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Follow your passion wherever it leads with the same image quality, ISO range, image processing and energy efficiency of the award-winning D500 in an enthusiast-level DSLR. Simply put, the D7500 is built to outperform any camera in its class with top-tier image quality, blazing speed, flawless autofocus, 4K Ultra HD video and pro-grade creative tools—all in a comfortable, rugged design. This is a camera for the new generation of creators.
Kit includes the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens, which is optimized for Nikon's high-resolution APS-C size/DX-Format image sensors. The lens offers a versatile 7.8x zoom range, and Nikon's VR image stabilization for blur-free handheld shooting. Capture everything from wide-angle landscapes and family portraits to telephoto close-ups.
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    Posted by lizrod044 on November 7, 2019

    I recently upgraded from the D3500 and I am so so excited about it. Very user friendly and the image quality is remarkable. I´m obsessed. Can´t wait to take it out and explore it much more. Love Nikon <3

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    Nikon D7500 is an excellent choice!

    Posted by AJOHIO on November 5, 2019

    I purchased my D7500 one month ago, moving up from the D3000 I´ve had for nearly a decade. I wanted clearer shots and faster and more precise focusing within my budget. I have found both! The D7500 has a host of shooting options, most of which I´m still looking forward to exploring. So far, I am enjoying the exploration and am completely satisfied with my decision to purchase this camera.

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    Great Upgrade

    Posted by GrayingMantis on October 31, 2019

    I started with the entry level D3500 and had a great time taking pictures on our trips, but there were issues with changing settings, at least in my case. After getting the D7500 I find the photos better and the adjustments in settings much more user friendly. The tilting touch screen is a much welcomed feature of this camera. I was happy with the results achieved with the D3500 and like the results from the D7400 even better.

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    Excellent companion camera

    Posted by Refractor on October 27, 2019

    Much of my photography is now accomplished using a DJI Phantom 4 drone for taking 4K res video. I had a D750 earlier and it was great but unused. It lacked the ability to record 4K video. I wanted a still camera that could also record 4K video for some upcoming events which lead me to purchase the D7500. Compared to the D750 it´s results are very similar. I don´t miss the weight or the FX format. Now I can assemble my drone footage with stills (and video from the D7500) all in the same resolution.

    Previously I had never engaged in video editing, but am starting to with the drone and the D7500. I am amazed at the amount of success I am having in a short time. I´m also storing both jpg and nef photographs in V30 memory. The D750 was excellent in low light and this camera with it´s VR AF-P lens is even better.

    The D7500 has given me a great deal more ability to do what I want and is giving me excellent results.

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    Posted by Jab111552 on October 16, 2019

    I had the Nikon D90. But wanted an update. This was an easy transfer for me. Does a lot more and better quality pics.

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    Great for Sports!

    Posted by RATMAN on October 14, 2019

    The Nikon 7500 has been a welcome companion to my sports photography and rapid action shots. I can fire at will with numerous shots, and have confidence with speed, ISO and aperture settings. Post reviews are nothing less than spectacular.

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    D7500 is a camera with very good value when you could purchase it under $600

    Posted by SantaFe on September 20, 2019

    I got the refurbished one at $599 which is a very good price for the value right now,
    This D7500 is for travel photography and hiking trail. I purchased Nikon AFP 70-300mm FX lens with this camera.I have used nikon 35mm f1.8 dx lens with d7500.I love and happy with that combo especially. Nikon 35mm f1.8 is small ,light and very good lens to go with D7500. I went hike with that combo only and got satisfying photographs. That combo is much smaller and lighter than my other FX camera and lens set.I wish d7500 has more pixel sometimes but smaller and lighter gears outweigh the heavier and bulky gear especially in hiking trail and travel.More pixel would certainly welcome if the price is not too much higher. Hopefully not more than $1000 would be great with 36mp. I would be delighted if Nikon makes one like that.
    There are several issues with the camera but I could live with them.You could go to the overview section and learn more about the features. I like 8fps and rear LCD flexibility and 51 points which are very nice in photographing birds in flight. I like the shutter, It is very quick and I don´t have to press the shutter down hard. It is so easy to carry and take photos.
    I like the results: I got surprised when I could get photographs of birds flying that I could not catch with my other FX camera.

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    For me!!!! A big step up!!

    Posted by Redtag on September 18, 2019

    I started with a N 70. Went to the 7000, then the 7100, and now the 7500. Although the megapixels were decreased, the pictures seems crisper and brighter! So far,,,,,So good!

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    Nikon D7500 to replace/update my Nikon D90

    Posted by AZDaver01 on September 7, 2019

    I really love this camera. I have had the chance to use it outdoors in full sun, indoors without flash, and indoors with strobes. Thrilled with the results. I am upgrading from my Nikon D90 which served me very well for years. It is lightweight, has most of the buttons and dials in same location as the D90, and feels great in my hand. The pictures turn out stunning. I am using with a new Nikkor 18-200mm lens as my primary walking around lens. If I could wish for anything it would be a second SD Card slot. Definitely not a deal killer for me and I am thrilled by the images produced by the camera. Took it out in the desert for a test drive and loved the results right out of the box. I´ll try to upload a scenic picture taken in midday sun for example.