutes.

    As for the photos themselves, I can pull out tremendous shadow information when necessary. I love the exposure (dynamic) range of this camera.

    I do miss the pop-up flash of the D610 that I used to trigger Norman studio strobes or some Nikon Speedlights located off-camera.

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    Posted by Pouncer95 on May 5, 2020

    First-thanks Nikon for giving me that extra $300 on my trade in. The D780 feels so good in the hand. Control placement is perfect for me. Now I have a full frame camera to go with my sports/wildlife (D500) camera. 24 megapixel is plenty for me. It captures fantastic images. The colors are superb. Build quality rivals the D500.

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    Love this camera

    Posted by chrisbausch on May 5, 2020

    I love that it focuses with the shutter open. Video is great too. I shoot still life tethered to Capture one all day. Never loses connection and I use the 24-120 lens for just about everything. I bought this lens for my D750. Sharp.

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    Great camera

    Posted by Jazz on May 5, 2020

    Iam loving my camera right out the box the camera was more then we Expected